Testimonials from satisfied data recovery clients


Testimonials from satisfied data recovery clients

Hello, David:

I want to take this opportunity to share with you a wonderful, in fact, several wonderful experiences I had with members of your staff.

In April, while deleting some unwanted photos from my digital camera, I got a message that the memory was empty. I could not retrieve any pictures. I called the camera company who referred me to Sandisk, who referred me to your company.
My first contact was with Rachel Zimmerman through email and then phone calls. She was a blessing! She was so responsive, ddefnyddiol, friendly and accommodating. I hated calling and bothering her so many times, but I am somewhat technologically challenged. But each and every time, she was the friendly voice on the other end of the phone. I truly felt like I had a friend at LC-Tech. Rachel was such a comfort and definitely thesilver liningin my cloud. (I thought I had lost all my precious vacation and family photos forever.)

Rachel explained what I needed to do and which LC-Tech product would remedy my situation. She also referred me to Rico, who was very helpful and friendly and gave me step by step directions for using your product. On my last call to Rico, I had to leave a message, but was connected to Alex. He, rhy, was very helpful and friendly. And after he helped me complete the process, I received a call back from Rico. I encountered 3 members of your staff and ALL of them provided superior customer service. This occurred more than two months ago, but the impression it has made has not faded.

Progress has always had a price and nowadays, it seems to be customer service…………………but obviously, not at your company. I want to thank you and compliment you for the caliber of people you employ at LC-Tech. Too often, the only comments we hear are negative onespositive ones are more important, in my opinion. As I said, I felt like I had a friend at your company whenever I spoke with Rachel. You know………………….I actually miss my conversations with her.

Yn gywir,
(a more than satisfied customer)

What is the value of your pictures, when you crossed the jungle for 14 day’s with high temperatures and 100 % of humidity and then your flash card crashes with more than 2000 pictures in RAW??
Then your are very happy that LC Tech could recover more than 90 % of the pictures or in RAW or in JPEG.
Many thanks to Grant Woods for this perfect job and the excellent service I recieved from the company.

J.P.Belgium 2018

Hello, I contacted LC Technology today with a recover pro issue.
I spoke to a gentleman called Mathew Law, we were in contact via phone and email for quite some time, Mathew talked me through the problems I was having he explained everything very clearly too without any issues.
I wanted to contact and say what a credit Mathew is to the company and himself nothing was too much trouble for this young man, I say young as I am 67 years young.
I do hope this get’s passed down to Mathew as I can not sing his praises enough, if you do get to see this Mathew thank you so very much.
Cofion Kind
Peter B.

Thank you so much for replying this late and this quickly.
I really appreciate your commitment to the company and have found this really helpful.
I would like you to pass on to your boss if possible that I am well and truly grateful for this service 🙂

Blaze A

Hi, approximately 2 weeks ago I called in desperation because I had formatted my memory card by accident, I was extremely panicked due to the loss.
I called SanDisk and asked for recommendations and they referred me to LC Technology and they also provided me with a complimentary 1 year license for your RescuePRO Deluxe software, which I was very grateful for.

I was very distraught and I was panicking about my pictures and what would happen to me if I couldn’t produce results.
I had to go out of town for a couple days and just put it aside for that time being.
When I got back from my trip I decided to tackle this issue again, when I called for support I got Rico.

He walked me through the whole process with extreme ease, started my recovery, and then called me back to check on the recovery.
I am happy to say he saved my butt big time, he doesn’t even realize the severity of my project.
I cannot express enough how wonderful Rico is, he is your gem.

I thank LC Technology for returning my pictures and forever in debt to you and Rico.

I will highly recommend your company in the future.

God Bless.

Aida P.

On a recent special dive trip my GoPro glitched and somehow erased many GB of precious HD scuba videos taken earlier that day. After the trip, I searched for file recovery programs and decided upon RescuePro Deluxe. The free trial showed almost 200 recoverable video files and so I purchased the program for what I feel to be a very fair price.
A short while later, I was viewing the fully restored files.
It was a remarkable feeling of relief.
Yn ogystal,, the program only partially recovered 4 corrupted videos (out of 190!) and I reached out to LC tech support asking for options.
Rico replied almost immediately and offered to try to recover them.
I sent him the files and he soon returned them to me, as restored as possible, and somewhat usable.
I truly am impressed by the program and by the amazing support service.


Tim W.

WHEW! Your app saved my life!
One of my 64GB sd cards with 3 days worth of work got corrupted during a charging process and my computer couldn’t event month the disk but your app was able to pull all the files.

Von J

Great Company !!!
I received a call within an hour of downloading the software to make sure ‘all was goodto go.
My wife’s Sandisk was corrupted, with hours of work.
We tried a couple of other vendors, but they just read what was on the Sandisk Card, not the corrupted filesthe RescuePRO rebuilt the ALL corrupt files, except for one… sy'n, was totally acceptable !!!

Thank You Guys !!!

These guys at LC-Tech are phenomenal.
Especially the genius who helped be recover the files, Rico Mosiello.
He was very professional and got it done in no time.
Highly recommend this service to anyone.
Keep up the great work.
Rasan A

Amazing super fast and patient support from this company!
I pressed the wrong bottom and have a massive loss of data;
Rico helped me, it took good 15 minutes at least to go over all the steps especially as I was super stressed!
Amazing support in a crisis moment!
What else can you ask from a company like this?
The software does what it says it does, it does it quickly and there is an amazing customer service support!
You got my business for life!
Diolch yn fawr!
Gloria D

I want to thank Rico Mosiello for walking me through the process to successfully recover photos from my SD card.
Robert J

We approached LC Technology to help recover video files from a Sandisk that had been erased and partially overwritten.
Our tech, Mathew, was effcient, professional, very understanding, and explained perfectly the process of what was possible to recover.
We were delighted to recover video material that we thought was definitively lost.
Thanks again so much Mathew!
You did terrific work!
Best regards,

I can not express how wonderful and patient your tech Rico was to me. He went way beyond to call of duty to help me recover my vacation pictures. Eto….THANK YOU RICO.

Very happy, Phyllis

I filmed a wedding using a very good up market HD video camera.
All was well & I checked that footage was going onto the card. Drove to the reception took the camera out of the bag switched it on and had the dreaded Sony 13.01 error code.I could do nothing !!
Switched cameras & when I returned home put the SanDisk card in and using FCPX editing software hoped the card would be reconised. Dead !! So was I.
Took the card to a couple ofso called data recovery computer places”. They could not do anything.
Found LC Tech on the net. Now feeling a bit nervous about sending the card to a totally unknown place to me I spoke to Mathew who in a very calm and reassuring voice said we generally get a high percentage recovery.
I will add that SanDisk did recommend that I contact LC Tech.
The result is amazing. But they don’t stop there, they sent me sample footage plus thumbnails of all the footage they recovered that was relevant.
Once agreed on how I wanted the footage back they sent it back on a memory stick 1st class post & Mathew even monitored the delivery.
I can honestly say it was the most reassuring thing when you hear someone say we have recovered your wedding footage.
Excellent coms through out.
Well done L C Tech.
Ben S.

Last October I was on a bird-watching trip in Costa Rica.
After five days of making pictures I thought that my Canon 7D II blocked, because I could not press the release button.
Now I think it was still writing data after I accidentally pushed the release button with the cover still on my lens.
To solve the problem I turned off the camera and removed the CF-card.
After that my camera could not read the card anymore and I get an advice to format the card before using it again.
I did not do that of course, but not in another camera, neither in a computer I was able to get access to the card.
Even after downloading two recovery programs I did not succeed.
Than I came in contact with Gary Dillon of LC Technology and send him the card.
He succeeded in recovering all the data on the CF-card.
Now I am extremely happy because I can complete my photo book of an excellent birding trip.

I can recommend everyone with problems like me with CF- or SD-cards to contact LC Technology.
The contacts were accurate on a very friendly base and for a fair price

Hans M.

I can’t begin to tell you how happy Anthony and this company has made me. To be able to recover my son’s wedding pictures goes beyond words. Anthony helped walk me thru the process as if I were on the phone with a friend. After days of IT Techs, Camera Experts and Best Buy Geeks telling me there was no hope….my gut said the pictures have to be there. I prayed for one last shot. The first picture I recovered I began to cry uncontrollably.
Diolch yn fawr, thank you from the bottom of my heart!
You’re the best!!!


I am very pleased with the company LC Technology International. I enjoyed working with the company and would work again with them. I had an excellent rep Connor. I explained the problem I was having with my SD card and Connor went over all the details of what the company does to retrieve lost data from devices. I made the choice to send in the SD card. When the SD card got to Connor he called me and told me he would work on it right way. Again perfect customer service.
Edward B.

Dear all,
Thanks for your great help to let me recover my important data, Because this time I use Canon 5D3 to capture the video in large format data, Its great that you can help the customers get back the data again, Many Many Thanks for Technic Staff Mr. Cheng & your team support in this issue.


Went on a Family Vacation to Yellowstone Park and took over 1000 pictures with my new Nikon Camera. When we got home I was excited to download the pictures only to find out that the SD memory card I plugged into my home computerneeded to be formatted”. I knew that was very bad news that it wasn’t reading the card. Took it to the local camera shop and Thank God they recommended LC Technology. My technician, Connor Wyllie, was great and he was able to save almost of the of pictures. They were quick and reasonably priced. Great job Connor and LC! Thank you again for your great service!
Michael S.

Corrupt cards are no match for LC-Tech! I’d been filming out in the states on a C300 mkii. When I went to backup the footage the card wasn’t readable by the computer, I put it back in the camera and the camera couldn’t read the card either. Never had this before, ever. Anyway, I isolated the card and brought it back to the UK.
Our in-house tech guys had a look at the card and were able to find three clips, which had nothing to do with our shooteven more bizarre/worrying!
As a last resort I contacted LC-Tech. They were super quick at getting back to me. Great customer service from Mathew Law who explained what they’d do to attempt a data retrieval. I sent them the card and they put it in theirlab”. I provided them with the number of missing clips, clip names etc and within two days of them investigating I had a call from Mathew to say they’d recovered all 38 clips. Amazing! I was then sent a screen grab of the clip names and of two of the video files so I could confirm it was what we’d filmed. It was. They then transferred all the clips onto a USB and sent them back to us. They also waited for us to backup the footage our end before deleting it from their servers.
Such a quick, considerate and generally fantastic service. I can’t recommend these guys enough! Oh and they operate apay on retrievalservice, so there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain with these guys. Great to know that when all seems lost, it’s definitely not!Matt M.

YO!! LC-Tech Management Listen Up…. YOUR MAN CONNOR IS THAT DUDE!!! Connor worked with me from the beginning of what I thought was a disaster. I shot a weddingfailed to back it upformatted the CF CardTook other images over the formatted card. When I realized what I’d done, I called you guys and Connor answered.
He was very professional and told me upfront that he couldn’t guarantee recovery, but he would put forth every effort to get the files recovered. Connor called me today and told me that he (the team) was able to recover the entire wedding and the Thumb Drive was being shipped to me today.
Not only did Connor save my reputation with the Bride and Groom, LC-Tech turned this around a heck of a lot faster than I expected. Thanks Connor!!

This software is simply awesome !!
After my snowboard vacation, all the files on my GoPro Hero 5 were to be seen, but I could not download them to the PC.
There were neither videos nor photos contained in the directory of the MicroSD card although about 16 Gbyte were occupied.
With the help of this great tool, I could restore all the video & photo files !!!
Diolch yn fawr, Mario

I spoke to with Matthew who I found to be very friendly, informative and helpful. The company did exactly what they said in getting my data off my USB which others said they would suggest with! They turned the job around in a few hours which was also good. I would highly recommend them and no doubt will return for other work in the future.

Asher S

LCTechnology has been a crucial resource to me, both personally and professionally.
You have provided the most remarkable and consistent results, and have done it for many years now.
We appreciate your promptness, thoroughness and ability to provide confidential treatment of data.
More than that, we have had the pleasure of introducing more than 2 dozen clients to you, and you have satisfied every demand, every time.

There is no one we trust more. We cannot thank you enough.

Steven S

Our family would like to express our appreciation and thanks to LC Technology, Clearwater, Florida. Recently our son bumped into and damaged a 32 gig SanDisk. This device held data that was very important to him. After various attempts to watch YouTube vids and inquire at local data recovery businesses, neighbors gave us the name & numbers for James, Sales Department, Technoleg LC, Clearwater. Our son was skeptical at first, but we decided to visit their office and ask questions. Every single employee was friendly, courteous, professional, and honest: James, Gina, Evan, and the President, David Zimmerman. After a few questions answered and signing a form, Evan allowed our son to go visit his personal work space to view the found data. Evan wanted to make sure he was able to recover everything that our son had lost. We arrived at their busy office in the late afternoon and the new device was ready the very next morning! What a blessing. We will always recommend these folks to everyone and are truly grateful for their quality technical abilities!

Barry E.

Grant Helo,

I would like to share with other interests, how fast, well and reliably your service in Great Britain ran. To my mind, a very trivial and probably everyday problem. My Mircro SD card in the smartphone (Samsung S4 active) was suddenly no longer usable. The operating system of the mobile phone (Android 5.0.1) pointed out that the card should be formatted in order to be able to use it. But I did not for surewhich turned out to be right. I then very quickly over an Internet research found that the manufacturer of the card, SanDisk, for the data recovery offers a service. An outstanding even! Yn ogystal,, LC-Tech was able to retrieve almost all data within a week (including shipping to England). And at an extremely moderate price. Finally, SanDisk replaced the defective 32 GB card with a 63 GB cardfree of charge, of course ;-)! Mwy, what I did not know before: SandDisk offers a 10-year warranty on your storage media. I will start from now on only SanDisk. Thanks again Grant for the friendly and extremely competent support! All the best !

Gerd J.

Annwyl Ray:

I just wanted to say think you again for the incredible job you and your team did in recovering the wedding images I thought were lost for good. You not only saved the images, you saved my reputation and save the memories of some very dear friends of mine, y briodferch a'r priodfab.

Ni allaf ddiolch digon i chi. I won’t hesitate to recommend your services to anyone.

Llofnodwyd, a very satisfied customer.

Rob J

To LC Technology, Clearwater, FL

I have had the most pleasant and effective HELP ever!! I coded embedded microprocessors for HP/AGILENT for 10 years and have interacted with many product support groups. None were as helpful and effective as Anthony Esposito; in fact he initiated the HELP by calling me when I attempted a TRIAL of RescuePro. I was able to proceed thru his help, to discover I was not getting what I needed. So he gave me instructions as to how to send the uSD to your Recovery Group. They successfully recovered all my LOST FILES, YAY!! Thank You Anthony Esposito and LC Technology!!!!!

Roger M

Anthony Esposito is amazing as well as your software. I had taken photographs on my 20th anniversary and submitted it to a photo processing website and when removing some of the files from the photo processing website, realized I accidentally deleted 500 lluniau. After contacting LC Tech, Anthony walked me through each process which resulted in several calls because I needed the assistance (most consumers would be able to do the step on their own). Within a short period of time, I was able to retrieve all my lost photos. I did it correctly this time and in less than an hour, I picked up my photos at the photo processing company. As a result, I now have all my photos and the protection of LCTechnology for the next year. Anthony was knowledgeable and had the patience of a saint.

If you told me that I would be able to retrieve my deleted photos from my Canon Powershot digital, I would have never believed you. Anyone who has any doubts that this company is the real deal, needs not to worry. They are the best and it was Canon who recommended them.

Thank you LC Tech and again another shout out to Anthony Esposito.

Martin L

Every photographers worst nightmare has to be lost or corrupted data. This morning for the first time since my career began I had such a failure. Mysteriously 67 files were missing from my card! Luckily for me a friend knew that SanDisk had software that could get this back. Several calls later to LC Technology and my files were back! Brilliant.
Everything was explained easily to me and Matthew was excellent and very patient. I cannot thank you enough and will be recommending you to all my photographer friends.

Regards Simon W

Whoa! You guys are the Best Best, Gorau! especial thanks to Anthony my Customer Service Rep.
I have no words to describe how grateful I am.
Your recovered all my lost data in just hours when nobody gave me hope.

Ivonne F

I always create backups of my data but when my SAN Disk micro-sd card failed to work after updating files on my PC I was at a loss! I often use my phone to capture hotel photos for our business Exclusive City Breaks and so loss of these would/could be catastrophic. A quick search online and I came across the software from LC Tech and downloaded it. What I didn’t expect was that within 10 minutes I received a personal call from Mathew Lawwho then led me through different ways at attempting to access the files that I had lost.
In this day and age where we so often get left waiting at call centres or downloading software that contains a mirage of unwanted add-ons it is a real breath of fresh air to find a company that not only deliver what their software should do but actually offer additional personal service at ZERO cost.
Top work LC TechI certainly hope that I won’t need to use your services again in the future but if I do I will so with confidence!
Phil B
ATS Art und Touristik Service GmbH

I have been a technical Industrial/scientific photographer for 35 years now. Watching your back to make sure things don’t go wrongor dealing with them if they do, both on location and in the studiois very much part of the job. I have never ‘droppeda job yet and this is why clients use me. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when on returning from a fairly heavy two-day shoot in the Midlands one of my SanDisk professional cards bombed out half way through downloading and refused to be recognised by any of my machines. Most of the data had been shot ‘tethered’ to a laptop but there were a few shots that I needed for the shoot that were only on the SD. I rang SanDisk to see if they could be any help, but they mostly went into a set-piece about how it wasn’t their fault and they weren’t responsible etc. Diolch, but not the point of a help-desk. On the upside they put me onto LC and with some trepidation I gave them a call. Mathew Law answered my call and was from the outset refreshingly straightforward, told me some stuff I didn’t know about the different SD chip architectures and the way it affected the data retrieval process. He was commendably friendly and non-patronising. My experience with other (hard-drive) data retrieval companies has not been anywhere close to being so pleasant. I dropped my card in the post on Saturday and he called me personally on Monday morning to say they had received it and were going to take a look at it right away for me. By the end of the day it was retrieved. Following morning I have a DVD with all the data on it. Fantastic. At every level these guys have impressed me, and I recommend them to you. Thank you to the boys in the back room.

John M

I was half way through shooting a wedding at St Paul’s Cathedral when I suddenly had a card error with one of my cameras. When I pulled the CF card out, I noticed that it had overheated and had sustained physical damage and it was at that point I nearly cried! At least 400 images from one of the most important weddings I’d ever photographed unexplainably gone through no fault of my own. After a quick search on Google I came across LC Technology and I am glad I did. I sent the card by Special Delivery on Monday morning and by Tuesday morning, I’d had an email to say they’d received the card. Barely a few hours later, Mathew had emailed to say that they’d saved my images, in spite of the card being damaged. To say I was elated would be an understatement. By 10am on Wednesday morning all the images arrived safely on a DVD. Incredible service and one which I highly recommend. Thank you again Mathew and his team at LC Technology. Life savers!!

Jay R

The connector broke on my Sandisk and I lost all my critical work files. After much panic, I gave LC-Technology a call and spoke with James. I sent my USB to James and within a few days, ALL my files had been successfully recovered. I cannot thank James and LC Tech enoughthey truly saved the day! I highly recommend LC-Tech for your data recovery and give James 5 STARS for his outstanding support and customer service. Don’t call anyone else…..

Lisa D

I am very happy with my experience with LC Technology Intl, Inc. I mailed out my SD card for a quote to recover my files, after searching everywhere for a decent recovery company. James from LC Tech quoted me an excellent and fair price compared to other places. They were very quick in contacting me to let me know the cost. And when I mailed my SD card to them, the next day they recovered the files and mailed it right back to me. Excellent service! Very happy with them because they were efficient and honest. Highly recommend!! A+

Shan K

Lost every single photo taken over the last year on a new camera when for some reason the whole memory card was erased, when I tried to erase just one. To my great astonishment and joy, I now have all but about 30 retrieved from almost 800 – I’m glued to my laptop staring at them! This is thanks to the RescuePRO software and to Mathew Law at LC-Tech, who showed infinite patience and good cheer while dealing with me, a complete technophobe (and idiot). Beyond the call of duty! I’ll be recommending this software to everyoneresults are miraculous. And LC-Tech staff couldn’t be more helpful

Viv K

Having accidently bent the sandisk USB with all my important work, James came to the rescue and recovered all files and was able to guide me with purchasing a better USB that offered more memory at a great price. A super sigh of relief I am truly happy and thankful with the results, I highly recommend James and LC Technology International.

Yn gywir,

Jimmy G

Hi James,

As I just mentioned on the phone, your RescuePRO software really just saved me.
I had spent most of the day on a charity photo shoot—meaning I was donating my time to help a good cause. +
And after nearly eight hours on my feet and photographing several hundred people who’d participated in this large fundraiser event, I was momentarily horrified when my computer informed me that there was no data on my CF card.
I used RescuePRO, er, and within 30 minutes it had extracted all of my photos from the “empty” card, and I’m able to not only send my photos to the charity, but save a huge embarrassment as well.
It’s not that things don’t go wrong with professionals, it’s that we have help from software such as RescuePro when something goes terribly wrong.
Thanks for this great software!

Bill S

Good Evening.

I would just like to briefly tell my story in the hope that the gentleman who assisted me (Matthew Law) gets at the very least a very large pint for today’s work (invoice me).

Rather stupidly distracted by a rather attractive cabin crew lady I stupidly extracted a CF card from the camera without waiting with the resultant loss of a couple of hundred literally unrepeatable shots (ten thousand masked and costumed musicians in a 16th/17th century setting). I downloaded your programme and tested it during a fairly violent stormand found the next morning that I was unable to activate it!

Now I acknowledge that I am a pretty good photographer.; had I not been I would most surely have starved by now. However in IT terms I am not far short of a complete nincompoop. Not at all short in fact.

With what I now realise was a near superhuman degree of patience, good manners and even better humour Matthew Law got me sorted out and not once did he burst into tears of frustration! Amazing!

By the by, your product is pretty good too.

Best wishes,

Mike M

Hi Mathew Law and LCTI,

The Photos have been recovered. A soul destroying situation averted.

It seems as though, as the stress mounted, you kept an even keel, were
very quick to reply, and impressively concise, and considered.

Diolch i chi am eich amser. Your life must revolve around stressed people, who begin not to see forest for trees,
and need that steady hand to avoid melt down.

The photos recovered were not only important site records of projects under construction, underground work,
encased work, work for discussion. There were staged night shots for an awards entry, that would have been impossible
to re-shoot, before the deadline.

Wow, you saved our day. We will definitely be recommending this product to others.
And Mathew, keep up the client focus mate, it will definitely take you far.


It is not only the software of LC Tech Support Services that is amazing!
It is the people form the Technical Support that are amazing!
In my case I am stunned by Mathew Law’s immediate, concise and kind help!
Thank You once again

Alois W

Hi, Ray –

Just a quick note to tell you that your suggestions worked. Diolch yn fawr! I am thrilled to have recovered such precious photos!

I will keep your information at hand, and if I am ever in need again of data recovery, will definitely give you the return business. I will also recommend you to others.

It is refreshing, after having dealt with a company that lured me in for one low price and then raised it astronomically once they had my memory disk, to deal with a company that charges just what it advertises and follows through in an efficient and professional manner. Kudos to you and your bosses!! That is what great American companies are made of!

Diolch i chi unwaith eto.

Melanie Y

These guys are excellent excellent excellent. They recovered all my data straight away after trying three other places who did nothing!
They are so friendly and professional and would absolutely recommend.

Thanks so much for saving my uni work, you are all amazing.

Fel anfon o gwsmeriaid —
Roeddent yn wych, cyflym, effeithlon a chwrtais. Roedd gen i gerdyn fflach compact fy mod yn rhan fwyaf yn darllen nac trwy mac, Ne da pc, na chan y canon. Rwy'n ceisio defnyddio'r feddalwedd, ond dim byd…Yr wyf yn ceisio i anfon ei i'r cymorth gan y cwmni Eidalaidd “data wrth gefn” (aros i ffwrdd oddi wrthynt!!!) ond maent wedi cadw'r cerdyn ar gyfer 3 fisoedd heb wneud unrhyw beth ac eithrio sglodion, Wig a riconsegnarmela gwbl agored!! yn ffodus Cysylltais â Mathew lc-nghyfraith technoleg sydd wedi bod yn gyfeillgar, difrifol ac yn fanwl gywir…ac yr wyf yn ei adennill yn waith pwysig iawn i mi (Ni allwn ofyn i'r priod i ailbriodi)…pob hanner gwariant!!!
diolch yn fawr iawn

Peter G

Yr wyf yn colli tua 3,000 lluniau o 5 awr saethu. Mae'r cerdyn cof yn llygredig am ba bynnag reswm pan yn cyrraedd y darllenydd cerdyn … Byddai wedi bod mor gostus i ailadrodd ond feddalwedd hon (RescuePRO Deluxe) achub y dydd.


Rwy'n ffotograffydd masnachol ac roedd gan y colli ffortiwn o fod wedi colli a ffeiliau delwedd llwgr.
Roeddwn i wedi rhoi cynnig ar nifer o geisiadau adfer ffeiliau cyn ceisio SanDisk.
Cysylltodd Technoleg LC mi i weld sut yr wyf yn ei flaen, maent yn nodi'n gyflym roeddwn yn defnyddio'r meddalwedd anghywir ac anfon dolen i'r un cywir i mi.
Mae eu cefnogaeth yn eithriadol drwy gydol y broses gyfan a ddilynodd.
Anaml i chi ddod ar draws cwmni sy'n cynnig y math hwn o gymorth.
Os oes arnoch angen cymorth data adferiad, yna dyma'r lle i gael itMatthew J

Pan fydd un darganfod bod 14 misoedd o recordiadau fideo o wyrion, pedwar gwyliau tramor, pâr o ddyddiau priodas, 60 mlynedd ers fy ngwraig, ac ati. yn sydyn yn cael eu colli oherwydd bod y cerdyn DC yn y camera fideo wedi cloi i fyny ac ni allai fod yn agored mewn unrhyw ffordd, yna mae'n dda bod LC Technoleg FILERECOVERY yn bodoli.
Rhoddais gynnig nifer o raglenni adfer gan gwmnïau eraill, ond nid oes yr un ohonynt yn gwneud y swydd. Felly yr wyf yn anfon e-bost at y gwneuthurwr cerdyn SanDisk, ac maent yn Awgrymodd ateb Technoleg LC. Dylwn i roi cynnig arnynt oherwydd eu bod wedi y feddalwedd gorau.
Ar ôl rhoi cynnig dau o softwares y cwmni cyntaf heb lwyddiant, Cysylltwyd â mi yn annisgwyl gan un o dechnegwyr gwasanaeth LC Tech yn. Roedd yn meddwl tybed beth oedd wedi digwydd i fy adferiad ffeil, os oedd yn llwyddiant neu beidio. Mae'r technegydd, Mathew L., Roedd yn berson hynod o bleserus a gwasanaeth eu meddwl wnaeth fy tywys trwy'r ffeil gyfan adennill. Awgrymodd y dylwn roi cynnig ar un o'r rhaglenni adfer ffeil arall gan Technoleg LC. Yn olaf, i mi gael fy holl fideos yn ôl!!! Mae'r ffeiliau fideo a gollwyd wedi cael eu hail-greu, a'r holl atgofion pleserus ac yn dda iawn yn cael eu cadw.
Diolch i'r rhaglen “FILERECOVERY” o Technoleg LC, ac yn enwedig eu technegydd Mathew L.
Diolch yn fawr iawn, llawer!John S.

Ar yriant bawd roedd gen fy holl ysgrifennu creadigol eu hunain ar docs Word a darlithoedd yn iTunes oeddwn wedi cofnodi'n ofalus dros amser, llawer o ddarlithoedd. Y rhain oedd yr unig gopïau. Ar Goll, cawsant eu colli am byth i mi. A'r ymgyrch bawd rhoi'r gorau i weithio.

Gelwais SanDisk ac maent yn argymell Thechnoleg LC. Yr wyf yn galw ac yn siarad â Ray ​​ac roedd yn llawn cydymdeimlad ac yn glir am fy camau nesaf. Anfonais ef y gyriant, a gwirio i mewn o bryd i'w gilydd i gael gwybod am gynnydd. Roeddent yn cael amser caled gyda hi. Hyd yn oed hanfon i ffwrdd i Japan i gael rhan. Cymerodd amser, Doeddwn i ddim yn poeni pa mor hir cyn belled ag y gallwn i gael fy data yn ôl, ac yn y pen draw maent yn llwyddo i gael y rhan fwyaf ohono. Galwais i ddiolch iddynt a soniodd ei bod yn rhy ddrwg, er, nad yw fy darlithoedd eu labelu anymore gydag enw roddais iddynt ac enw yn bwysig fy allu o hyd i'r hyn yr oeddwn yn chwilio am ynddynt. Dywedodd Ray byddai'n mynd yn ôl at y technegydd a dod yn ôl i mi. Roedd ganddo un o'u arbenigwyr fforensig palu i mewn i'r ffeil delwedd o fy gyrru a dynnu 'r ffeiliau. Maent yn cael y ffeiliau gydag enwau ffeiliau. Maent yn llosgi y rhain i un neu ddau o DVDs ac yn eu cludo i mi.

Dyna'r hyn yr wyf yn galw “gwasanaeth.” Sylw Ray at fy broblem oedd bersonol ac ar yr un pryd trylwyr a phroffesiynol, ac aeth yr ail filltir. Dyna sut yr wyf yn gweithio pan oeddwn mewn busnes, a dyna beth yr wyf yn disgwyl, ond nid dyna beth yr wyf yn ei gael anymore rhan fwyaf o'r amser. Roedd yn galonogol i mi i weld bod yna lefydd yn ein gwlad yn dal i fod lle mae balchder mewn gwaith ardderchog yn dal i fod yn rym ysgogol.

Diolch yn fawr Ray a'ch tîm.


annwyl Syr,
Rhaid i mi dalu i'r ganmoliaeth mwyaf posibl i weithiwr yn y Deyrnas Unedig. Swyddfa.
Rwyf wedi cael (i mi) yn fater golli data enfawr a Mathew Law wedi ddiamau yn rhoi proffesiynol, empathetig, ymagwedd sy'n gyfeillgar effeithlon a masnachol i'r mater hwn.
He is without doubt an ambassador for your company and if there is a company customer service excellence award, then Mathew should be first in line Thank you for excellent products and serviceBest Regards

Dispatched with a smile!

My thumb-drive was diagnosed as a complete loss by a few professionals.
I had YEARS of datawhich I had foolishly not backed upon that drive.
With a referral from the manufacturer, I sent the drive to LC Technology.
I had a direct dial and email with Ray, who kept me well informed of the progress.
Ray and his team recovered all of the data!!
Diolch yn fawr.

Beau S

LC Tech are miracles workers and recovered over 1200 Raw images from a 32GB Lexar card! They even prioritise working on my memory card as I was having trouble sleeping. I was absolutely convinced all data was lost as the card would not be recognised by pc or mac and any camera I tried.Could not say a big enough thank you for saving my entire wedding photography business! You guys are the best.

I might add they have incredible customer service, very friendly, very understanding. Glad I chose them, another firm wanted to charge me £900 for the same service!

Jordan P

I would like to thank Gary Dillon for his amazing support and saving my life.

I was so desperate as the worst that can happen for a photographer during a wedding shooting happened to me.

In detail: My friend asked me if I could shoot his wedding. Of course for free, since it’s my best friend. He didn’t hire a photographer because I said I would do that.

During the whole day everything was fine and worked flawlessly. But then when the most important shooting was almost done and I wanted to shoot the very last scene, the brand new Sandisk CF 32GB 50MB/sec just stopped to work. The card was approximately used by 50% of its capacity as it wouldn’t be recognised by the camera anymore. Luckilly I had 2 Cameras, so I was hoping not to have lost all the important shots of the day. But the nightmare started at home
While I was looking for the result of thisexcitingday, I realised that all the most important shots were on that broken card. I spent hours and hours by trying to recover the data by myself, but the more I tried, the more I was convinced not to make it, since the card didn’t respond to anything. I tried with all kind of card readers and software, even with LINUX, but over all the same result. No card was detected by any device. Then I contacted Sandisk and they suggested me to contact LC-Tech for recovering my data. But I was sceptical, since I never heard or read about this company. I started to research about LC-Tech. By studying the home page I found the recovering software and downloaded it. Unfortunately and totally logical with the same results as before, “no card in the device table, no recovering”. But fortunately I had to leave my personal data before i downloaded the software including my phone number. A few days later while I was coming back from a trip I saw a telephone number from a foreign country (UK) – (I live in Germany) in my phone display so I was wondering who that could be. I took that call and on the other end there was Gary Dillon. He asked me if I was looking for help with recovering data, which question I answered withyes”. He asked me all the attempts I already tried to recover the data and he suggested me some more, before he even asked me to dispatch the broken card to LC-Tech. For some reason I was sure I wassaved”.
I told him everything that happened as the card failed to work and he suggested me to try to recover the photos at LC-Tech in UK. When I arrived at home, I packed the card securely and shipped it to LC-Tech. 2 days later I received a confirmation, that the CF-Card has arrived and they will begin to start with recovering shortly. Just 2 days later Gary sent me a sample of a recovered file from the broken CF-Card. I was so happy.

You guys saved the wedding of my friend!!!

Thank you very much to you all and especially Gary Dillon for this amazing support all over the time!

Regards, Damian Z.

Diolch yn fawr.
Anthony did a great job in helping us get through a very high anxiety and stressful issue.
Daniel D

I took about 600 pictures from a baseball tournament in New York and I accidentally deleted all my photos.
I just want to say how much I thank you for this recovery data program (RescuePRO Deluxe).
I was able to recover all my photos in less than an hour!
I would recommend this to everyone!
My husband and son are thankful as well.
This program was well written and easy to use not to mention reliable and true to all the testimonials written!
Da iawn. I have my memories back!Laura L

Perfect support.
Extremely fast response. Very personal with tips and links.

Absolute First Aid

Harold V

Any wedding photographer’s worst nightmare is to have card failure.
There I was, desperately trying software at home to find my images with no luck, and crying my eyes out because I was imagining having to tell the bride that I had lost all her wedding day images.
After finding LC Technology online, I decided to give it a try. Ray contacted me very quickly with info for sending the card to him.
At the post office I sent my 32GB Sandisk CF card off to LC Technology with way too much cushy packaging and sealed it with all the hopes and prayers I had and sent the fate of my career off through the post.
Ray emailed me as soon as he received the package and let me know that they were working on it, but that regular recovery had turned up nothing.
He said he thought the controller chip had gone bad, and that it was going to take extensive work (and a few days) to attempt recovery.
It was the LONGEST 2 DAYS OF MY LIFE, but Ray was extremely accessible through email and phone calls to keep me updated.
When I finally got the call from Ray, I was prepared for the worst. I studied every dip and peak of the tone in his voice….ALL IMAGES RETRIEVED!!!
Ray explored every option for finding my images and came through with flying colors.
He quickly shipped my USB the same day and I got it quickly in the mail.
The USB contained every RAW image from the wedding without any problems.
I have never in my life been so happy to sit down to process images!
Ray worked so fast that I never even had to tell the bride what had happened.
Ray is truly a life saver and should I ever be in this horrid position again, I know without a doubt who I will call.
I will sing the praises of Ray at LC forever.
Diolch yn fawr, Ray….I am forever grateful!!!
May you and your family be forever blessed for the work you do for photographers in crisis.
You not only saved my tail, but you saved the memories of a bride who’s only request was to leave her venue that day and go to the nursing home to have a photo with her grandmother.
That is indeed a photo that was priceless.

Karen B.

James,I downloaded RescuePRO Deluxe and it worked perfect. I was able to recover the photos of my daughter from a recent function that were accidentally erased.
LC helped me to get back on my wife’s good side, LOL.


Mark B

A brand new CF card somehow was corrupt and I was unable to retrieve images through the usual Image retrieval software.
I had serious heart in mouth moment but the guys at LC Tech Support were amazing. It was also reassuring to know that they dealt with this kind of issue all the time.
I felt in safe hands and was very surprised to hear back the same day (4 hours later) that they had managed to retrieve my Images and essentially save my skin.
Amazing and professional customer service.
Do not be in any doubt; the money paid to retrieve my work was more than worth it.
Yet again I owe a lot to this companyCraig N

Again just wanted to let you know how awesome Evan was helping me with a problem I had changing my Rescue Pro Deluxe to my new Mac at work. Awesome tech support, unheard of these days.
Cwmni Great, great software.
Malcolm D, Florida Today

In June 2014 my wife and I, along with one of my best friend’s brother and his wife, took a trip to Alaska to spread his ashes in a place he had longed to go for his entire life. I took nearly 1000 pictures of our trip/memorial. On the final leg of our trip, the SD Card in my camera malfunctioned. I tried desperately to find someone who could recover the data. Nearly a year later, and after thinking the pics were gone forever, LC Tech came through. It took a while, but they recovered more than 95% of the data. Only a dozen or so of the pictures were unrecoverable. I say that that is an amazing success! I will shout the praises of this company for as long as I have a voice. The service was amazing and the people were great to work with. This company does an amazing service for people and I cannot say enough good things. Thanks for recovering my lost photos.

Brent D.

I accidentally formatted a CF card that had a lot of very important footage on it. I emailed LC-Technology for advice, and even when there was no guarantee that I’d buy their software, Matthew Law was incredibly helpful. He talked me through the whole process, what I could expect, what alternative methods I could try, explained how the software worked and what was/wasn’t possible etc.

I eventually bought a license for FILERECOVERY and managed to retrieve all my lost footage.

Great customer service!

Joe W

I shot a wedding and more than 600 files were gone. The Sandisk card was new.. and stillBut with the help of LC Technology I recovered the missing files. Diolch yn fawr, I love you GUYS! 🙂 I am really grateful!
Yr wyf yn fud y tu hwnt i, oherwydd doeddwn i ddim yn credu y gallai'r ffeiliau yn cael ei adennill.
Rydych chi wedi gwneud gwaith gwych, DIOLCH YN FAWR!


I had accidentally deleted some photos from a compact flash card and tried using a recovery program I had purchased previously, but no luck retrieving the files.
I found the LC Technology software, purchased it and was able to recover my files. But I couldn’t get the full photos for some reason, so the support guys helped me out and they were able to get the photos for me.
I can’t say enough about Ray & Alex and how helpful they both were.
I recommend this recovery software for digital media for sureeasy to use, with lots of technical support.

Thanks again to Ray & Alex for helping me recover my photos!


I owe a massive amount to LC Technology, as I had my whole teaching career on a broken USB stick. While two previous companies had failed to be able to retrieve my data, LC Technology were able to restore all my lost files, saving me hundreds of hours of work. I will forever be grateful!Regards,

Jamie A

I want to put in a plug and a thank you for your colleague Alex Terrazas. I experienced a problem with a Sony XQD drive running inside a Nikon D4. The drive had become corrupted. Initially RescuePRO could not see it to repair it.

Alex helped me with the latest version of the software and then suggested that I put the Sony card inside a Sony card reader. After making those two changes, RescuePRO recognized the card and downloaded the files perfectly.

Thanks to you and to Alex for the great product.

Jim S

I received your RescuePRO Deluxe software as a FREE one year trial when I purchased a SanDisk 32Gb SD card in April this year .
Two weeks later I had a complete failure of a portable 1TB Hard Drive (HD) which I had transferred ALL my laptop files to and all of the edited photos I had taken in a holiday in Antarctica.
( Which I had spent a month editing!!)
I felt sick and was very upset when I realised I had no response at all from the HD when plugged into any of my computers. ( 2 laptops and 1 desktop.)
I remembered I had your program so I plugged my HD into the laptop with RescuePro Deluxe installed and ran the program. After about 10 minutes the icon for the HD showed up on the desktop of my laptop computer and I was able to download ALL of my files to another external drive. I had not lost A SINGLE FILE.
I just have to thank you SO MUCH. You have NO IDEA how much I appreciate the fact that I was able to retrieve ALL of the files from that HD.
Not only that but I was able to reformat the HD and so far it has worked perfectly since then.
Please feel free to publish this as I am SO happy with how you have helped me.

Diolch i chi unwaith eto


Dear Grant,

My sincere thanks for the help and advice provided.

It’s really great to have a first class product but when you can back it up with a quality of service that is second to none, then that’s the real deal.
I truly commend you and your company for exceptional customer service.
Also, you should note that as a Quality Manager in the manufacturing industry, I normally have to write to companies expressing my disappointment with any one of a number of issues including their products, documentation, delivery performance, responsiveness, pricing policy, service provided, ac ati. ac ati.
That’s what makes it all the more pleasurable to write a letter such as this congratulating someone for offering an exemplary service well above and beyond the norm.

Well done and keep up the good work!!!

Cofion Kind,

Grahame B

I recently had my main hard drive fail. In the process of restoring my computer, with a new WIN 7 installation, I found that I was missing a number of photo folders from 2014. As I store my photos on a second hard drive, I have no idea how this happened. Hoping to retrieve at least a portion of the frames, I reinstalled my recently renewed copy of RescuePRO, planning to go over all of my memory cards. Fodd bynnag, the reinstalled program would not accept my Activation Code.

On a weekend evening, I wrote to LC Technology’s Tech Support asking what I should do. The next day, Alex T. replied with an explanation and a suggestion. It didn’t work, so we embarked on a several days’ expedition to figure it out and make it work.
In the process, I forwarded a few screenshots and a couple of log files.
By the end of the week, Alex gave up and arranged for a new code for me.

I really want to compliment about Alex and LC for their patience and interest. I doubt that many companies would have allowed him to continue for as long as he did, or if many people would have done it.
I also appreciate the fact that treating my like an ignorant idiot was clearly NOT part of his job description, something is too rare on the IT industry.
The icing on the cake came when the program worked flawlessly, restoring several hundred images for me.
Not everything I hoped for, but more than I had a right to expect.
So kudos and thanks for providing an excellent program, successful and pleasant customer service, and for treating your customers well.

Bernie L.

Ray and Team:
Thank you for your excellent service recovering my hard drive and fixing the corruption. You guys went above and beyond what all the companies I tried before you.

Pamela M

Hi Ray,Thank you for the RescuePRO tips. I don’t know if you sent me the email in response to my serial number/activation process or my comment on Facebook. But just in case you didn’t see my comment, I want to make sure you hear how pleased I am.

I was in Chile rafting the Futaleufu River, a very expensive trip of a lifetime. My SD card quit working after my camera spent a day on the river in a waterproof case. I finished the trip using a second card, but when I got home I couldn’t get the photos off the first card. Windows then ran some kind of chkdsk recovery attempt that found about 10 lluniau. When I tried RescuePRO, I was afraid that windows recovery had complicated the problem. In the end, RescuePRO found all my photos and I am so thrilled that I don’t know how to thank you enough.

Diolch yn fawr,

Hello LC-Tech-Team,

Many thanks for your support. I´ve already activated your software and restored an accidentally deleted audio-file from an 3-hour interview. You can imagine, how relieved I am?
Thank´s a lot to you and your whole team…
… and happy new year.
My new year has, thanks to you, an fantastic beginning.

Josef S

Hello LC-Tech-Team,

Many thanks for your support. I´ve already activated your software and restored an accidentally deleted audio-file from an 3-hour interview. You can imagine, how relieved I am?
Thank´s a lot to you and your whole team…
… and happy new year.
My new year has, thanks to you, an fantastic beginning.

Josef S

Pobl LC Hi,
Dim ond gweiddi cyflym allan i Eric am ei help mawr heddiw wrth i mi alw i mewn am ddefnyddio'r feddalwedd RescuePRO Deluxe i adfer ffeiliau o fy cerdyn cof. Roedd ganddo awgrym gwych neu ddau ac roeddwn yn gallu cael fy ffeiliau yn gyflym. Diolch i chi am gynnyrch gwych ac i gael cymorth mawr. I sincerely appreciate both.Thank you,
Paul G

Noswaith dda,
Fy enw i yw Donald, ac yr wyf wedi dim ond ddoe, derbyniodd y CD ar gyfer rif adfer xxxx.
Roeddwn i eisiau estyn fil o ddiolch am y gwaith a wnaethoch. Roedd mwy am hynny cerdyn nag yr wyf yn cofio, a dwy ardal o ddiddordeb arbennig oedd un pen-blwyddi off. Hollol unigryw.
Gwaith ardderchog, ac rydych yn sicr wedi fi fel yn gefnogwr o'ch gwaith.
Yr wyf yn dymuno i chi barhau llwyddiant gyda eich arbenigedd, ac hefyd yn dymuno pob aelod o staff a theuluoedd Nadolig Llawen, gyda'r gobaith y yn 2015 bydd yr holl rhaid i chi iechyd da, heddwch, ac efallai ychydig o ffyniant yn ogystal. 🙂
Cofion Kind,
Don M

Cynnyrch Hollol anhygoel (RescuePRO), o anobaith llwyr i ryddhad aruthrol mewn llai nag awr, cynnyrch hwn wedi achub fy mywyd ar ddau achlysur hyd yn hyn, popeth adfer Roeddwn i'n meddwl ei golli. Methu ganmol digon!
Kirby N.

Am reswm eto i'w datrys, y data ar y cerdyn cof am fy camera compact collwyd.
Diolch i RescuePRO® Deluxe roeddwn yn gallu adennill y cyfan 150 Ffeiliau coll.
Roeddwn yn llawn edmygedd o ddifrif gyda'r 'fyw’ cymorth yn ystod y broses hon, nid yn unig wrth edrych ar y gyfradd succes, ond mae hefyd yn darparu gwybodaeth ddefnyddiol ychwanegol.
Grant Diolch!

Dick B

Yr wyf yn ei adennill ffeiliau. Rydych guys graig. Gwasanaeth gwych, cynnyrch gwych (RescuePRO Deluxe). Diolch gymaint. Treuliais ddiwrnod cyfan hirgoes yn y mwd yr afon BRONX i saethu y ffilm. Nid Falch oes rhaid i mi wneud hynny again.Brian D.
Amlgyfrwng Newyddiadurwr

Roeddwn i eisiau canmol eich cwmni ar gynnyrch ardderchog.

Mae fy ngwraig angen fflachia cathrena, ac roedd gen un gosod o gwmpas yn y bôn heb ei ddefnyddio. Mae hi'n ei ddefnyddio, ymddiried ei fod yn gweithio'n iawn. Dydw i erioed wedi ymgyrch yn methu, o unrhyw fath, nes bod yr un yma.

Bore ddoe sy'n fflachio gyrru ei bod yn defnyddio ychydig y llwch ac wedi methu — gyda sawl pwysig, Dogfennau dyledus-in--drefn byr arno. Gan fy mod newydd i adfer data, Rwyf i ddechrau aeth ag ef i Sgwad Geek yn Prynu Gorau, oedd yn fy hysbysu ei bod yn effeithiol yn wag. Maent yn dweud wrthyf nad oedd unrhyw beth i'w wneud, a bod y gyrru wedi cael ei fformatio rhannol / ymgychwyn.

Prynais Sandisk USB newydd 3.0 gyriant, a ddaeth gydag ychydig LC-Tech daflen RescuePRO Deluxe data adferiad. Rhoi cynnig arno ar y gyriant USB sôn,-sychu heddiw. Cynhaliwyd y rhaglen am tua dwy awr — helpodd hynod i weld yr arddangosfa o'r hyn y sectorau oedd yn cael eu sganio, faint o ffeiliau wedi cael eu sganio, faint o wallau wedi cael eu dod ar draws, a'r data eraill a ddarperir. Hawdd iawn i'w defnyddio.

Hadennill TG POPETH.

Diwygiadau lluosog o bob dogfen, heh.

Gan gynnwys y tair dogfen fy ngwraig sydd ei angen. A channoedd o ffeiliau eraill o wahanol bethau nad wyf wedi edrych drwy'r, ond mae ganddynt os bydd eu hangen arnom.

Gwers hatgyfnerthu– prynu gyriannau fflach da. Gwneud copïau wrth gefn cwmwl.

Peidiwch â credu fod pob cael ei golli; gall fod yn ddewis gwell. Gallaf dystio ar gyfer y rhaglen RescuePRO Deluxe; mae'n ei arbed yn werth benwythnos llawn o waith, osgoi trafferth a gofid yn gorfod ail-wneud ffeiliau coll. Ac mae'r rhaglen hon yn RHAD AC AM DDIM gyda'r ymgyrch, a byddai'n werth pob ceiniog os ydw i wedi gorfod ei brynu ar wahân.

Diolch yn fawr!
John S

Fi jyst eisiau dweud diolch yn fawr am adfer y lluniau priodas oddi ar fy 16 Cerdyn gig. Roeddwn yn pwysleisio felly mae hyn feddwl yr haf fy mod wedi colli y lluniau cleientiaid. Yr wyf yn gwerthfawrogi eich bod chi a'ch tîm a oedd mor falch fy mod dod o hyd i eich bod guys.Take gofal a diolch eto,

Sherrie J

Diolch i chi James!
Dim ond eisiau dweud, fel ffotograffwyr proffesiynol rydym yn trin llawer o ffeiliau cain ac yn anffodus mae damweiniau'n digwydd.
Ar ôl edrych dros ein trefn arferol wrth gefn ar gyfer sesiwn ein Sandisk cerdyn SD ei ailfformatio mewn camera a saethu ar gyda data eraill o saethu wahanol. Diolch byth, anfonodd y tîm gefnogaeth ar Sandisk wrthym cyswllt ar gyfer eich rhaglen ac ar ôl gosod a am 30 cofnodion iddo weithio drwy'r cerdyn ei adalw HOLL deunyddiau dileu yn flaenorol.
Mae hyn yn wir yn lleddfu yr embaras ohonom yn gorfod mynd yn ôl i'r cleient ac ad-daliad ac ail-saethu.
Methu esbonio mewn geiriau y rhyddhad!Michael M.

Newydd gael fy lluniau hadennill yn ôl. Diolch yn fawr i chi am wneud yr hud a wnaethoch chi eu cael yn ôl! Diolch arbennig i Ray! Rydych guys yn dewiniaid!
Susan C

Rwyf wrth fy modd Technoleg LC!
Bwrw fy mab fy ngliniadur ddamweiniol oddi ar y bwrdd a dorrodd fy USB cathrena yn ei hanner. Anfonais hi i gwmni gwahanol i mi gael ar-lein. Mae'r cwmni arall yn ceisio adennill y data ond wedyn dychwelodd yr ymgyrch gydag esboniad / esgus gwael yn dweud bod hyd yn oed na ellid eu technegwyr top adennill unrhyw ddata. Felly, yr wyf o'r enw Sandisk ac maent yn argymell Thechnoleg LC. Ray Hasinger oedd pwy siaradais â o'r cychwyn cyntaf ac fe ddilynir i mi a fy data drwy'r broses gyfan. Cymerodd yr adferiad ychydig yn hirach oherwydd cymhlethdodau eilaidd i'r ymgais adfer data cychwynnol ond Technoleg LC cael fy data yn ôl! Roedd Technoleg LC i fod yn onest ac yn effeithiol ac mae eu gwasanaeth i gwsmeriaid yn eithriadol. Ray yn gyfeillgar, gwybodus, a phroffesiynol a hyd yn oed yn helpu gyda chyngor ar gamera gerdyn SD, rhy. Dymunaf fy holl brofiadau defnyddwyr yn dda hon. Byddwn yn defnyddio Technoleg LC eto mewn curiad calon ac yn rhoi fy argymhelliad uchaf nhw.


Yn ddiweddar dychwelais o daith i Lundain yn unig i ddod o hyd i ddata critigol (dim wrth gefn) storio ar fy Cruzer USB fflachia cathrena yn anadferadwy oherwydd colli yr ymgyrch o fformat.
Gelwais Sandisk a argymhellodd y defnydd o RescuePRO LC Tech yn.
Yr wyf ... wel gadewch i ni dim ond dweud fy mod yn herio dechnegol.
Felly dychmygwch pa mor gyffrous roeddwn yn siarad gyda James W. Earle a roddodd yr hyder i geisio adferiad mi.
I fy sioc roeddwn yn llwyddiannus.
Pwrpas y neges e-bost hon yw 2 blygu;
1. I gydnabod y gefnogaeth ragorol a ddarperir gan James a
2. I Rave am eich cynnyrch adennill ... mae'n creigiau ... Prynais 1 trwydded blwyddyn ar gyfer y version.I moethus dim ond eisiau i chi wybod bod gennych customer.Steve D newydd ac yn fodlon iawn
Rheolwr Cisco dCloud Rhaglen

Diwrnod Da,
Rwy'n ysgrifennu atoch i roi diolch arbennig i gynrychiolydd a enwir Ray Hasinger. Rwyf wedi bod yn ceisio drwyadl yn ystod y pythefnos diwethaf i adennill lluniau penodol fy mod dileu o SD Cerdyn fy cafell ffôn Android yn ôl yn y diwedd mis Awst 2013. Er mwyn cadw hyn byr a melys, Rwyf wedi llwytho i lawr a rhoi cynnig drosodd 15 o'r meddalwedd adfer llun top-gradd (fersiwn treial am ddim). Byddwn wedi bod yn hapus i brynu unrhyw un o'r rhain, ond dim ond os ydynt yn gallu adennill yr union lluniau o dan sylw. Gan fod hyn i gyd roeddwn i eisiau ac angen hyn ar gyfer, Doeddwn i ddim eisiau gwastraffu fy arian ar rywbeth na fyddai'n cyflawni'r hyn yr oeddwn yn ceisio ei do.Hence, Yr wyf yn ceisio cysylltu â phob un o'r cwmnïau drwy negeseuon e-bost sy'n cael eu cynnig gyda phob. Fy ngwerthfawrogiad o Ray yw oherwydd ei fod yn UNIG un allan o bob un o'r cwmnïau sy'n dilyn yn gywir i fyny gyda fy nghais. Yn ogystal,, rhoddodd rhif ffôn fy mod yn gallu galw i siarad â pherson byw. Mae hyn yn gwneud yr holl wahaniaeth yn y byd i mi, ac yr wyf yn sicr, er efallai na fydd eraill yn cymryd yr amser i ddweud hynny, maent yn teimlo yr un way.I wedi cwblhau dau wahanol “Adolygiadau” eich cynnyrch yn ychwanegol at e-bost hwn. Rhoddais y ganmoliaeth uchaf i mi y gallai yn yr adolygiadau hynny yn y gobaith y byddai hyn yn fudd i chi i gyd. Ray yn onest gyda mi am yr hyn yr oeddwn yn ceisio ei wneud. Yn yr oes sydd ohoni o fusnes, mae hynny'n anffodus nodwedd brin iawn. Os ar unrhyw adeg yn y dyfodol, bydd unrhyw un sy'n gofyn i mi am feddalwedd adennill lluniau, Gallaf bron yn gwarantu y byddant yn prynu eich cynnyrch ar ôl i mi siarad â nhw. Byddaf hefyd ei brynu os byddaf angen byth y cais yn y future.This i gyd oherwydd Ray a'ch weithdrefn ar gyfer gwneud eich hunain ar gael i'r cleient. Diolch i chi unwaith eto am osod y bar gyda gwasanaeth cwsmeriaid. Os yw'n golygu unrhyw beth i chi, Yr wyf yn sylweddoli ei fod yn fawr!!
Cofion Gorau,Steve B

Mae eich galwad ffôn ac e-bost yn dangos lefel uchel iawn o gefnogaeth i gwsmeriaid yr wyf erioed wedi profi o'r blaen.
Eich cynnyrch (RescuePRO) gweithio iawn. Fi 'n dal argymell!

Yn gywir Yr eiddoch yn,
John F

Rwy'n ysgrifennu i roi gwybod i chi pa mor ddefnyddiol oedd eich cyflogai James ataf.
Collais o gwmpas 400 lluniau ar fy ngherdyn SD. Nid wyf yn dda iawn gyda chyfrifiaduron, felly lwytho i lawr eich meddalwedd yn her i mi.
Yr wyf yn galw eich swyddfa ac yn siarad â James o leiaf bum gwaith. Roedd yn amyneddgar iawn ac yn siarad â mi drwy bob cam o ddefnyddio'r rhaglen.
Bob tro gelwais ei fod yn garedig ac yn cadw dweud wrthyf i alw yn ôl os oeddwn angen mwy o help.
Mae'n anghyffredin dod o hyd i bobl sy'n gwneud eu gwaith yn y modd hwn. Roeddwn yn gallu mynd yn ôl fy holl luniau.
Fi 'n sylweddol yn gwerthfawrogi pob cymorth iddo a ddarparwyd a theimlai y dylech fod yn ymwybodol o'r gwaith gwych a wnaeth.

Diolch yn fawr,
Julia M

Hi Ray,

Rhaid i gyfaddef, eich gwasanaeth cwsmeriaid yn anhygoel.
Mae'r ffaith eich bod:
a) ateb fy nghwestiwn mewn modd amserol,
b) Dilynwyd-i fyny gyda e-bost hwn ac
c) dilynol gyda galwad ffôn
yn unig super.

Prynais Achub Pro Deluxe, adferwyd fy holl luniau o'r cerdyn a theimlo'n wych.

– Michael J

Diolch i chi gymaint James am eich cymorth.
Roeddwn yn devastated felly neithiwr yn meddwl ein holl luniau (i gyd 2,354 ohonynt) Roedd wedi mynd.
Maent i gyd yn luniau o fy mhlant.
Mae nifer o fusnesau a phobl yn dweud wrthym y lluniau yn cael eu mynd am byth.
Dagrau o lawenydd heddiw.
Chi a'ch rhaglen yn Dduw Anfon!!!

Teresa F.

Ni allaf roi mewn geiriau sut yr ydym yn ddiolchgar am y cyfle i gael ein gwyliau bythgofiadwy mewn lluniau Florida a fideo.
Diolch i chi a'ch tîm am genhadaeth hon i adfer cerdyn cof fflach.
Rydym yn llawn cyffro pan sylweddoli bod y cerdyn cof wedi cael ei mynd hyd yn oed i ddarllen o.
Rydym yn dal ddim yn gwybod pam ei fod wedi digwydd a beth oedd y rheswm.
Anyway, diolch i chi lawer ar gyfer eich gwasanaeth defnyddiol.

Cofion Gorau,
Nikolay N

Ni allaf ddiolch digon i chi!!!! Diolch i chi am bopeth. Cariad y busnes arddull bersonol.
Nice i fod cyfathrebu gyda pherson go iawn. Ray, oeddech gwych!!!!
Mae'r holl ymatebion yn brydlon iawn. Methu credu fy mod yn cael y ffeiliau yn ôl mor gyflym.
Diolch yn fawr!

Denise S.

Annwyl LC-Tech —
Diolch yn fawr, diolch i chi, diolch i chi.
Eich rhaglen a tech defnyddiol iawn o'r enw Eric yn gallu adfer pob (Rwy'n credu i gyd) o'r lluniau o daith unwaith-mewn-oes i Baris.
Beth yn bleser, mae'n gweld y golygfeydd roeddwn i'n meddwl eu colli am byth.
Yr wyf yn ddiolchgar iawn.
Felly, yr wyf yn diolch i chi.
Pat R

Dim ond gotta dweud, rydych guys yn y peth go iawn.
Rydym yn saethu i lawr yn FL, fil o filltiroedd o ganolfan cartref, ac yr ydym yn colli rhywfaint o ddata ar gerdyn CF yn ôl pob tebyg oherwydd ein bod yn gweithio'n gyflym ac yn tynnu y cerdyn allan cyn iddo orffen ysgrifennu.
Rydym yn rhoi cynnig ar nifer softwares (Nid yw eich un chi) i geisio adennill y data, Ffeiliau yn annarllenadwy gyda meddalwedd Canon.
Fel fi gysylltu â chi guys. James mewn gwirionedd yn galw arnaf yn ôl y diwrnod canlynol, ac yr wyf yn gor-nighted y cerdyn CF i chi, ac rydych guys wnaeth eich peth a Fi jyst got yn ôl heddiw.
Wow, pob ffeil yn gyfan, rhifau ffeiliau a data Exif cystal â newydd.
Pe byddem wedi gorfod dychwelyd i'r FL ac yn ail-ffilmio'r prosiectau byddai'n costio i mi mawr $.
Mae eich llawdriniaeth yn radd flaenaf ar bob lefel. Byddwch yn eu defnyddio eto.
Diolch yn fawr unwaith eto,
Tom S
Tîm Photo

Fi jyst eisiau anfon nodyn sydyn i chi ddiolch i chi unwaith eto am arbed y lluniau ar ein cerdyn difrodi.
Roedd gen i ychydig o printiau a wnaed ac yn eu rhoi mewn cerdyn oddi wrth ein mab ar gyfer pen-blwydd fy ngwraig. Mae hi'n colli ambell ddeigryn pan sylweddolodd yr hyn yr oedd yn edrych ar.
Sgiliau eich tîm yn cael eu gwerthfawrogi'n fawr ac mae'r gwasanaeth i gwsmeriaid a roddwyd gennych heb ei ail. Bydd eich gwasanaethau yn cael eu argymell yn fawr.

Diolch yn fawr!
Chris R

Wel, dychmygu fy banig pan 25% fy uwch sesiwn olaf ei drosglwyddo daeth fy ngherdyn CF llygredig ac yn annarllenadwy. Mae pob un o'r delweddau hynny roeddwn i wedi gweithio'n galed i, a oedd wedi ei gynllunio a'i scheduled..gone fanwl. Roeddwn yn sâl….beth ddylwn i ddweud wrth y teulu? Bydd Pan fyddwn yn cael amser i ail-ffilmio'r. Beth am eiliadau rhai yr ydym wedi eu dal a'u bod wedi previewed… yr oedd y teimlad gwaethaf!

Rwyf wedi defnyddio radwedd eraill cyn pryd dros ysgrifennu delweddau personol yn ddamweiniol, ond roeddwn i am wneud yn siŵr bod hyn yn gweithio felly rwy'n ymchwilio a llwytho i lawr y treial. Mae pob un fy lluniau yn dangos i fyny ar ôl y sgan treial. Yna prynwyd y fersiwn llawn. Roedd rhaid i mi Ailsyllu a dileu'r canlyniadau blaenorol ond adferwyd pob un ond 6 delweddau ein o 800+. DIOLCH YN FAWR!!!

Yr eiddoch yn wir,
Cwsmeriaid Hapus

Hi Ray.
Eich fy arwr.
Yr wyf yn ei adennill fy holl luniau.
Wnes i erioed meddwl y byddwn i'n cael yn ôl.
Diolch am eich amynedd a chymorth.
Judy S

Good Morning Ray,

Fi jyst eisiau i ddilyn i fyny a dweud diolch am y gwasanaeth rhagorol a gefais oddi wrthych. Mae'r ffeiliau adenillwyd ar DVD cyrraedd un diwrnod yn gynharach na dywedasoch y byddent yn cyrraedd, ac roedd popeth yn berffaith yn union fel pe bai'r llygredd digwydd byth, yn union fel y dywedasoch!

Yn wir i chi a'ch cwmni yw arwr y dydd, a arbedwyd ni alwad i Joel a Llydaw (y briodferch a'r priodfab), gan ddweud mae gennym yr un o'r eu hatgofion priodas.

Fel aelod o fwrdd y grŵp Colorado Videography Proffesiynol, Byddaf yn sicr yn hyrwyddo chi a'ch cwmni i'n haelodau. Chi wedi darparu gwasanaeth cwsmeriaid rhagorol, adenillwyd y ffeiliau difrodi am bris teg a rhesymol. Wahanol i'r rhan fwyaf o gwmnïau, chi wedi darparu i mi pris cadarn cyn derbyn y cerdyn.

Methu diolch digon,


Cindy B

CHI achubodd fy BACON!!!!!! Cyfrwch yn gwsmer bodlon ac yn falch iawn oedd yn banig yng nghanol y nos i mi, gwylio ffeiliau priodas gwerthfawr yn cael ei ddileu yn ddamweiniol o flaen ei llygaid! Ni allwn fod yn fwy llawn edmygedd eich cynnyrch ac yn bwriadu lledaenu'r gair.

Jane G

Helo Ray,

Dderbyniwyd fy cerdyn cof & CD oddi wrthych yr wythnos diwethaf ac wedi cael cyfle ddydd Sadwrn i gael golwg. Mae'n ymddangos yr holl ergydion dileu yn awr yn cyfrif am; y lefel o fy rhyddhad yn anodd i ddisgrifio. Diolch yn fawr am eich gwaith yn ogystal ag ar gyfer gwasanaeth cwsmeriaid gwych.

Tom R

Diolch i chi unwaith eto! Rydym yn defnyddio eich meddalwedd ac adferwyd y lluniau. It was a life saver 🙂

Hi Eric –

Dim ond eisiau dweud eto pa mor hawdd oedd hi i ddefnyddio eich meddalwedd a pha mor bodd oeddwn gyda gofal cwsmeriaid gwych o'r fath. Mae gen i
Rhoddir guys ydych yn shoutout ar Facebook cystal â minnau yn gwybod llawer yn cael eu hunain yn y sefyllfa roeddwn i yn arbennig gyda delweddau a gollwyd
a dim cyllideb adfer data masnachol i'w cael yn ôl!! Diolch am gymryd gofal a phryder mawr o'r fath yn eich cwsmeriaid. Rwyf
gwneud yn siwr i gynnwys eich enw fel fy technegydd yn y broses activation a bydd yn canu clodydd eich i unrhyw un arall gallech chi
gofyn i mi!!!
Diolch unwaith eto… GWERTHFAWROGIR SO!!!

Hi Eric…newyddion gwych…FILERECOVERY hadennill fy holl ffeiliau allweddol o ddisg pooched…hachub mi cannoedd o oriau o ail-greu gwaith ac amhrisiadwy o ran adfer lluniau o fy pen-blwydd yn 25 yn Hawaii a oedd yn unigryw…

Gary o Barrie, Canada… eh

Hi Angela,
Dwi ddim yn siŵr pwy y dylwn i fynd i'r afael â e-bost hwn at ond hoffwn fynegi fy niolchgarwch am y gwasanaeth sydd LC Tech wedi rhoi i mi. Cefais fy devastated ar ôl i mi colli dros 14GB o luniau a fideos pan fethodd fy ngherdyn Sandisk yn fy camera newydd.
Teimlai adeg fel yr oedd yn dal ar ôl i mi sylweddoli fy mod wedi colli cannoedd o ddelweddau gwerthfawr / fideo o'r fy merched 6ed a 7fed misoedd o fyw.
Roeddwn wedi cwpl techs yn edrych ar fy ngherdyn llygredig heb unrhyw lwc na gobaith o adferiad.
Yr wyf yn y bôn yn rhoi i fyny ar y syniad o gael cofroddion gweledol hynny yn ôl. Newidiodd hyn i gyd pan benderfynais i ddefnyddio LC Tech.
Ni allaf fynegi pa mor bodd oeddwn i wedi derbyn neges llais un nos Wener o weithiwr LC Tech yn dweud eu bod wedi adennill fy data.
Wrth i mi deipio e-bost hwn yr wyf yn dal yn uchel ar emosiynol o'r profiad hwn (bron wythnos yn ddiweddarach!).
Mae fy ngwraig, merch ac ni allaf ddiolch digon i chi.

Yn gywir,

Rwyf wedi bod yn defnyddio eich cynnyrch ar gyfer nifer o flynyddoedd ac uwchraddio yn ddiweddar i PhotoRecovery 2013 Ar gyfer. Roedd gen i gerdyn arbennig o anodd yn y cyfryngau swyddi adfer heddiw a daeth eich meddalwedd drwy gyda lliwiau hedfan. Cynnyrch gwych! Yn gynt o lawer. Gywir iawn. Smooth, rhyngwyneb cain.

Ron R.

Diolch yn fawr i chi am adfer fy ffeiliau cathrena bawd. Gallaf byth ddiolch digon i chi ... ydych yn "achub bywydau"!
Yr wyf yn rhannu eich gwybodaeth gydag athrawon a staff Virginia Beach City Ysgolion Cyhoeddus!

Yn gywir,
B. Sharp

Annwyl Eric,

Yr wyf yn derbyn y DVD gyda lluniau a adferwyd ddoe, ac yr wyf popeth yn edrych yn wych! Chi a'ch tîm yn gwneud gwaith gwych.
Roeddwn yn ofidus iawn pan wnes i ddarganfod fod nifer fawr o luniau o yn ystod y gwyliau ar arfordir gorllewinol wedi ei golli, felly roeddwn yn hynod o falch pan oeddent i gyd hadfer yn gyfan.
Ar ben hynny, Rwyf yn arbennig yn gwerthfawrogi eich cysylltiad personol pan siaredais gyntaf i chi am y broblem. Mae eich sicrwydd yn rhywbeth Fi 'n sylweddol angen i glywed, ac yr wyf yn diolch i chi am gymryd yr amser i ddweud wrthyf nad yw pob cael ei golli.
Gwn fod eich cwmni wedi llawer o dudalennau o ganmoliaeth ar ei wefan, ond mae croeso i chi ychwanegu canmoliaeth hwn at y rhestr.

Diolch unwaith eto!


Yr wyf yn uwchraddio fy Meddalwedd PhotoRecovery heddiw. Ni allaf ddiolch digon Ray i bawb ei
helpu heddiw. Mae ychydig o bethau nad oeddwn yn deall ar y dechrau ond Ray fi got drwyddo i gyd.
Gwybodus iawn, broffesiynol iawn ac yn garedig iawn. Gan edrych ymlaen at wneud busnes gydag ef eto.

Diolch yn fawr,
Tom B

Rydych guys yn anhygoel. Got fy lluniau ddoe ac maent yn hardd. Fi 'n sylweddol ddim yn credu y byddwn byth yn eu gweld. Dim ond i adael i chi wybod pa mor bwysig y lluniau hyn yn, rydym yn yn ein 70au ac yn dathlu ein pen-blwydd priodas 50fed gyda'n taith gyntaf a dim ond i Hawaii. Felly diolch eto!!!!!

Hey Eric!

Cawn eich voicemail ac roedd yn gwneud yn llythrennol fy (ac mae'r briodferch melys yn) wythnos gyfan. Wow, Yr wyf mor mor mor mor mor hapus bod yall yn gallu adfer yr holl ddelweddau! Diolch Arglwydd!!!!!

Annwyl Ray –
Rwy'n ysgrifennu i ganmol chi a'ch cwmni ar gyfer eich gwasanaeth cwsmeriaid eithriadol. Mae'n anghyffredin yn y byd heddiw i gael person a nodwyd ar gyfer cymorth i gwsmeriaid sy'n cario ffeil o'r ymholiad cychwynnol i'r datrysiad ben. Mae hefyd yn anghyffredin i gael cymorth dros y ffôn yn brydlon a hyd yn oed rhagflaenorol yn ogystal â chymorth e-bost. Mae'r we yn cysylltu roesoch i mi o gymorth, er nad ydynt yn gynhyrchiol gyda fy cerdyn cof. Mae eich cymorth dros y ffôn a chyswllt parhaus yn galonogol, er bod rhaid i mi anfon y ddisg ar gyfer adferiad chi. Mae gen i fy lluniau yn ôl! Diolch!


Rydych guys yn A M A Z Rwyf N G!!! Hen werthoedd mom ffasiwn a phop Da!
Diolch i chi am gael rhywun REAL codi, diolch am y dilynol
galwadau, diolch i chi am yr e-bost dilynol, diolch am y gefnogaeth technoleg.

KUDOS i Dechnoleg LC!!! Yn wir, rwy'n wyf yn creu argraff ac wedi rhannu EISOES
eich gwybodaeth gyswllt â ffotograffwyr proffesiynol eraill!!!


Diolch, Diolch, Diolch! I chi beidio bod yn gofalu, ond dyna fy gwŷr band ail uno am y tro cyntaf yn 27 blynyddoedd! Yr ydych wedi gwneud fy niwrnod gan fy mod ei wasgu. Rwyf wedi saethu miloedd o luniau ac erioed wedi bod hyn yn digwydd. Yr ydych wedi arbed rhai atgofion pwysig i ni! Diolch yn fawr!
~ Michelle

Hi Ray-
Rydym yn unig yn awyddus i anfon ein diffuant diolch i chi am eich cymorth gyda'n Cerdyn CF methu! Rydym wedi anfon y cerdyn yn flaenorol i gwmni arall am bob argymhelliad yn sefydliad proffesiynol. Nid oeddent yn gallu adennill y data & rydym wedi colli pob gobaith 'n bert lawer. Roeddem yn sooooo hapus i dderbyn eich galwad ffôn heddiw! Rydym wedi postio eich gwybodaeth & argymhelliad ar unig safle aelodau fod miloedd o ffotograffwyr proffesiynol yn cael mynediad i.

Rydym wedi cael llawer o straen dros y llanast cerdyn CF & mor hapus i roi diwedd i orffwys. Rydym yn edrych ymlaen at fynd drwy'r delweddau ar eu dychwelyd atom. Eto, diolch yn fawr!!
Gobeithio y byddwch yn cael Flwyddyn Newydd hapus!! Byddwn yn eich argymell i unrhyw un sydd angen eich gwasanaethau.
Yn gywir,
Emily N & Chuck S

Bendithia chi, DIOLCH i chi!!!!! Roedd y rhain gan 5 awr sesiwn tynnu lluniau ddoe. 17 teuluoedd cardiau Nadolig a phortreadau!!! Sut y gallaf ddiolch digon i chi? I mi, eich bod yn genious!!
'Ch jyst gwneud fy niwrnod, fy wythnos, fy mis, ac wedi arbed o ddifrif fy enw da! Ni allwn ofyn am unrhyw beth mwy!!

Ray F.

Rwyf am gymryd ennyd a diolch am fy helpu lawrlwytho RescuePRO Deluxe. Rydych yn fwyaf graslon a amyneddgar iawn.

Yn bwysicach, Rwyf am ddiolch i chi am y rhaglen anhygoel sy'n achub fy lluniau. Roeddwn i'n meddwl fy lluniau eu colli hir. RescuePRO Deluxe yn ddim llai o anhygoel. Mae'r cerdyn cof wedi bod yn eistedd am bron i ddwy flynedd ac roeddwn wedi rhoi'r gorau i bob gobaith o adfer y lluniau.

Dechreuodd RescuePRO Deluxe gweithio ei ffordd drwy'r cerdyn a thri deg tri munud yn ddiweddarach y lluniau yn cael eu hadennill.

Diolch yn fawr!

George J

Treuliais drwy'r dydd ddoe freaking allan hyd nes i mi dod o hyd Achub Pro ac yr wyf yn awr yn anadlu fel arfer unwaith eto gan fod yr holl ddelweddau yn cael eu hadfer ac maent bellach yn eistedd ar fy disg caled! DIOLCH YN FAWR!!!!!!!

Cael wythnos wych,

OMG, Wow Roeddwn mor hapus gyda'ch cynnyrch, roedd yn werth yr $40. Rwyf wedi cael 2000 ffeiliau ar fy ngherdyn sd micro ac o fewn 15 cofnodion y mae'n ei adennill fy holl ffeiliau ac rwy'n ddiolchgar iawn mae cynnyrch ar gael fel eich un chi yn helpu.


DIOLCH YN FAWR!!!! Rydych guys graig. Fy ngherdyn CF 32GB crapped yn y 7D gyda llwyth o luniau arno ac rydych yn mynd y tu hwnt i gael y wybodaeth oddi ar y cerdyn i mi. Roedd hyn yn ymddangos i fod yn her i Dechnoleg LC ond o lle rwy'n eistedd – Ymosodwyd yr her oedd pen ar yn hytrach na dim ond dweud “n chwith, rhy anodd”. Rydych wedi cael offer newydd er mwyn gwneud y llwytho i lawr ac rwy'n hynod o hapus ac yn falch gyda eich gwaith.
Da iawn, ac DIOLCH gymaint.

Paul N

Hi, Ray –
Fi jyst got fy bocs o DVDs! Nid wyf yn gwybod sut yr ydych yn cael yr holl ddata allan, ond ni allaf ddiolch digon i chi! Byddaf yn llwytho i lawr pob un o'r pum disg cyn gynted ag yr wyf yn cael y cyfle. Os oes gen i unrhyw gwestiynau, 'N annhymerus' anfon e-bost chi. Diolch, eto. Mae'n y gorau $275 Treuliais erioed!

Yn gywir,

Linda L

Good Morning Angela,

Diolch yn fawr iawn guys gyfer adennill fy lluniau nad ydych yn gwybod pa mor ddiolchgar ydwyf. Roeddwn yn devastated jyst yn meddwl bod atgofion y rhai oedd wedi mynd.

Diolch yn fawr am eich cymorth a gwasanaeth cwsmeriaid gwych i chi. Hope nad oes neb yr wyf yn gwybod yn mynd Thru hyn ond byddaf yn hysbysebu i chi yma yn Laredo.

Norma C

Hi Eric,

Diolch yn gymaint i chi am fy papur ac ar gyfer adennill fy ffeiliau. Mae eich cwmni yn anhygoel a byddaf yn argymell eich cwmni i bawb. Rwyf hefyd am ddiolch i chi am anfon fy eitemau a adenillwyd allan US blaenoriaeth gwasanaeth post. Diolch unwaith eto eich bod wedi gwneud fy niwrnod.

Diolch yn fawr,
Anna Marie


Eich meddalwedd yn gweithio'n berffaith. 3 misoedd o luniau teulu eu hachub! Yn ogystal â bwyll fy ngwraig. Rydym bron yn colli y lluniau o ein 2il merch geni. Rydym yn ceisio adfer fersiynau rhad ac am ddim y rhai o CNET ac maent yn gwneud dim byd. Rydym yn diolch i chi am ddarparu meddalwedd o ansawdd uchel sy'n gweithio mewn gwirionedd.


Grant Hi,

Rwy'n falch iawn o allu dweud bod fy llawdriniaeth adfer disg gyda Filerecovery ddoe aeth yn berffaith. Mae gen i yn ôl pob un o'r lluniadau peirianneg a llawlyfrau offer rwyf wedi creu dros gyfnod o 10 blynyddoedd, with the original filenames. This is important as there would otherwise be hundreds of drawings to investigate and rename.

Buying Filerecovery was money very well spent! I will never make the error to back up to the same disk as the data is on again, how I did this in the first place I do not know.

Prior to using Filerecovery I had tried several Freeware programs, some of them found the directory structure but only produced empty folders. Filerecovery has worked exceptionally for me.

Thank you for Filerecovery!

Kind Regards, Robin.

Annwyl Ray,
Over the weekend I received the disks you sent with the photos and videos recovered from our SanDisk card. I can’t tell you how much it means to me to have the photos from my safari. It was the trip of a lifetime and now I will be able to relive it again and again.

With gratitude,
Wendy F


I wanted to say thank you for rescuing essentially all my .mos files form the SD card I sent in. I am delighted to have the output which was so easily nearly destroyed. The potentially faulty card reader, and cables have been trashed!

Thanks again for a job well done.

John K.

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the recovery that Eric did for me. I had lost all hope after using consumer recovery software and going to another local data recovery service. Eric recovered 98% of my video files and did it in a very short amount of time. Reasonably priced too for the size of the card (32gb!). I would recommend these guys to anyone who needs their data recovered by experienced professionals at a reasonable price.

Andrew W.


Thanks for your follow up. I have been able to recover all files flawlessly. Since nothing was written to the card since wiping it, I could recover without much effort. The software works great and fast!

Yn gywir,

Albert Kiefer

I am blown away. I tried to recover photos off a SD card with another recovery program and it found NO files. I then used Photorecovery Limited and this prgrams recovered 3476 Lluniau. I am totally amazed when I had erased and formated this card in my camera and this program was able to recover 3476 lluniau. What can I say but WOW!. This is the first time I had ever needed to recovery anything and your program did what it said it would. This just made me your customer for life. I just in shock. Thank You Sincerly for having this great program.

Yn gywir,

Gene Lombard

Hi Ken,

Thanks for your follow up. I have been able to recover all files flawlessly. Since nothing was written to the card since wiping it, I could recover without much effort. The software works great and fast!

Yn gywir,

Albert Kiefer

Good afternoon Eric,

Just wanted to express my gratitude to you and your company for your recovery services. I mailed my USB last Saturday, 5/7 and you were able to recover ALL of my information and call me with the great news by end of business Monday, 5/9. Only 2 diwrnod, that is outstanding service and customer service.

I had precious sonogram printouts of my daughter I thought I would never see again!

I will make sure to let all my friends know if they ever need to recover their information to contact you and your company

Another happy and satisfied customer,

Mildred Avila


The FILERECOVERY software worked! It was able to recover almost all of the files. The clips that I really wanted were saved. Awesome. You the MAN!

I will be forwarding your info to the GoPro tech that I have been working with- there are MANY GoPro users out there with cards that got corrupted through various methods. Yours is the first software that I have found that works on recovering GoPro MP4 files- and I believe the first that has been tested on their new 3D system. I am impressed!




You were a tremendous help today with my problem of ACCIDENTALLY DELETED DIGITAL PICTURES FROM A WEDDING. Everyone, including people at Office Depot where we bought the camera, Nikon (the type of camera we just bought), and the man at SanDisk (the manufacturer of the SDHC card we bought for the camera) told me there was NO WAY to restore the pictures!

Luckily, I listened to my daughter in law, who told me to go online and put inrecover deleted digital pictures”. This is where I heard about your company and decided to try the demo. I couldn’t get this to work right, so I called the company and was routed to you, Eric. And was I lucky…. you walked me through each step until I indeed did recover every picture we took at the wedding (746 in all). You were able to talk to me in language I could understand, and told me each step, one at a time!
Thank you for being there for me!!

Please forward this to your supervisor! If it gets you a raise or brownie points, you deserve them!!

What with all the stress from all the tornadoes that hit Alabama last Wednesday, I didn’t need any more stress! And I was indeed stressing over this. (y briodas y tu allan, ond roedd yn rhaid iddynt brynu generaduron fel y gallai y briodferch yn cael ei gwallt a wnaed i fyny yn iawn ac ar gyfer dŵr poeth ar gyfer cawodydd, ac ar gyfer y bwyd a cherddoriaeth. Aeth i gyd yn dda, felly er gwaethaf y storm, y cwpl sydd newydd briodi yn hapus briod ac yn awr yr wyf yn gallu argraffu'r lluniau priodas ac yn gwneud albwm ar eu cyfer.

Diolch, Diolch, Diolch!!

Donna Dickens


Diolch yn fawr iawn am y dilynol. Rwyf yn hapus iawn gyda lefel y gwasanaeth cwsmeriaid wyf wedi derbyn oddi wrthych.

Nid wyf yn gyfarwydd â math hwn o gyflwyno gwasanaeth o unrhyw Gwmni ar-lein. Iawn, anaml iawn, yr wyf yn prynu unrhyw beth ar-lein am resymau amrywiol, ond wyf yn hynod o falch gyda'r hyn ydych yn ei gynrychioli ac mae'r cymorth a gefais. Rwyf yn y diwydiant gwasanaeth cwsmeriaid fy hun ac rwy'n ymwneud iawn gyda fy chwsmeriaid Rwy'n gweld bob dydd yn ogystal.

Kudos i fy ffrind i chi. Yr wyf wedi crybwyll eich meddalwedd i 3 o bobl bellach yn lle rwy'n gweithio a beth i'w wneud os ydynt byth yn rhedeg i mewn i hyn a wnaeth i mi.

Gwaith da!!!

Diolch yn fawr,

Dave Ouellette


Technoleg LC-

Rydych yn ateb y ffôn gyda “byw” person, rhaid i bobl sy'n gyfeillgar, ddefnyddiol, ac yn siarad Saesneg yn dda. Rydych guys wedi mynd â ni yn ôl i'r gwaith yn gyflym pan roedd gen trafferth gyda drosglwyddo trwydded. Rydych yn wych i ddelio â.

Dim ond eisiau dweud “Diolch yn fawr” am hynny.

George Schubert

Grant Helo,

Fi jyst eisiau dweud diolch yn fawr iawn i chi am eich holl help a chymorth. Fe wnes adennill rhai o fy baban lluniau cyntaf a'r lluniau teulu estynedig a mwy. Rwy'n ddiolchgar iawn am eich holl help a chymorth. “Rydych yn wir yn un mewn miliwn” gyda phob fy gyson yr ydych yn galw am help.

Nid wyf erioed wedi cwrdd neu siarad i berson amyneddgar iawn ac yn ddefnyddiol fel chi-I mae'n rhaid i ddweud wrthych fy mod yn synnu ac yn dal wyf. Fi jyst eisiau dweud yn vey fawr diolch i chi am eich proffesiynoldeb ac yn wych, peidiwch â- gwasanaeth cwsmeriaid rhagorol.

Rydych yn wir yn… “un mewn miliwn”.

Diolch i chi Grant.



I Bwy Mae'n Mai Age

Ar 28 Mawrth oeddwn yn cyfeirio at eich cwmni am retreival o SanDisc. Roeddwn i wedi rhoi cynnig ar ddulliau lluosog o retreiving y lluniau ac yn wir nid oedd yn dal allan llawer o obaith. Drwy eich sgwrs fyw i mi gysylltiedig â Ray. Awgrymodd y byddaf yn defnyddio eich meddalwedd a rhoddodd y ddolen i wneud hynny i mi. Yr wyf yn ceisio i ddilyn ei gyfarwyddiadau, ond nid oedd yn llwyddo i ddod o hyd i fy lluniau irreplacable geni fy ŵyr cyntaf a thaith i Walt Disney World gyda fy wyres dair oed. I cried, eto, meddwl fod yr holl atgofion gwerthfawr hynny yn wir yn colli am byth.

Ynglŷn awr yn ddiweddarach cefais alwad ffôn personol gan Ray. Roeddwn yn synnu ei fod wedi galw mewn gwirionedd i ddechrau, ond yna cymerodd yr amser ychwanegol i fy helpu i nid yn unig yn deall sut i lwytho i lawr y demo ond yna aros ar y ffôn ac yn siarad â mi drwy'r broses a phrynu.

Mae mor wych i wybod bod eu pobl yn y byd hwn a fydd yn mynd y filltir ychwanegol yn eu swydd o hyd. Dylech fod mor falch iawn o'r emplyee hwn ac mae ei etheg gwaith. Ni allaf ddechrau i ddiolch iddo ddigon ar gyfer ei gymorth, ei dilyn drwy a rhoi i mi yn ôl chofroddion gwerthfawr y rhai. Os gwelwch yn dda cymryd hyn gan fod y clod uchaf absoliwt y gallaf ei roi drwy e-bost.

Diolch i chi am eich amser,

Bonnie Bilotta

Grant Hi

Rhaglen Superb. Collais bron pob fy ffeil mewn trosglwyddiad o'r Cerdyn SD
i iMac; Rwyf eisoes wedi MediaRecover o tua 6 flynyddoedd yn ôl, yr wyf yn
diweddaru a oedd yn mynd yn ôl am 10% o'r lluniau. Eich RescuePro
got yn ôl HOLL fy ffeiliau.

Brilliant, diolch yn fawr. Cheap am ddwywaith y pris.


John Roy


Anfonwch hyn at eich goruchwyliwr i mi.

Diolch yn fawr am eich holl help. Cawsom lluniau pwysig ar y cerdyn cof. Mae fy ngŵr wedi ategu ymlaen i hardrive Iomega cludadwy. Dyfalwch beth, nid oeddent yno, ac am y tro cyntaf wedi ei ddileu nhw.

Rwy'n nid yn unig o'r enw unwaith, ond yn ôl pob tebyg 5 Amseroedd. Amynedd a llonyddwch Jason oedd yn neis iawn o glywed tra fy lluniau yn cael eu sownd yn y modd demo. Ond rydym wedi prynu'r cynnyrch ac ni allai symud y lluniau neu dde chlecia. Yn anffodus bob tro rwy'n clicio pro achub yn hoffi i uwchraddio ac ati mae hefyd yn cau y rhaglen ac roedd rhaid i ni aros 15 i 20 cofnodion ar eu cyfer i sganio ac arbed eto.

Ysywaeth, Rhoi Jason fi ar ddal i drafod y broblem. Dod i fyny 'r system Vista Operateing a rhedeg fel gweinyddwr, diogelu gan gyfrinair yr wyf yn credu eu bod yn ceisio gwneud, Dim ond yn dod i fyny gyda 3 rhaglenni gwahanol ar ein cyfrifiadur sydd yn amlwg yn broblem vista.

Hwrê rydym yn gwneud hynny ar ôl pob tebyg y 5ed cais. Diolch i chi Jason am eich amynedd. Roeddwn i wedi meddwl ein bod wedi colli y lluniau am byth.

Y Ferguson House

Grant Hi,

LC-tech recovered data from a memory card that had been exposed to humidity and temperatures below freezing as it recorded data on a wild condor. We had almost given up on the chances of recovering data as nothing else that we had tried had been successful. Luckily LC-tech recovered the full dataset. I am hugely indebted to them for their services.

Diolch unwaith eto. We are still hoping to send another card or two your way, so I might be in touch again soon.

Best wishes




Thank you SO MUCH for your call just when I thought I was going to lose it — eto!

I recovered ALL of the lost files, plus quite a few from before I formatted the card. You all do MAGIC!

Diolch i chi unwaith eto. I think I’ve recovered from my heart attack now. (The images were of a weddingthe whole ceremony was lost.) I’m exhausted, and now I’m relieved, thanks to you.

Now time to fix those cameras


Hi Ken

Good News!

The software is installed and the pictures have been saved.

Thank you very much for your effective and expert help.

Keep well.

Kind Regards,



I just got to see the pictures on the DVD that you sent me. OH, how happy I am!!

You all make my day, actuallyyou made my MONTH!!

Those were some incredible pictures, and I don’t know IF we all have the opportunity to re-live the moment.

I want to thank you, because you clearly put in the extra effort.

Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.

Yn gywir,

Pas Iaderosa


Thanks for your response. I purchased a new cf card of your company and received a registration number. Luckily I was able to recover the files. I’m positively surprised about the effort of your company. My compliments.

Cofion Kind,


Hi Ray,

I was able to recover my files and I am very happy.

I accidentally formatted by memory card in my digital camera and wiped out all of the late summer/early fall pics I had not yet printed. I was devastated.

The RescuePRO did exactly what it promised. I tried the demo first and when I saw the pics were recovered, I purchased the full product immediately. All pictures were recovered along with some pictures that I had already deleted on purpose.



To whom it may concern:

I may have lost all the photos on my SanDisk memory card so I started the download of
RescuePRO and got stuck. I called and talked with Ray on the phone and he was most helpful and patient. Then he followed through with another idea via e-mail.

I am very impressed with your tech advice. Ray responded so quickly to my e-mail questions.

I have had far too many phone conversations with people I can’t understand nor do they comprehend what I’m saying. It was so refreshing to deal with Ray.

I really appreciate the good service, follow through I received from him.

Diolch yn fawr,

Nancy Rubin


Eich meddalwedd yn gweithio'n berffaith!!!

I was able to capture all my pictures of the Great Wall of China.

Fantastic service!

Diolch yn fawr,




This product is amazing!

It recovered 70 pictures I took last year in Lamagaon, a remote village in North India.

I thought they were lost forever.

Neil Barker

Hi Rob-

Just a quick note to thank you for both your email and your phone call follow ups. I am extremely impressed with LC Technology’s customer service!!

The RescuePro software worked without a hitch! I recovered 200+ RAW files of a dog portrait session that would have been irreplaceable. The panic I felt when I first tried to upload the images was quickly replaced by calm when I saw the RescuePRO software go to work. Diolch yn fawr!

I will definitely recommend this product to all of the photographers I know. I hope to never need to use RescuePRO again, but it is reassuring to know it is there!

Eto, many thanks!


Michael Bagley Photography


I wanted to thank you SO much for finding the whole document! You and Robert were very polite the whole time and I am very glad you worked so hard on it.

Thanks again for
doing everything you could to get all my stuff back, it meant a lot.

Yn gywir,

Kirstyn Knicely

I Bwy Mae'n Mai Age,

Thank you so much for the help you gave me in recovering my lost pictures! Everything worked as it was suppose toonce, with your helpI figured it out.

Thanks Again!

Don Tincher


I purchased the RescuePRO on-line immediately after the demo software downloaded proved it could read the card. I was able to recover all files (over 1,300 lluniau) and I think all that my wife had deleted via the camera (as we began to think the overall file size of all files was the problem). I am happy with the technical support I received via the on-line chat and was pleasantly surprised by the voice mail and this e-mail as most companies pursue the sale and you never hear from them unless you call the help line.

I also reformatted the card via the camera, took 1 picture, and inserted it to the computer card reader and it worked. So, I appear to have purchased (at a store from research I had done previous to contacting SanDisk) an external card reader to connect to my PC for larger card capacity needlessly. But I will save it in case I need it in the future.

I have on my computer now treasured photographs of a two week vacation that my wife and I will likely never do again so the price was well worth it. And for a year, I have the capability with RescuePRO to recover pictures potentially lost if I had not reached out for helpas well as now knowing I have this as an option.



Dear Sir or Madam,

Your program is amazing! I bought the 4-gig CF card that had your ad for RescuePRO because my old one had popped a CF error and made some 150 pics inaccessible! I was inconsolable! I looked into having professionals retrieve the data, then your ad literally fell out of the box.

I downloaded and ran RescuePRO and it detected, 1.93 GIG of pics! I downloaded them and got the pics I thought I had lost, along with a TON of other pics I did. Talk about good at what it does!

The CF card is still bad, but I now have the pics I need. What a great thing!

Diolch! I’m sold!

Tom Pine

Dear Sir or Madam:

Today, in a fit of desperation I purchased PHOTORECOVERY Pro 2010. I had lost (Thanks to the Nikon Transfer program) nearly 200 irreplaceable photos. I was desperate. I searched a 32 GB SDHC card, and found EVERY file that I had thought lost! I may have been lucky, but to my mind I was lucky to find your program.

I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your program. I will happily tell all my friends and former/future photography students about your program for recovery of photos. It took me almost 12 hours of searching and then backing up, but I recovered all the files I thought to be lost.


James Flikkema

Hi Ray,

I just received the disk with my data back. Thank you so much for your helpI was so happy with the service that if (God forbid) i need it again, I will definately be a repeat customer. It is so rare to be promised something and actually get it (especially with fast turnaround).

thanks again


Hi, my name is Jerrold, and I’m a freelance photographer.

It’s 3:30am here, and I wanted to let you know that your software (PhotoRecovery 2010) just saved my relationship with two clients. I arrived back at my home office from an event shoot this evening (a grand opening with the president of the company, board members, ac ati) and plugged my SDHC card into the reader only to find that it contained a grand total of 18 corrupt files (with dates and times corresponding to YESTERDAY’s shoot, not today’s.) I had shot over 200 images. I was near panic.

After hours of frantically searching and reading and downloading trials of image-recovery software, yours was the ONLY application that recovered a single one of the missing .nef files (in fact, it recovered all of them!)

This software is probably the best $40 I’ve ever spent in my professional life, and I shudder to think of the phone calls I’d be making tomorrow if I hadn’t found it.

Diolch yn fawr.

Jerrold Adler



I know that this project is not complete but let me say this; you should be proud of the efforts of your team. I am most impressed by the concern showed to me that the files I get back are correct & usable. Sandy could have unloaded the card to a DVD & mailed it back without care that I wouldn’t be able to use the information, but he didn’t. It is difficult to find that level of concern for my problems in a company today, but you have certainly exceeded my expectations to date.

If you are able to extract usable data from my card may I have your permission to send your companies web site or your e-mail address to my coworkers as a “go to guy” for issues such as mine?


Hello Eric,

I received the file and I wanted to say how happy I am for what you and your company did for me. The customer service you offered and performed is second to none and hard to find in this day and time. You should be commended for your kind, speedy, and helpful service that you provided for me and my fire department. I will recommend your company to others in the future.

Thanks So Much

Jason Ingle
Assistant Chief

Boger City Fire Department
Lincolnton N.C


I appreciate your help this morning. My daughter’s photos have been recovered and saved on our computer. It was money well spent.

I am very pleased. Thank you again for your help.

Julie Kiser

Thanks Ray

I recovered all my files easily. Cynnyrch gwych. I’ve been telling all my photog friends about it.


Hi Ray,

I just purchased the Rescue Pro Deluxe software and it worked!

I was really in a jam, I tried a couple different programs with no success and I was getting pretty worried I wouldn’t be able to retrieve the lost files.

Tell your people you have another happy customer.


Tom Marchand

Basetwo Media Inc.


I received the CD in the mail today.

Thank you once again for your assistance. I told our IT person about LC Technologies in the event that he encounters a similar problem in the future.

I also appreciate the personal and prompt service. You all get an A+! Way to rise above the economic downturn.

Cael wythnos wych!

Monica Zhang

Hi Ray,

Thank you for you offer of assistance. PRAISE GOD for your product that recovered 144 images that would have caused us to go shoot a bunch of Teams over again! Thank you so much and I’d be glad to heartily endorse your product in any forum!

Ken Brolin

TSS Ffotograffiaeth yng Nghanol Virginia


Eto, Fi 'n sylweddol yn gwerthfawrogi eich help. Rwy'n gobeithio y byddwch yn anfon y nodyn hwn at eich goruchwyliwr. Dim poenus mwyach fy mhen yn–oeddech yn amyneddgar iawn ac yn sylwi ar gyda'ch cymorth chi!

Thanks so much 🙂

Shelly Gardner


Rydych i gyd yn cael gwasanaeth cwsmeriaid hollol anhygoel.

Cefais y drwydded a drosglwyddwyd neithiwr ac yn awr yr wyf yn gallu ailfformatio a gwerthu fy hen laptop. Mae'r dair gwaith yr wyf wedi eu cyfleu gyda'ch cwmni oeddwn yn synnu i gael ymateb o fewn munudau yn hytrach na diwrnod o gwmnïau eraill.

Gwaith gwych, cynnyrch gwych. Rwyf wedi gwirionedd dim ond ei ddefnyddio ddwywaith yn ystod y ddwy flynedd ddiwethaf, ac mae'r ddau amseroedd roeddwn yn gallu adennill y lluniau yr oeddwn ei angen. Yn werth yr arian a wariwyd.

Cadw i fyny â'r gwaith gwych!

Yn gywir,




Mae fy ngŵr a Fi 'n sylweddol yn gwerthfawrogi eich help ddoe.

Mae'r lluniau yn cael eu hachub ac “popeth yn iawn gyda'r byd”.

Diolch unwaith eto am eich cymorth.

Alice a Larry Jordon


Yr wyf yn derbyn y ddisg heddiw ein lluniau Disney. Roeddent gwych!!!!!

Ni allaf ddiolch digon i chi. Rhoesoch hefyd yn pen-blwydd mawr yn bresennol i mi. Pan gyrhaeddais eich e-bost yn dweud eich bod wedi adfer rhai o'n lluniau, yr oedd yn ein 5 pen-blwydd flwyddyn ar yr union ddiwrnod.

Eto, diolch yn fawr iawn. Nid oes gennych unrhyw syniad beth y lluniau hyn yn ei olygu i mi a fy nheulu.

Dduw bendithia chi!!!!

Karen Lindquist


Roedd angen i mi ysgrifennu nodyn sydyn i ddiolch i chi am arbed mi. Rwyf mor falch iawn o gael y wybodaeth bwysig iawn i mi ei angen oddi ar fy fflachia cathrena.

Yr wyf yn diolch i chi gymaint a bydd yn lledaenu'r gair i bawb rwy'n gwybod.

Diolch i chi unwaith eto!

Dennis Lamarche

Hi Rob

Mae'n y ffeil!!!! Mae'n y ffeil!!!! Woohoo!!!!

Diolch am eich holl help. Mae wedi bod yn gweithio mor neis gyda chi a'r holl gymorth y byddwch wedi rhoi i ni – mae'n wasanaeth gwych i chi i gyd yn ei ddarparu. Rwy'n falch eich cwmni partneriaeth i fyny gyda Sandisk – Roedd gen cyfanswm hyderus y byddech yn ei gael popeth yn ôl.

Hope eto gennych ddiwrnod anhygoel.


Annwyl Ray,

Fe wnes prynu copi o RescuePRO er mwyn adennill y cyfan 985 Lluniau NEF o daith fer diweddar i'r Yucatan Mecsico. Rwyf yn unigolyn yn fodlon iawn gan nad ffeil unigol ei golli o hyn 8 Cerdyn cof Sandisk GB. Er bod y rhoddodd y cerdyn cof bob arwydd bod y gofod a ddefnyddir gan y ffeiliau yn dal i gael ei ddefnyddio, y ffolder sy'n cynnwys y ffeiliau yn union diflannodd gan fy mod yn ceisio lawrlwytho'r holl ffeiliau at fy 'n anawdd cathrena cludadwy.

'N sylweddol Daeth RescuePRO drwy i mi. Rwyf yn unigolyn hapus iawn ac roeddwn i'n meddwl y pris ar gyfer y meddalwedd yn hynod o resymol.
Diolch am eich meddalwedd gwych.



Dychmygwch eich hun ar y ffordd i'r cyflwyniad mwyaf mewn blwyddyn; y farchnad wedi bod i lawr, busnes wedi cymryd curo ac i fyny pops gwsmer mawr gyda misoedd o fusnes i chi. Chi (fi) ar y gwneud y cyffyrddiadau olaf caboli a fydd yn wow eu awyren, ac yn sydyn y dyn nesaf i chi yn penderfynu flex ei 'adenydd bach’ ac yn hedfan i'r dde i mewn i fy fflachia cathrena, sownd i mewn i ochr fy ngliniadur, ac yn snap i ffwrdd. Oh, yn dweud y Pütz, Mae'n ddrwg gen i; mawr, nid oes dim yn sydyn yno ac ni allaf gael y cyflwyniad oddi ar y brif cyfrifiadur am fod y dyn TG ar wyliau.

Gelwais San Disg, ac maent yn fy cyfeirio at LC-Tech. Yr wyf yn eu galw ac yn gwneud trefniadau i FedEx yr ymdrech i nhw yn Florida. Diwrnodau Dim ond cwpl yn ddiweddarach, y deunydd a adferwyd yn fy nwylo, y cyflwyniad yn nwylo'r cleient ac maent wrth eu bodd…. busnes (Darllenwch goroesi) yn y bag ar gyfer 2010. Ni allaf ddiolch Rob a LC-dechnoleg yn ddigon ar gyfer 'llwybr carlam’ trwsio hwn. Daeth yn ôl i mi ar y carped hud mwyaf amserol ar gael; sefyllfa sefydlog, panig drosodd.

Mae'n mynd i fod yn benwythnos braf…Diolch Rob, mwy nag y gallwch ei wybod.

Mike Nicholes; Portland Oregon.
Rhestr eiddo a Gadwyn Gyflenwi Rheoli
Ymgynghori a Hyfforddiant; ledled y byd


Yr wyf yn derbyn y DVD fy ffeiliau adenillwyd heddiw ac yn eu llwytho i lawr ar fy nghyfrifiadur, a gwneud cwpl o backups. Mae popeth yno ac yn gweithio, diolch am fod yno i gynorthwyo gyda'r adfer ffeil. Eich gwasanaeth yn llawer iawn yn werth y gost o fod yn gallu adfer data a gollwyd.

Capten Fred Nelsen

Dirprwy Tân Marshal

Swyddfa Atal Tân

Dinas Adran Dân Ontario.

Grant Hi!

Diolch yn fawr i chi am eich meddalwedd adfer anhygoel. Rydym llun saethu ffasiwn enfawr gyda modelau, steilydd, Lleoliad, gwallt & colur, ffotograffydd ac ati a got a gynhaliwyd felly i ffwrdd i ni lenwi ein cerdyn 4G yn unig i sylweddoli ar ddiwedd y dydd y cafodd ei lygru. Ddoe y ffotograffydd rhoi y cerdyn yn ôl i mi ddweud ei fod yn llawn ond dim ond un pic yn ddarllenadwy. Yr wyf yn chwilio ar y rhyngrwyd heddiw a chanfod ResucePRO ac i'n holl syndod y saethu ei arbed!

Y gorau $40 ddoleri Rwyf wedi treulio erioed….Dw i'n dweud wrth bawb.


Tim Palmer

Cyhoeddwr a Golygydd

Preswylydd Magazine Pty. Ltd.



Rydym yn prynu'r feddalwedd ac roeddent yn gallu adennill 90+ lluniau o daith diweddar i India–spared ni o oes o ddadlau ynghylch pwy gollodd y lluniau. Gorau $40 Rwyf wedi treulio–dal sy'n ddyledus gennych y cwrw.

Cymerwch ofal,


Ray a'r Grŵp Technoleg LC,

Dim ond nodyn sydyn i fynegi fy ngwerthfawrogiad diffuant am eich holl waith caled i adennill lluniau a ffeiliau dogfen oddi wrth y Maxtor gyriant caled allanol ar ôl iddynt gael eu colli pan fyddaf yn eu trosglwyddo o'r Windows PC i'r MAC. Cyn i mi ddysgu am Dechnoleg LC, Rwyf wedi trafod y ffeiliau coll gyda nifer o bobl a chwmnïau yn cynnwys Apple, Hysbysodd Seagate ac maent mi bod y ffeiliau wedi cael eu trosysgrifo ac nid oedd unrhyw fodd i adennill. A Friend told me about LC Technology after they had used software to recover photos from a thumb drive.

Ray Hasinger was my first contact with LC Technologies and he was not sure if the files could be recovered but, wanted to give it a try. I estimated that there were 4000-5000 photos on the external drive, My wife and I dropped a jaw when we received an email that said LC Technology had recovered 22,000 photos and 700 document files.

I can’t brag enough about the courteous and professional staff of LC Technologies, You all are outstanding in my books.

Forever Grateful,

Charles Misak

Medford, Oklahoma


I received the data in good order.

I appreciate the excellent work you did and the professional manner in which you carried it out!

If you would like me to convey this to your boss, let me know. I am always happy to commend good folks.

Best regards,

Dave Platte


Many thanks for taking your time to help me recover the photos. I couldn’t have (and wouldn’t have!) done it otherwise.

As I always say, ‘everything depends on the right person.And you were it.

Diolch unwaith eto.

All the best, Fran Zak



I just want to thank you so much for retrieving my data from my flashdrive. It was such a relief getting my files back, not to mention the valuable lesson of backing-up my data. I’ve been taking college courses for several years now, and the $75 I spent to get my files back was well worth the learning lesson in comparison to the hundreds per class I’ve spent and learned much less. Diolch unwaith eto. I greatly appreciated it! I have already sung your praises to my IT guys at work that were certain my flashdrive was a lost cause.

Yn gywir,

Jackie White


Grant Hi,

We thank you for staying with us thru this process. You are the bestambassadorof your product and company, as you spent your time and expertise in guiding us to a successful data retrieval.

With gratitude,



Thank you for the excellent customer service Ray, I was not expecting it but you definately went out of your way to make sure I was taken care of. You are a credit to LC technology and will receive my business in the future!

Lloyd Sandas



I wanted to write and thank your company for your assistance with recovering my photos on my memory stick.

Thank you to the kind young lady who answers your phone calls. She is courteous and listens to the problem before transferring a call. It is so nice to have a live person answer calls.

Thank you to Ray who assisted me initially and called me when he returned from lunch to make sure that I was doing ok with my download.

Thank you to Sandy who assisted me with my download. I had done something incorrect and Sandy explained the process to me in simple terms so that my less than perfect technical mind could understand.

I am happy to say that your software did recover my previously deleted photos of my priceless memories. Thanks for your patience and kindness!!!!!!!

Yn gywir,

Brigette J. Beaton

Thanks Ray,

I got the pics off the CF and the SD and since I purchased the Deluxe version, I also got the movies from the point and shoot Nikon.

Great product with unparallelled service!

Dave Luks


To: Eric

I would like to thank you very much for the support provided yesterday. I was able to retrieve the pictures that I believed were lost. You can’t imagine my wife’s face when she saw the pictures!!!

We had just returned from a fantastic trip where she took about 250 pictures from the Amazon jungle. Upon downloading them to the computer an error ocurred and when she tried to do it again the disc appeared to be empty

Thanks again for this fantastic product and for the excellent sales & service team!!!!

Best regards,

Ariel Kaufman

Hi Michael,

Installing and registering RescuePro was very fast and clean, with as little room and few files as you told me.

Sometimes tech support teams are made of real, responsive and nice persons ;=)

Thank you for your help,




I take this opportunity to thank you all for such great service with your quick response to my recovery issues. I have successfully downloaded the rescue pro as instructed on the coupon and it has managed to retrieve lost files from a wedding I recorded in southern Turkey late last year. I was particularly happy to see the video come through. I usually do not erase things accidently however after a late night from the wedding and being jet laggedwell you know what I mean!!!

I really believe that all recording devices such as solid state cards etc for cameras should come with your software its an invaluable tool. Furthermore the camera instruction manual should warn users not to continue using the card that has data accidently removed or lost.

Thanks again and I thoroughly recommend your software to all users and camera manufactures should take note.

Yours sincerely

Ibrahim Mehmet


Annwyl Ray,

I received the DVD with my data on it. Words cannot express the joy in seeing all of my files again. You were not the first IT professional to look at the drive, but you were the first to give me the result I needed! I am grateful to have been directed to your company; I thought my data was gone for good.

I received the DVD with my data on it. Words cannot express the joy in seeing all of my files again. You were not the first IT professional to look at the drive, but you were the first to give me the result I needed! I am grateful to have been directed to your company; I thought my data was gone for good.

Diolch i chi unwaith eto, and may God’s rich blessing be yours in the coming year.

Jill Bradway



Just a brief note to let you how much I appreciate the assistance that Sandy recently provided to me in connection with a memory card issue. Sandy was timely in his responses, gwybodus, patient and professional. He presents your organization in a very positive light. In a day when people often seem to care less and less, Sandy takes an approach that is 180 degrees in the opposite direction. I appreciate his assistance, and I trust that you appreciate his efforts as well.

Don Montemorra



I just wanted to say thank you for your service and timeliness in the process. When dealing with people’s documents and files, you guys really know how important your work is, and you made me feel very confident and comfortable that my data would be recovered. Thank you also for how quickly you got the info back to me, despite me being half way across the country. It was worth every penny!

Mike Miller


Your software is absolutely amazing! I was asked to take some wedding photos for a friend’s wedding and declined because my first wedding photo foray was a nightmare 20 something years ago. I took a couple hundred awesome photos anyway, and the bride and groom were thrilled with them. Lo and behold the bride asked me to mail her a CD of the pics to use for Christmas stuff. I recently updated both of my computers to Windows 7 and was SURE I had saved the pictures somewhere. Not the case! I had four formatted SD cards and no pictures. Long story short, purchased your software, checked all four SD cards, BINGO, all photos found and downloaded. They are now on a CD and on the way to the bride to use for Christmas.

Your stuff ROCKS!!! Thank you sooo much.



I’m a professional photographer, using SandiskCF cards in a Mamiya ZD camera, which produces caemra RAW files in an unusual format (.MEF files). I had just done an important job with no chance of a reshoot – when I got back I took the card out of the camera, and placed it in the card reader as usual. But instead of seeing the card mounted on my computer as I expected, I got a message saying the card could’t be read, and I had a choice – ignore, initialize or eject. I tried another card reader – same message. I put the card back in the camera – which said the card needed to be formatted. I tried various disk and data rescue tools I have – nothing worked.

I looked at the Sandisk website and saw they offered a data recovery service via LCTechnology. I filled in the online form, and promptly got an email from Grant Woods acknowledging my request. I spoke to him on the phone, and he told me to send in the CF card. Because of the unusual format of the files, I was not expecting them to be able to get much back. Within hours of receving the card Grant told me they thought they could recover the files, and sent me four samples. Three were fine, but one had a problem. I asked them to go ahead with the recovery – about 85% were completely fine – the rest showed the same problem as the sample – only half the image was visible. But as I had plenty of exposures to choose from, this didn’t matter, and the job (and my reputation) was salvaged. They offered to do more work on the problem files to see if they could rescue these too, but as this wasn’t necessary, I didn’t pursue the matter.

My conclusions – a first rate outfit, with excellent feedback and very good results at a great price. They even turned down my offer to charge me more if they needed to do more work than they had expected. I’d have no hesitation in using them again, or recommending them.

Best wishes,


Gwasanaeth Cwsmeriaid,

Last night I sent an urgent email needing the services of your technical staff. When I checked my email this morning, Dave Dabney had already responded and ready to assist. After five emails this morning, and all with very prompt responses, my files were recovered. I am in debt to Dave and also to your software. You saved myself from an embarrassing situation with a client. Diolch unwaith eto; I’ll refer your product to anyone I know needing file recovery.

Michelle Mero Riedel
Riedel Photography

Helo Ray,

After trying two other types of recovery software, I tried RescuePro. RescuePro was the only one that was able to recover my NEF files. Yahoo! Thanks for the great software!

Paula Mims

Helo Ray,

Just wanted to know I was able to recover my photos. YEAH!!! These photos were of the first marathon I ever ran. It was quite an accomplishment and to not have these photos to share would have been a shame. As I stated before, the IT team here at NMHU was not able to recover any images with the software they use. Your company’s product worked wonders! I will recommend you guys to anyone with recovery issues. Is there a place where I can write a review.

Diolch gymaint.

Cofion Kind,

Anita Lavadie


This is the best 50 bucks I’ve spent!

I found my deleted videos on the first try. And got to watch them finally, becuase I had deleted it without even downloading and watching in the computer, as I had only looked at part of it on the camera screen.

All in all, its a cool program. and you guys have the best tech support.

Diolch unwaith eto!


Hi Sandy,

Thank you so much for the very quick response. The program appears to be working!

I would like to commend you and your team for a most excellent customer service department. The best I have ever dealt with in fact.




I’d like to thanks Grant and the team and LC Technology for the excellent service received. I thought I had lost some important data for good when my memory stick stopped working. Grant recovered every last piece of data within 2 hours! The cost was minimal and the service was exceptional.

Dan Fortune

Sales Director

Alltrade Printers Ltd


Annwyl Ray!

Diolch, Diolch!

I am so thankful for your service and that you saved ALL the files on my thumb drive. Your service was prompt and very much appreciated.

Best luck with your future successes!


Dear Grant,

The data CD arrived last week, but I was not able to download the photos onto my computer until last night, hence the delay in my reply.

The good news is that all is well. I do not know whether the corrupted photos were ones that I deleted in the camera, but I am happy that most of the photos have been recovered.

I tried a different card in the camera and had similar problems, so exchanged the camera (it was within 30 days of my buying it) and so far everything seems fine.

Finally, I just wanted to tell you that you have been superlative, and have provided an outstanding service. You were clear about what could and could not be done, you managed to recover the bulk of what are irreplaceable photographs and you were very fast indeed. I am going to recommend you to Jessops, in writing, and I will certainly let everyone I know how good you are.

Many thanks for your help.

Cofion Kind,


Oh my god, I thought my pics from my vacation were gone for good after my girlfriend accidently reformatted the memory card in my digital camera!

BUT, I found your site and downloaded your program Photorecovery and ALL of my pics (and then some) were there! You can’t imagine how happy I am right now.

Thank you so very much for making this technology available, love you all!

Very Satisfied Customer!

Lee Womack

To the Immediate Supervisor/Manager for ERIC BEAUDOIN:

I just had to take a moment to tell you what an absolute jewel your employee, Eric Beaudoin, is to work with. In this era ofhurry up”, he showed endless patience and understanding as I tearfully described my stupidity in my attempts to download my pictures from a 4GB SanDisk.

Not only did hemake the saleof the software for your company, he renewed my faith in the kindness of strangers
Thank you for hiring himplease give him a HUGE raise—-and place me in your VERY SATISFIED customer file!!!!


Joan Purnell


I want to thank you for going the extra mile to retrieve the pictures from our damaged camera card. Thank goodness I found you and your company. A local company was not able to retrieve our pics, so your diligence was greatly appreciated. To refresh your memory, these were pics of our Italy vacation and now we have the pics to go along with the memories.

Diolch unwaith eto!



I apologize for not contacting you sooner. I was out of town for a wedding since Wednesday. Ond, I came home tonight to find a DVD with ALL my missing photos! I cannot thank you enough for helping me out. Those photos were priceless! I will definitely be referring you to everyone I know should they ever run into a similar situation. I cannot believe how technology works and that you have created something to retrieve missing data.

Diolch yn fawr, diolch i chi, diolch i chi!!!



I want to thank you for your restore program. Thanks to all who make it available to those of us who delete things by accident.

God Bless and keep you!

Verna Jones

Thanks so very much for the prompt service.

Thanks also to Ray for his excellent customer care skills and for following with me on this matter. I hope I will never need your services again, but if I do you can count on my business. I am 100% satisfied with your service.

Best regards,


Customer Service Manager

Fluid Metering, Inc.


Because your outstanding service and follow up, your company should have you personally hand deliver to Hawaii. Who do I need contact?

Tanya and I would thank you for your help with us remembering our trip!

Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

Annwyl Eric,

Thank you for your successful work and helping me out ofbetween a rock and a hard place.Your service is certainly essential for me and others, I’m sure.

Diolch unwaith eto,



Thank you for the help in getting the activations of the software, I have been able to get them working without a problem. Tech Support is hard to find now days, but you all should be the model for others to look up to.

Cymerwch ofal



I wanted to communicate with you that I have received the CD, and all my pictures were retrieved! I can’t tell you how exciting this was. I am truly amazed and grateful for all your assistance. Not only does your company provide a great service at a great price but the service I personally received from you was extraordinary. Your responses were prompt and informational. You gave me hope when every website out there said there was none. I would love to visit all of those websites were people were asking for assistance asking if anyone knew what could be done. Most people blogged after they had tried several software’s like I did with no avail. Every answer they received was that nothing could be done that there was no more hope. I would love to visit as many of those sites as I can and let everyone know that there is help and include your website address. I hope this is not a problem.

Again thank you so much for everything you have one happy customer!!



Thanks so much for your help. I am home now, and the photos are recovered! I’m so grateful. Your customer support has been wonderful as well, and you will get positive word spread around among my photographer friends.

Diolch yn fawr!


Grant Hi,

Thanks for the email. Yes we have received the software and have used it successfully. My only comment about the software is that it is brilliant. My wife and I have recently returned from a three week holiday to the States, we toured Southern California and Arizona; during the trip I took hundreds of photographs with my Nikon digital SLR. In the course of the holiday the camera failed repeatedly in every conceivable failure mode, fortunately I have a number of flash cards and a portable hard drive, using a combination of both, I managed to retain all the photographs many of which were corrupted, with the aid of your software I have now managed to recover all the photographs. Without your product photo memories of a holiday of a lifetime would have been lost, many thanks.



Ps I would not hesitate to recommend your product to anyone with a digital camera.


Absolutely brilliant -worked first time!!!

You have just made one young student [and her tutor] very pleased indeed as this was essential course work she needs for her Final Design Assessments and was irreplaceable.

Thanks very much for your valuable time, effort and patiencewe are really do appreciate it!


E J Findlay

Grant Hi


Many thanks for your patience with my many e mailsI have now recovered 268 photos most of which were irreplaceable and a specialist photo shop could only recover 90 and said the rest were corruptedthank goodness I ignored this comment. I will certainly recommend
PHOTORECOVERY as the product does the job and your customer service is excellent.


Carole Trethewey



I am a wedding photographer, and these were the photos from the cake cutting, and the father-daughter dance….I am grateful for the software that saved these images!!!




Thank you again for absolutely everything. You are a life saver. I received the DVD today. Diolch yn fawr, diolch i chi, diolch i chi. I am very happy with your services. I will certainly recommend your company to anyone if they are ever in the situation that I was.

Michele Medek

Thank very very much Mr. Gomez! You are a life saver . I look forward to picking up the package later this week. Have a great week and continue being blessed at your awesome talent with jump drive/electronics.

Victoria Henry

Hi Ron,

That is great news! I am looking forward to receiving the final product.

Its been a pleasure working with you and LC. Your service has been outstanding and very professional.

Cofion Gorau,

Dave Mogdans


Diolch i chi unwaith eto, you really have no idea how much time and work you have saved me, I have learned a VERY valuable lesson about backing-up important files. .

You guys are awesome, tell everyone involved I said thank you!


Hello Eric!

Thank you so much for all of your work for the recovery. You have saved me hours going over my books to re-write my lost notes, not to mention about 5 years off my life!


Jen Presti

Hi Eric,

Thank you so much for all your help and such a timely turn around time!

I am very grateful you all were able to recover my files.

Great work!

Petrina Turner

Hi Ray,

Diolch!!! Your software and support in aiding how to recover files gave me back my 1 hour and 45 minute long home video of the kids which has taken hundreds of hours to edit. Pictures, fideo, music and the Premiere Pro project are all back in working order.

Good that people like you exist when people like me accidentally formatted the wrong drive…

All the best from Norway,



Everything seems to have copied perfectly, a 100% successful recovery.

I would like to thank you for your assistance. Having been both a user of support services and for many years responsible for pre and post sales support at CompuServe, I have witnessed varying standards of service. I can only describe the support you provided as nothing short of superb. Once again, many thanks and have a great weekend; the user of the damaged laptop is certainly going to have a better weekend thanks to your efforts.


Alex Kerr

Grant that’s wonderful, take the next couple of days off!

Diolch yn fawr, 508 images transferred (only about 100 actually needed).

Best Wishes,

Ian Gorton

I had a problem. I had accidentally deleted my recent photos from my camera digi-card. I immediately went on the web and found the Photo-Recovery Web site; purchased the software and within 15 minutes had recovered my photosincluding my uncle’s WW2 medals awarded after he was killed some six weeks after the D-Day landings. You will understand this was most important to me.

So thanks to Photo-Recoverythey made my day!!

Dr Thomas Brown


I finished retrieving all of my lost appraisal pictures thanks to your program and a special thanks to RON for all of his phone help before and after the sale. He is definitely a very patient man with all of my questions.

Diolch unwaith eto

Barbara Balik

I’ve been a pro photographer for over thirty years, and started working with digital photography about seven years ago.

After realizing that my presence bothered her spectators, a singer who contracted me decided to perform an extra night with closed doors so I could take the best possible shots of her and her musicians. You can imagine my horror when I realized that the 200 pictures I took had simply vanished from my CF card when I plugged it to my computer.

While not computer illiterate, I am by far not an expert and quickly got confused with the directions given by some data recovering software. Fodd bynnag, Grant Woods at LC Technology was able to help me upload and use RescuePRO successfully.

In a world where clients are more quickly lost than found, I can’t tell how grateful I am. I’ll make sure to recommend RescuePRO to my colleagues and friends.

Christiane ROBIN

Aix-en-Provence, Ffrainc

Annwyl Eric,

I just wanted to thank you so much for recovering my photos from my trip to the Grand Canyon and the Fiesta Bowl!

I really appreciate all of your help and would recommend your service to anyone!

Diolch unwaith eto,

Randi Robertson


I just wanted to drop a note and let you know what a great product I think you have and even more, what great personnel you have.

I brought your product specifically for one person who is a family friend. He became seriously ill recently and without going into too much detail, was in very low spirits. To top off his illness, his hard drive crashed and he had no way of getting the data. His hard drive contained your standard word and excel files but more importantly it contained pictures of his family which were not stored anywhere else and were understandably irreplaceable. With the help of Ron and your
FILERECOVERY Pro tool, I was able to restore all of his files including the pictures he treasured so much. I can’t begin to explain the joy you helped bring to our friend and myself too for that matter. It may not sound like much but for a person fighting a serious illness, every little victory counts. I’m glad we could help get this off his mind.

Thank you for the product you provide and a special thank you to Ron who was very patient with me while I tried to navigate through your product and a couple of mistakes I had made. You have an excellent product and outstanding service and I’ll be sure to recommend your products to anyone in need of them.

Diolch yn fawr,



I want to thank you very much for all your help yesterday. I truly thought that all my pictures were lost. Thanks to your phone call and further help when I called you, I was able to recover all my pictures. You were very patient and I really appreciate it.

Andrea Gilmer

Annwyl Ray,

Words cannot express how grateful I am to have found LC Technology.

My heart sank when I plugged my flash drive into my computer and realized it had malfunctioned and was no longer readable. As you know, I am getting married this May, and I had spent the past month scanning about 250 photos to use in scrapbooks I was giving my bridesmaids as part of their gift from me. I had JUST scanned the final photo two days before my flash drive crashed (Murphy’s Law, I suppose!). The thought of spending another month gathering and scanning those photos all over again made me sick to my stomach.

Luckily, when I called SanDisk to tell them about the drive, they recommended I reach out to LC Tech. You were super helpful, patiently giving me all the necessary information and reassuring me that LC was usually very successful in these cases. And with the policy that I only pay if you are able to recover my files, I really felt I had nothing to lose. I mailed in my flash drive next-day air on Wednesday, and I nearly fell over when you called me Thursday afternoon to let me know that LC was able to retrieve my files. I couldn’t believe my photos were recoveredand SO quickly!!

I received the CD in the mail on Saturday, and when I checked it, sure enough, there were all my photos, safe and sound. I am beyond thrilled! You have no idea how much time, energy and grief you saved me. With all the stresses that come along with planning a wedding, starting this project all over again was the last thing I needed. And now, thanks to LC, I can just pick up right where I left off.

Thank you SO much for your kindness, your expertise and your VERY speedy turnaround! You have made me one happy bride, and I will absolutely recommend you to anyone I know who ever faces a problem like mine =)


Paramus, NJ


IT WORKED! Thanks for your time and your support. The world needs more people like you who still care.

Good-luck and take care.

Diolch unwaith eto,



Hello Mr. Ray,

I am sending you a HUGE thank you for all your help !!! I have retrieved all of the 595 pictures from the borrowed camera and have learned a good lesson.

I have also started spreading the word of what you did for me. I don’t think I’ve heard so manyOH MY, REALLYin one day.

Eto, my sincere thanks to you,


Hello Dave,

Thank you so very much. The RescuePRO Deluxe is working just great now. I got it installed and up-and-running.

I must say, this extensive customer service you and everyone else has provided has been absolutely phenomenal. It also just makes me glad to know that SanDisk and
RescuePRO are committed to their products.

Many thanks again in dealing with me on this,

Wesley Monts


You saved 592 lluniau! Diolch unwaith eto!



My Name is Martinez Quteaz Davenport, Sr.

Some very important college files were deleted from my computer as a result of a computer problem. I took my computer to Best Buy to see if computer Technicians could recover my files. The aforementioned company wanted over $900.00 to recover my files.

I was recommended by someone to use the recovery system from your company. I talked to Sales Supporter Ron Gomez whom did an outstanding job in explaining the FILERECOVERY Professional SW Demo system to me.

Mr. Gomez spent over 2 hours with me making sure that the FILERECOVERY system would help me to recover my files. I purchased your product and recovered all of my deleted files. Your system is an outstanding system and very user friendly!

I will recommend your company to people needing to recover deleted files. Also, the price of your system is a fair price, but even if your system cost more than the price that it is currently selling for it would be worth the price for such an outstanding system!

Keep up the great technology and customer service! Also, I purchased the CD for the FILERECOVERY and it was a fair price and it was delivered within two days of my order.

Martinez Quteaz Davenport, Sr., M.S.

ProfessorBaltimore City Community College

Thanks Ron for your help,

I was desperate at first when I lost my images, but now I recovered my images very fast.

Thanks for Everything.


To whom it may concern,

I wanted to say thanks for the great level of service provided by Grant Woods while trying to recover my pictures.

I’ve been extremely satisfied and impressed by his professionalism and customer service level and as a result I’ve already
recommended your company to friends of mine.

It’s rare to see such a great level of service and again worth noticing it.


Natascha Siegrist

Annwyl Eric,

Thank you for all your help. I was able to retrieve the photo’s of my Grandkids and put them on a new chip and my wife put them on our digital photo album.

We are very happy with the new software and your expertise was very helpful.

Armond Regan

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would just like to write to you and express how impressed I am with your service and products.

I recently had a problem downloading RescuePRO and contacted LC-Tech by e-mail for support. No sooner had I clicked send, I received a phone call from Mr. Grant Woods offering his help. My first impressions were that this kind of service is only dreamt of.

Grant then took me through all the procedures with e-mail support, and the whole thing was successful.

As a final note, I hope this message gets to the highest authority and Grant Woods gets the appreciation he very much deserves.

Cofion Kind,

Mr. Graham Woodward


I was contacted by Ron Gomez when I downloaded Rescue Pro to try and get my pictures back from my memory card. He stuck with me and tried to help me get them off by finding new programs for me to try and download to see if they would work. They didn’t, and I think that we found out that my pictures were corrupted. Ron offered to try and retrieve them from where you are, but I don’t have the money if you were able to retrieve them, so we just aren’t going that route.

My purpose of this email, is that I wanted to tell you what a great worker that you have. He was friendly, ddefnyddiol, very prompt to get emails back to me, and very willing to help me get my pictures back. He is awesome. Thanks for everything.

Yn gywir,



I have to tell youI was very pleasantly surprised to find how well your product worked. As you know, there are hundreds of software available to retrieve lost files, I choose yoursI was so thankful to get back all of my picturesI thought they were gone forever. I was under the impression that you cannot loose files on an external hard driveboy was I wrong!!

Anyway, thanks for the great product.

Yn gywir,

Dorinda Burks


I just wanted to thank you for all your much needed help. You went the extra mile to make sure that I was fully taken care of.

My daughter and I are extremely grateful that our Presidential Inauguration pictures are recovered.
I will definitely recommend this service to everyone I know who owns a digital camera.

Yn gywir,

Joe B. Sims


I tried almost a dozen program demos (both PC and Mac). Yours was one of only 2 that would even mount the corrupted card. The other program found 9 lluniau. Yours recovered 341 lluniau. This included the 20 most recent photos that I most needed as well as hundreds that had been downloaded and ‘erasedover the past year.

Given that some of these programs would have cost almost $100, I consider yours a bargain.




Diolch yn fawr! This is the BEST customer service and product I have seen in a long time – Diolch yn fawr!!! For the most part I would say
RescuePRO recovered 95% or more of my lost files. That is awesome!!

Thanks again for such great service!!!

Happy Holidays!


Hi Dave,

Thanks so much for your prompt help and for your great productI can’t thank you enough as I have just managed to retrieve the entire last year of my 2 year old daughter’s life from my SD card!

Diolch unwaith eto,



Data recovered from FTTP, it’s all there, you guys saved my BUTT! Great Service, efficient, quick & ddefnyddiol. You went above and beyond!

Thanks very much!!!


Hi Ron

We received the CD today!!

Diolch gymaint! Those pictures meant the world to Lindsay. We appreciate your kind service. God Bless.

Have a very Merry Christmas!!

Sharon Spengler

Hey Ron,

I just wanted to let you know that I received the cd with my pictures on it. Thank you so very much for such a speedy recovery of my data and lightning quick return to me. You guys are the best. Happy Holidays to you.

Yn gywir,

Thomas Oliver

To Management:

Please accept this letter as a compliment for Ron Gomez in Sales Support for LC Technology. His customer service is extraordinary in today’s business culture.

Yn ddiweddar, I had a flash drive from which I could not obtain stored material. I called the company who manufactures and sells the said brand of flash drives. When I told them that I wanted the material retrieved, they recommended your company.

When I called your company, I reached Ron Gomez. From the beginning, he was helpful and gave clear instructions as to what to do with said drive. He emailed me and attached a recovery form. I mailed the form and the drive and contacted him by email. He corresponded with me throughout the transaction. He called my home and left a message that the drive was being mailed back to me and that the recovery was unsuccessful. His attention to this matter and my concern was evident even to the completion of transaction which was a refund from your company.

It is not often in our busy world today, that I as a consumer feel that my needs are being heard and met in such a courteous way. Your employee, Ron Gomez, is truly a shining example of what customer service should be. Your company will continue to do business because of employees like him. He was prompt, informative, and courteous.

Thanks for such a pleasant experience. Although my stored files could not be retrieved, I am glad to know that your company is available for future help.

Please commend Ron Gomez.

Mary Ann Long


Just wanted to thank you for an awesome product. It saved the day again




Thank you so very much for your efforts. You have no idea how happy that I am that you guys were able to recover the pictures for me. You and your staff have been nothing short of superb. I will recommend your company to everyone that I know. I will let you know when the disk gets here. Diolch unwaith eto. I hope you and your techs all have wonderful holidays.

Yn gywir,

Thomas Oliver

Hi Ron,

Yr wyf yn derbyn y CD gyda fy ffeiliau arno mewn post heddiw ac mae popeth yn ymddangos i fod yn iawn. Yr oeddwn am ddiolch i chi am eich cymorth a phrydlondeb i gael hwn yn ôl i mi. Yr ydych wedi achub fy oriau lawer o waith ail-greu y wybodaeth hon.

Carole sgwrsio


Cefais fy DVD heddiw. Er bod y syniad o dalu $125 i adfer data yn Ni ddylai wyf wedi colli yn y lle cyntaf poeni fi, ar ôl siarad ag eraill, Rwy'n gweld bod $125 (tra ddrud i mi) yn bris eithriadol am adfer data.

Byddaf yn edrych am cysylltydd USB felly gobeithio na fydd hyn yn digwydd eto. Diolch am y wybodaeth.

Diolch unwaith eto.



Fi jyst eisiau dweud diolch yn fawr i chi a'ch tîm ar gyfer adennill data o fy fflachia cathrena! Rwyf am i chi wybod ei fod wedi'i werthfawrogi'n fawr! Mae fel os ydych i gyd achub fy mywyd, oherwydd bod fy mywyd oedd ar yno.

Diolch i chi unwaith eto,

Maria Polydefkis


Diolch am eich ymateb, sy'n, hyd yn oed os awtomataidd, dangos dealltwriaeth o anghenion cwsmeriaid.

Mae'r demo yn gweithio. Prynais y meddalwedd a ddefnyddiwyd yn llwyddiannus … ac eisoes wedi argymell i ffrind.

Also, Rwyf wedi prynu meddalwedd cystadleuydd yn flaenorol — Photo Stellar Phoenix Adfer — ond mae'n dod i ben i fyny yn cael ei yn cloi, meddalwedd perchnogol sydd lawrlwytho delweddau wedi'i adfer yn .jpeg na fyddai'n mewnforio i iPhoto neu agored yn PhotoShop. Hollol ddi-werth ac yn wastraff o $39 … a oedd yn rhan o fy argymhelliad at ffrind i brynu

Cofion Gorau,

Dick Moody, Ed.D.


Dyma y stori: Rhoddodd cwmni fy ngwraig yn ei barti mynd i ffwrdd ac mi adael fy nghartref Nikon D3 ac yn hytrach yn cymryd ein camera yn ystod y gwyliau y Nikon D40x sy'n defnyddio cardiau SD. Mae fy diofyn wrth gefn yw i losgi DVD yn gyntaf drwy ddefnyddio ein dau Cerdyn darllenydd / llosgwyr DVD. Wel angen diweddaru i dderbyn y firmware 2 gig neu gardiau mwy o faint yn y llosgyddion. Wel diweddaru got wneud ond nid cyn y cerdyn got ailfformatio ond na chaiff ei ddefnyddio eto.

Roedd hynny ym mis Mehefin … Mae mis priodas prysur. Neidio at fis Medi ac mae fy ngwraig yn olaf yn gofyn am y lluniau o'r parti. Wel Ni allaf ddod o hyd i DVD o unrhyw le ac nid yw'n unrhyw un o'r cyfrifiaduron. Felly mae'n yn oriau Wee y bore ac yr wyf yn cael yr holl gardiau SF gyda'i gilydd ac o gartref ar fy iLyfr Rwy'n cofio bod y Cwmni Sandisk Mae gan Pro Achub cynnyrch rhagorol ac yr wyf yn berchen arno, ond rwy'n gartref ac mae'n ar y cyfrifiadur stiwdio. Rwyf hefyd yn gwybod bod pan fydd fy ngwraig yn deffro gen i ddweud wrthi, "Mêl newyddion da Roedd y lluniau gan eich plaid".

Gyda llaw fy holl gardiau ar hyn o bryd yn Sandisk ac yr wyf yn gofyn fy ffotograffwyr i gael Sandisk.

Felly, yr wyf yn mynd i'r golwg ar y we Sandisk ac yna'n cefnogi ac yn cael eu trosglwyddo i eich safle ac i lawr lwytho'r demo, adennill y delweddau fel y gall hi eu gweld. Ewch i'r stiwdio ac adennill yr holl ddelweddau ar y gyriant caled ac rwy'n Saved.

Felly dyna stori. Cynnyrch wych oherwydd ei fod yn gweithio!!!

Diolch yn fawr.

George Schaler


Schaler Ffotograffiaeth


Ni allem diolch i chi ddigon ar gyfer anfon ffeiliau mawr ei angen yn llwyddiannus ar gyfer fy mhrosiect merched, Fi 'n sylweddol yn gwerthfawrogi eich cymorth cyflym yn adfer ein data.

thanks again,

Angelica Guzmán


Diolch yn fawr am y dilynol.


Dilynais y cyfarwyddiadau ac roedd yn gallu defnyddio'r demo i adennill fy lluniau, ac yna brynu'r fersiwn llawn i'w cael mewn gwirionedd. Oddi yno roedd yn trosglwyddo cyflym i mewn i iPhoto. Hawdd i'w defnyddio ac roedd yn rhyddhad mawr i gael y lluniau o'r gêm bêl-droed cyntaf fy mab ar ôl i mi wthio rhai botymau anghywir ar fy camera.

Roedd gen i criw cyfan o luniau eraill ar yr un cerdyn, felly mewn gwirionedd, tra gen i ddiddordeb yn unig yn y swp diwethaf, Yr wyf yn ei adennill dros 1400 lluniau.

Diolch am y gwasanaeth cwsmeriaid gwych a chynnyrch gwych.



Dim ond am i chi wybod faint wyf yn gwerthfawrogi gwaith Ron Gomez i adfer rhai o fy ffeiliau o fflachia cathrena chwalu. Nid wyf yn gwybod sut y gwnaeth ar wahân i wyrth gan Dduw, ond rwy'n siŵr falch a wnaeth. I had over 30 pages of a doctorate paper stored on there that I had failed to back up elsewhere. Ron was wonderful through the whole process.

Yn gywir

Mike Foster

Good Morning Ron,

Just letting you know that I picked up the mail today and found the recovery disk in there. Diolch! Just took a look. A few failed to be recovered, but all in all Thanks For a Job well done.

Will highly recommend you and your company to others if the need arises.


Diolch yn fawr, Dave!

I have downloaded the software and recovered 261 photos and 19 ffilmiau! Although I had already saved the majority of these to disk, there were some precious photos andprogressphotos that I would not have been able to duplicate! Even if I never need the program again, it is worth the money!

I appreciate your assistance.

Theresa King


Attn: Eric Beaudoin

Thank you again for recovering the photos from our Europe vacation. They mean so much to us, as we will probably never take this trip again.

I will certainly recommend your service to anyone who experiences a similar problem.

Warmest regards,

June R. Hays


Helo Ray,

I wanted to thank you for coming through so quickly, efficiently and professionally during my data crisis experience.

When I received your phone message I was so relieved and impressed with you and your company, and so grateful that I chose LC Technology to recover my data.

Thank you once again for all your support and your great work, and I will certainly refer LC Tech. to all my Toronto colleagues.

Have a great day,

Dr. Robyn Stephens


I received the disc on Sat. and everything I expected was there!! I am so excited! Diolch yn fawr. It felt like a miracle after using our own file recovery program, something touted as professional strength; taking the chip to a photo store with no success. I am so impressed, thrilled, delighted with the results. I have been telling everyone I know and sent your link out to many friends.

I was further impressed by the quick turn around and your excellent customer service. Diolch i chi unwaith eto!

Feel free to pass this email up to your boss or however your company spreads kudos! Your team rocks!

Philese Selden



I just wanted to let you know how happy I am that your wonderful program DID RECOVER ALL OF MY MOTHER’S 80TH BIRTHDAY PHOTOGRAPHS! I ran the program a second time and was absolutely delighted to see that all 119 photographs were recovered. The first recovery was only
48 images. I bought an expensive card reader at Wal-Mart and thought it was defective. I returned it and exchanged it for another reader and it worked great. But the saving grace was your program. Thanks to all the engineers and your support.

I will highly recommend your program to all my friends!

David Black


Hi Ron,

Thanks again for all your help. Also the heads up on the new recovery software for
Macs. I’ll keep that in mind. Hope I don’t need it but I know where to get GREAT help if I do. As I said on the telephone
Friday you have a customer for life.

Diolch unwaith eto,

Tom Brescilli

Brescilli Photography


Helo Ray,

Thank you for following up. I was able to recover my photos without any issues. I wish I came across this product first. A family member recommended a different program. I purchased the program, but for whatever reason, it didn’t work. It was a waste of $50! I was hesitant to buy another program, but when the photos came up in preview, in the demo, I had a better feeling that this program would work. And it did! I immediately saved the photos to disc. I’ll recommend this product to anyone who finds themselves in the same situation I was in. Diolch unwaith eto.

Yn gywir,

Michelle Pinto



I received therecoveryCD in yesterday’s mail. I can’t begin to thank you folks enough for rescuing the pictures on the SanDisk Ultra II SD Media Card.

As a result of your efforts, my niece learned a very valuable lesson about downloading and backing up digital pictures on a regular basis. Your efforts saved the memories of a wonderful, unwaith mewn oes, trip for her and her son.

I appreciate all that you and LC Technology have done to resolve our dilemma.

Yn gywir,

Mike Fenchel


I’m very pleased with your work. I would say that you were able to restore at least 99% of the pictures. Many thanks for getting our memories back!!

Yn gywir,

Jim & Martha Murphy

Hi Ray,

This is the BEST email I have ever received! I thought for sure, that I had blown it, and began the grieving process by telling all my friends about the photos thatgot awayThere is nothing likehopeto carry the day, and you and your company’s expertise, of course.

I am going to email SanDisk how pleased I am with you folks, and thank you personally, a hundred times!!!



Awst 2008

On Saturday night, a nightmare occurred in my homeI accidentally formatted my CF card and lost 800 lluniau!! Pictures of a wedding, a funeral and a family vacation. I was close to becoming physically sickI looked up my camera manual and it told me that if I formatted my disc, the photos were gone forever. I cried myself to sleep. In the morning, I went to the nearestGeek Squadcomputer group at Best Buy and they told me (2 ohonynt) that the data was lost and not to waste any of my money on gimmicks who claimed that they could recover my photos.

I didn’t listenwhy you ask? Wel, a really nice fella from the United States returned my panicked call on Monday and told me to go buy a card reader and call him back. He couldn’t make any promises, but he sounded so optimistic! So I did as he told me to, (the Best Buy reps said that the card reader would not make a difference, the photos were gone). I bought it anyway and came home to call my new founded friend/hero Ron Gomez, an employee of LC Technology.

He was extremely helpfulhe talked me through the whole event of downloading the demo and when it recovered 2600 lluniau, I could have kissed him through the phone! He then sold me the full
PHOTORECOVERY package (which was worth every cent!) and I was able to recover all of mylost forever” lluniau. How can I thank your employee and the technology in which he had? I can’tall I can do is express my sincere gratitude to him via e-mail. His patience, optimism and wonderful customer service brought back a smile to my face and memories for my family.

Thank you Ron!

Jennifer Miller

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Hi Dave,

Diolch yn fawr, I really appreciate your excellent customer service and will be sure to send my photographer friends your way!!!! Good customer support, much less great customer support, is so difficult to find and I stick with the companies that help when I need it!



Hi Ray,

I received the disc today and was very pleased with the results. I lost a few pictures but you people retrieved the ones that count.

I want to thank you for all the help. You and your company went out of your way to help me. In all the years I have been in business, I don’t remember any company being as helpful as you people were.

The information you sent with the disc was very helpful. I have some pictures that only print the top half and often wondered why. Now I know, thanks to you.

Thank you once again. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. I will remember you, so if I ever runs into anyone with the same problem, I will HIGHLY recommend you.

Yn gywir,

Bill Montgomery


Thanks so much for the good news. I look forward to the diskette in a couple of business days.

You don’t know how much you have made my day for recovering 3000+ files that I so
desperately need. Diolch yn fawr….greatly appreciated:)


Walter R. McCollum, PhD, RODC

Llywydd, McCollum Enterprises, LLC

Hello Dave,

The program worked very well. I appreciate your and Ron’s great customer service- thanks very much, I’m impressed.




My name is Jason Strong, and I just wanted show my appreciation for the
professional way in which Ron helped us to recover over 400 photos from our much needed vacation to Las Vegas. We are forever grateful for the service that you provided to us and we are speaking highly of you in many circles.

You guys ROCK!

Jason Strong

Gulfport, Ms


Dropping a line to let you know the software worked amazingly well. I’d love to know what you were able to figure out that no other recovery software I own could do.

I was getting the dreadedno preview availablejpeg error. Your software was the only one that would do the trick.



Sandy and Dave,

I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the service you have provided. I’ve rescued my sons photos, which were a once in a lifetime trip to Myanmar. Diolch i chi am eich amser, patience and effort in helping me accomplish this. You guys are so knowledgeable that it was a pleasure to make this happen.



George W. Perkins
Executive Producer


The CD arrived with the missing pictures from my daughter’s wedding. Thank you and your company for doing such a great job of recovering the lost pictures from the memory chip. I will pass your name along to others who need your service.

David Bischof

Hi Eric,

I just wanted to stop and write and say thank you for all your help today. We bought the program you suggested and it worked perfect.

I want to thank you again, I don’t know what I would have done if I couldn’t get those pictures back.

Diolch unwaith eto,

Dave and LC Technology Staff,

Thanks for your help and patience!! I finally had tech support disable my workplace security settings and was able to run your software without any hitches. I recovered the photos that I had inadvertently deleted. Thanks a MILLION!!!!

Victor Alvarez, MD


Just for your info….RescuePRO® saved my butt yesterday, it saved hours of re-shooting all because I wasn’t paying attention and formatted my disks before downloading. I thought once you formatted the info was lost forever.



I had no idea such great customer support came with your product: it is an added bonus. I installed and ran RescuePRO® Deluxe and was able to recover all of the files I had lost. 600 Jpegs from an important photo shoot were missing and a reshoot would have been costly and time consuming.

I will recommend your product to everyone I know.

Jay Mueller


OMGosh. This product saved my butt!! I photographed a wedding, and I was uploading the files, and realized the most important files weren’t there, and I’duploadedall of my cards! So, going back through them, I found the corrupt cardand thank goodness for your program, all of my files (and then some!) were saved. Mae'n anhygoel. Thank you SOOO much!!!! I was hesitant about the $40 at first, but now it’s definitely money WELL spent! I just hope I don’t have to use the program again 😉


Hi Ron,

Thank you for your wonderful news regarding recovering images for me. You don’t know what a relief that is and how so thrilled I am. You and your company have shown such outstanding consideration and service that I would recommend your company to anybody.

I also have attached a sample of the work I do. The images that you recovered are shot on a green screen and then the image is extracted and placed on whatever background I or my clients desire. Thought you would be interested in seeing the finished product.

Eto, thanks for all of your help and I’ll talk to you soon.

RLS Photography

Dear LC Technology,

Ok, so this morning I woke up with one missionto get back the vacation pictures that I so inadvertently DELETED on the last day of my Florida vacation. I had been told that you could purchase some software to recover the pics. I initially tried to use another company (we won’t mention namesok we willfilerecoverytools.com) and they were NO HELP.
They would not even give me a number to call them, and everysupportreply I got from them was completely bogus. They did however, in one of their e-Mails, give me a number to call LC Tech for some additional software…. so I gave it a try. I was so completely frustrated when I got Eric on the phone. He was SO KIND, and answered the basic questions I had before I even bought the product. He walked me through the demo process, and was completely ready and able to help me when I called with my (probably silly) questions. I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR YOUR HELP. the demo proved to be my SAVIOR as I was able to recover all the pictures that I had justreformattedfrom my card. ERIC, THANK YOU FOR BEING SO KIND AND HELPFUL. NO WORDS CAN EVER EXPRESS MY GRATITUDE!

Jennifer Marlin

Dear Ron,

Thanks so much for following up on my e-Mail to LC Tech. I appreciate so very much the help and the software made available for me. I had lost one year of pics Including the wedding of my youngest daughter. I will never understand how this happened and know that I didn’t delete the pics but obviously there was a glitch somewhere. I was so distraught at the loss but you would not believe my excitement to see in the demo ALL the pics I had lost. I had already bought the software and downloaded it online and inadvertently missed putting your name in my order form. I do apologize for doing so. But I really appreciate your following through with me and will recommend this program to anyone who I find may need a service like this in the future. You guys are great. Thanks for all your help and for just making my day.

God bless,



I recovered all of my pictures and I’m so excited.

Please pass my message on that I did not have anywhere to comment on your help. I wanted to say that without your patient urging and clear explanation I probably would not have attempted to recover them and I can’t thank you enough for your help. I’m sure you give the same thoughtful, courteous and caring help to all your customers. You made me feel like I could call on you and any time.

Diolch unwaith eto,

Polly Prusch


I cannot tell you how awesome you guys are!!! I was horrified when I lost about 70 pictures from the birth of my nephew…….even worse….I was the official photographer so no one else took any pics. I was going to give them all copies of what I got…..which would have been nothing until I found your site. The software worked great, i gyd 70 pics were recovered and it even found about 10 pics I had lost earlier in the year that I thought were gone forever!!! I am telling everyone about your product…..again thank you, diolch i chi, diolch i chi!!!



I would love to take the time to say I love your company and your software!!! Your company saved my back side and I just wanted to tell you thank you, diolch i chi, diolch i chi. 🙂


Photography With Heart.

818.340.7474 Studio
866.732.2499 Toll free


Thanks for the follow-up. This program appears to have recovered 200 pictures from our Disney trip and you have no idea how happy we are and how stressed we were when we thought we lost them. So far I recovered them and saved them on my hard drive in the standard JPEG format. They appear readable. I have now burnt a copy onto CDs to take in to get developed.

Honestly, at this point, this may be the best $40 dollars I have ever spent. O ddifrif.


Dear Ron,

I received the CD with the recovered files and the toasted flash drive this morning. Everything looks great.

Most of what was on that drive was personal and irreplaceable. As such, it was worth every penny of the cost to have it recovered. LCTI did a great job for me and I especially appreciate your courtesy and the speed with which the recovery was completed. If I ever need such a service again, you folks will have a repeat customer. I will also spread the word far and wide that LC Technology is the way to go for data recovery.

Once again, thank you very much,

Mark Womack


RescuePRO® was actually the third commercial program I bought that promised results in unerasing our Disneyworld photo files off a 2gb SD flash card. The other two programs did not have the capability of being redirected to a location that held the pictures. This program was the only one to recognize that there were more than 1gb of pictures and to resurrect them virtually without loss. If anyone needs the ability to recover their photos I will be sure to recommend LC Technology!

Diolch unwaith eto,

Rob Hudson


You guys are miracle workers. I just used your software and was able to recover over 1,000 photos off two CompactFlash cards. These were photos that I failed to back up (in a hurry and didn’t take the time) and my hard drive on my computer crashed last week and my files were lost! I am so happy to have discovered RescuePRO® and will tell all of my photographer friends. This is a must-have piece of equipment in every photographer’s toolkit.

Thank you again and please tell Sandy I really appreciated his
explanation. Everything worked like a charm. Have a great weekend. I’m celebrating tonight!

Rene Griffith

Dear LC Technology,

After my son’s 3rd birthday party, I discovered that the media card from my camera was completely blank. We had taken dozen of photos and really wanted him to be able to remember this wonderful day through photos. PHOTORECOVERY® recovered about 90% o'r lluniau!

Diolch yn fawr, diolch i chi, diolch i chi!

Parents in Oceanside, NY

Hey Ron,

I wanted to send a quick note to let you know that I was able to recover all but 5 of my photos. That was a very reasonable loss! Thank you so much for you prompt call and e-Mails. DIOLCH YN FAWR!!! DIOLCH YN FAWR!!! DIOLCH YN FAWR!!! I was a complete mess thinking I had lost over a years worth of photos.



Wow! What technical support!

I’ve been in the IT business for 38 blynyddoedd, as programmer, analyst, program manager, and CIO. You folks are a breath of fresh air.

Thanks for going WAY more thanthe extra mileto explain the problem and resolve it. Hope I never need your software but, if I do, I’m sure it will impress me yet again. Diolch yn fawr, i gyd.


P.S.: You all really DO work as a team. That’s what impresses me MOST about your organization. Always better have more than one pair of eyes looking for a solution

I just wanted to thank you for excisting. I just was able to save very very important pictures that affected many lives.

Ella Levin


It works perfect ! I’ve been able to restore all of my lost pictures ! Many thanks for your excellent and quick support.

Best regards,


Annwyl Ray,

You are the MAN! I can not believe the customer service!!! You are awesome!!

We were on your website on Sunday, you called to follow up on Monday, we e-Mail with you (and you answer as if you are waiting just for us), we Fed Ex overnight the card and you call the same day the card is delivered to tell us that you found our files!! Customer Service at it’s best! I would highly recommend LC Technology International and I would ask for you if I ever encounter a problem again!!

I have a photography business and the lost pictures were from a wedding. Half of the wedding was on that card. I was devastated! And then we found your website and the AWESOME customer service. Thank you for saving my reputation!!!

Annie Arena

Dear Sir or Madam,

I want to take this opportunity to convey to you my satisfaction with the assistance provided to me by your support center. My call was answered yesterday evening by Sandy. I knew very early that I was in good hands. He is knowledgeable, thorough and perhaps most important to me, he was able to outline what had to be done in a manner which was not only helpful but comprehensible; I realized that he was also teaching. I don’t believe that I will need to call for assistance again. As one who must manage operations-budget: cost/ man-hrs/ cust sat, etc., he is a keeper: he speaks technical to the non-technical, concisely!

In my other life, I hired and managed highly paid technical people for a international corporation and while we could find, hire and train these people to represent us, TEMPERAMENT and the ability to SPEAK TO THE CUSTOMER was and still is essential in keeping those service contracts. In my other life, I would have hired Sandy.

Lee Morgan

I recently purchased this software from you, DIOLCH YN FAWR!!! It recovered all 644 pictures from the memory card, I am SO happy, my son is just happy I am not so frantic any more! My grandkids pics are on that card, they recently moved across country, so I was very anxious about it, I was impressed with the ease of use (I am not very savvy at this type of thing), also, very impressed with the cost, I was willing to pay just about anything to get this type of program. I was also very impressed with the demo, try it before you buy it, was wonderful, it recovered all of the pics so I could see that the program worked before I purchased the software and it might not have worked for what I needed. Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the program and the results from using it.

Diolch, one more time,

Cheryl Murray


As I mentioned on the phone, this last change did it. I was able to get the RescuePRO® software to finish the scan and I recovered all the erased files from my SanDisk® CompactFlash. WHAT EXCELLENT SUPPORT YOU HAVE PROVIDED !!! Diolch yn fawr. Dell, Microsoft and HP have a lot to learn about quality of customer support from companies such as LC Technology.

Great product and excellent supportSanDisk® is lucky to have a business partner that takes such great care of its customers !


Fima Vaisman

I ordered a 4 gig SanDisk® CF card for my new Olympus E-3 camera. The disk came with a file recovery program called RescuePRO®. This program worked great on my new card until I converted from Jpeg to shooting with RAW images. Then the card recovery program no longer was able to identify my new camera’s proprietary ORF raw files. I e-Mailed and got an immediate reply.

The customer support person at LC Technology gave me an online account to upload sample (ORF) files which his team then went to work on. Three days later the sent me a link to a revised program that worked!!! Have you ever had service like this beforeanywhere else? It’s a retail miracle!!

And no, I don’t work for themjust appreciate real customer service when I find it.

Martin Kimeldorf


Thank you so much for all of your efforts and attention. I really appreciate you assistance with this.

I received the other CD but haven’t had an opportunity to check it out (it arrived this morning on my way out the door). I will let you know as soon as I pop it into my computer at home.

Also, I wanted to let you know that I passed on your information to my father-in-law. He owns Computerland stores in the area and has been looking for a company to send this type of work to since they don’t do data recovery at their stores. I hope you don’t mind, but I have had such a nice experience with you company I figured other people in our area might as well!

Thank you again for your help; have a terrific weekend!


Annwyl Ray,

I cant even begin to thank you enough for ALL your support today!!! I never would’ve been able to follow through with my situation without you and Sherri (I think that is the woman’s name that answered my calls and directed me to you).

I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I appreciate how patient you and Sherri were with me.

I hope you are able to forward this to the people above you in your amazing company. Diolch unwaith eto, and I wish all of you a happy and healthy new year.

All my best

Adrienne Batterman

Phila Pa

Annwyl Ray,

I am glad you followed up because I wanted to thank you for your help. It all worked out. Everything seems to be working well. Diolch yn fawr. Make sure your supervisor sees this because the service is great.

Amy F. Weinberger, CEO/President

Hi Ray,

I just wanted to write and tell you how very much I appreciate your help yesterday! When ACDSee deleted so muchand so many years of workI was in a panic thinking it was gone forever. Then ACDSee Tech Support referred me to your website and I spoke with you. I was able to recover probably 90% of the info I had lost (some were too poor copies to recover I’d imagine). Not only did it recover my lost digital scrapbooking stuff, but family photos that I had no other copies of at all. You and this software saved my sanity!! I am so grateful for the help you offered and wanted to say how much I appreciate your help.

Diolch yn fawr,


Hi Ron,

Yn gyntaf, let me say I was shocked when I got your voice-Mail and e-Mail! The same night I downloaded your Demo I purchased the full version online.

I was taking pictures one day (Nikon D40) and all of a sudden it would not display the picture on the lcdhad an error likecannot display picture”. So, I took another picture or two (which didn’t produce any errors), but then couldn’t view them either. I turned my camera off and later, when I turned it back on, I got a message likememory card needs to be formatted for use”. I was really worried about this, since I had well over 100 pictures that I hadn’t gotten downloaded yet.

I was able to recover all but about 5 pictures out of around 130! Your software worked GREAT for me! And, I’m recommending it to all my friends as well

Thanks for the great product and the followup communication!

Wes Thoemke


Thank you for helping me. Your knowledge, patience, and willingness saved a big photography gig for me. I know my kids will have a better Christmas since I didn’t lose these files.

Merry Christmas,



Received the memory card and the CD on Friday the 7th. Thank you so much for all your help. You have no idea how much I appreciate what you did. The service was simply superb and done in such a timely manner.

Thanks again and happy holidays to you and yours.

Jackie Saddler

I Bwy Mae'n Mai Age:

I am writing to acknowledge Ron Gomez’s professional and helpful service. From the initial phone call I made, he was courteous, friendly, and knowledgeable. He patiently explained the ramifications of sending my flash drive, which needed data recovery performed on it. He also e-Mailed me while we were on the phone to make sure the e-Mail went through to me. When it did not work three times, he continued to try. Further, he was conscientious when I contacted him questioning the status of my flash drive a few days later. He told me that it was still being worked on, but he would contact me when it was done. Much to my surprise, he called me later that afternoon, just as he promised.

Above all, I was very pleased that when I told him I needed to make a deadline, and some files that I needed were on my flash drive, he volunteered to e-Mail them to me before mailing my flash drive. I had been very worried about those files, and the fact that he went out of his way to make sure I received as soon as possible them really helped me.

Thank you for employing such diligent workers as Mr. Gomez.

Cynthia A. Wittig

I believe in paying a compliment when one is due. And one is due when you find someone who seems genuinely interested in helping a customer. Earlier today Ron Gomez helped solve a problem I had with a new SanDisk® SD memory card. I was initially irritated that I was having a problem with a new card. He sort of deflected my irritation by his willingness to help. He was patient, courteous and professional. He communicated at my level (computer novice) of understanding. My impression is that he took a few extra steps in trying to solve my problem that others might not have. If would be great for the computer industry if more support technicians could emulate his approach to helping the customer.

Jim Williams

This is the post I placed at Naturescapes.net, the most important nature photography forum of the world:

The 500 gig Maxtor Extrenal Hard Drive became corrupted with the files inside being unrecognizable by Windows® Explorer Evil or Very Mad The computer kept asking me to reformat that Hard Drive, if I did that I would lost 1 year of work since the last time I backed up was 12 months ago.!! Embarassed

Fortunately I found File Recovery Pro at http://www.LC-Tech.co.uk/software/frprodetail.html

It was amazing, it recognized all the files and I was able to back them up to another hard drive. Very Happy!

Diolch unwaith eto.

Juan E. Bahamon


The pictures of my 3 year old with his 75 year old Grandfather at the beach were accidentally deleted from our memory card. I was literally in tears. Ond, RescuePRO® saved the day!!! I was able to recover ALL of our photos and am so grateful!

Ringgold, GA

Just wanted to endorse your product.

I was able to recover approx. 650 images from her SanDisk® xD memory card using this s/w after my wife accidentally formatted it w/ her Pentax camera. These were images from a recent holiday that we could not otherwise have ever duplicated.

Super cool.

Scott Alyea

Hi Ron,

Thanks so much for recovering the files on the card I sent! It was the only card from my main camera and the wedding would have been Inc.omplete without those images.

You guys are great!

Best regards,

Thanks Ron,

I bought the program and put in a good word for you in the form online.

I hope it gives you some job satisfaction to know that you work for a company which saves people from tragedy. (I work for a newspaper, and let’s just say it’s deadline day and some photos were missing….but not anymore!)

You’ve saved my bacon, man.

Diolch yn fawr.

Quoting LC Technology International (sales@lc-tech.com): Thank you for your interest in RescuePRO®

And thank you for creating it

Once I’d got over the shock of writing over unarchived files, I realised that the camera would not do a deep format and your software has done a perfect job of recovering them

The SanDisk® one gigabyte card stores 340 six megabyte images and I was able to rescue all 340 (some, of course, were over-written with the new images)

From a very grateful customer,

Richard Venus

Dear Demigods of Deleted Photos,

Your program just recovered almost 450 images off my camera from a card that was mysteriously empty when I plugged it into my computer after having been too lazy to copy any files from camera to computer since last spring. They included my last month of undergrad, senior week and graduation. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I am telling everyone that I know who owns a digital camera that your product is amust-ownto protect the precious memories that people think computers are flawlessly recording for them.

If you keep track, it was a 1 GB SanDisk® memory stick PRO Duo that was filled with pictures from a Sony CyberShot. Somewhere between removing the card and putting it in a sand disk MobileMate MS+ to attach the card to my USB port everything disappeared. Not only did it find all the pictures that went missing unintentionally, it even brought back a handful of intentional deletions. Flawless, A++, five stars, best 40 bucks I’d ever be willing to admit spending to my mother.


Bill Breedlove


Ydw, RescuePRO® was-is immensly helpful. One hundred and two pictures files of the playChicago”, that I shot the previous night on my Nikon D-100, came up missing with no reasonable explanation. I figured the files were still residing on the 1Gig Lexar CompactFlash( at least I was hoping they were). I researched on your site first, purchased the the MAC version, and installed it on my G5. The Lexar memory chip is the only CompactFlash that I have from that company. I had to use it because after shooting more than 800 RAW files with the D-100 I ran out of 1Gig & 2Gig SanDisk® Ultra II CFs. Thanks to your recovery software product all the RAW files were recovered pictures delivered to the theatre on time. Definitely helped in releiving the stress factor (PANIC!), I initially felt. I will be at the Photoshop World & Expo next week in Las Vegas, and definitely talk about your product.

Thanks for your inquiry. I know for sure that I may have to use it again; its inevetable. And as Chris Rock said in one of his routinesCause you never Know”. I’ll also be purchasing the Windows® version for the office, “cause you never know”.


Roberto Perez
Eclectic Electric Photography & Design Studio


I was just going through my e-Mails and wanted to say one final time THANK YOU! for how wonderfully you handled this familycrisisfor us. The pictures arrived safely and we have all enjoyed them very much. The loss of these photos would have been a major HOLE in our son’s initial journey to China without your efforts and the work of others in your company.

I am asking you to please forward this note to your management team to let them know what a terrific job you did on this issue for us. You could teach Dell and others a few things about customer service.

Sabrina M. Wrenn

Wow – fantastic product!

I just had to let you know that you guys really saved the day. I had accidentally erased over 600 pictures from this year and RescuePRO® really lived up to its name and all of the hype. Just purchased the product and am very very happy (and relieved)!


Hi Ray,

Gorau $40 Treuliais erioed. I thought I had lost a bunch of summer photos, but the demo worked great the first time, and found them. So I immediately bought the full program. I take a lot of photos of wild animals on my property and I’ve been mad at myself all week for not backing things up daily after losing these photos. So glad I got them back with your program!

Gord Dunick

Hi Ron,

My daughter received a Fex-Ex package from LC Technology this afternoon.

Thank you so much in recovering thoselost pictures”. She obviously wants to keep the wonderful times she had this summeraliveby using her pictures as a screensaver.

I want to commend you and the technicians of LC Technology International for a great job in recovering the pictures on the card. I would definitely continue to buy SanDisk® products and recommend LC Technology for any problems with them.

Cofion Gorau,
Ricardo Krimker

Dear LC-Technology,

I am a professional photographer, have worked with SanDisk® on projects and rely on their cards to feed my family and please my clients. I also rely on RescuePRO® to get me out of trouble.

Today I called your support because of trouble using RescuePRO® and was put through to Sandy Wills. I want you to know that your company is in good hands with Sandy! His professional, courteous, and intelligent answers were not only helpful and poignant, but have also built my respect and professional allegiance to SanDisk® and RescuePRO®.

Sandy impressed me as an individual that has immediate and deep reflection upon LC-technology and SanDisk® itself! His support separates and differentiates you and SanDisk® from the crowd of technology companies that choose lousy support, cheap products and low cost as their market niche. I am willing to pay a premium to be aligned with companies like yourself who hire such outstanding people as Sandy.

Thanks Sandy,
Jared Cruce

Jared Cruce Photography


I appreciate your help today Ron. Everything came back and a few other pictures that had been lost from Italy. The phone call you made was a nice surprise which I didn’t expect for a company to make. Nice touch, well done. Will promote your services and company. Thank you for making it a pleasure to deal with you.

Best regards,



I got your voice-Mail and thank you for following-up. RescuePRO® saved my bacon on sunday night. Out of 159 photos on my 512 card I was able to save 155. The software was easy to use and completely worth the $40.00. I am an artist and I getting the reference photos off my card was essential to making my deadline and thanks to RescuePRO® I did it! I did have to hit the ignore button 4 Amseroedd (I assume for the 4 corrupt files) but everything else showed up like magic. If I have any questions in the future I’ll make sure to let you know.

Chad Hardin
Hardin Art Studios
5178 N. Bulldog Rd.
Cedar City, UT 84270


What more can be said except THANKS,THANKS,THANKS!!!

Your knowledge of your products and your willingness to help guide me through the steps to recover the pictures was BEYOND the call of duty. You also had much patience, which I greatly give thanks to you.

I certainly am a satisfied customer, even tho hopefully we will not need to use it too often, it is a GOOD feeling knowing that we have a product we can rely upon.

Diolch unwaith eto

Barry Beard
Pownal, Me

To Eric Beaudoin,

DIOLCH YN FAWR, DIOLCH YN FAWR, DIOLCH YN FAWR! I am so glad you thought to check that prong before giving up. You haven’t a clue as to what it means to my customer, and of course, me personally.

Let me first tell you my sob story. I started my photography business three years ago and have always done it as a part-time job. It is something I absolutely love to do and end up meeting some great people along the way. This particular Bride you see in the photos is an acquaintance of mine for the past few years and when she got engaged she was set on hiring me for her wedding. A few months ago she called me crying on the phone telling me that her wedding date had to change and she saw I was unavailable for the new date. She then rearranged everything to a date I was available just so that I could be the photographer. The wedding day came around and I had a good day shooting. No problems. As far as I could tell on my LCD screen, my pictures were coming out nicely. Two days later I went to upload the pictures and found that the memory card was nonresponsive. I was completely crushed.

I had to wait until she came back from her honeymoon to tell her how the memory card had failed and that there was a very big chance the images were gone forever. Needless-to-say, we were both crying. Rwyf, stupidly, had entrusted that one memory card for 90% of her wedding day pictures. Big mistake on my part. I then spent all of last week calling her family and friends begging for any and all photos that they may have taken at the wedding so that I may put together a collection of pictures so that she may have some memories of the day. Which, let me tell you, takes a big hit on the ego.

When you called the first time yesterday, I expected the bad news and had already accepted the outcome. When you called back 10 minutes later with the unbelievable good news, I can’t tell you what a complete shock that was. I have had such a rain cloud following me since first discovering that the memory card had failed, it was like you were the sunshine I had been waiting for. I know that is quite cheesy, but it’s the best way to describe it. I’ll have you know, I spent a good hour running around my house like a mad woman dancing around and screaming…and of course calling my Bride to let her know what a miracle it was.

I am sending out an e-Mail to all of my fellow photographers, friends, and family to let them know what happened, and to inform them of your grand services. Any time memory cards becomes a topic in the future, I will definitely rave about how Eric with LC Technology went above and beyond. You are on my favorite referrals list forever more.

Thank you again you wonderful Data recovery genius!

Christine May from Kansas City, MO


Dear Mr. Zimmerman:

I would like to thank your efficient staff members in recovering over 900 pictures from an SD memory that got corrupted. I went to your office on June 5, 2007 and waited for the pictures to be recovered.

Your staff is first rate. I spoke with Eric over the telephone the day before and he was very reassuring and gave me directions to your office. I met Mike who worked on the pictures, rhy. Dorrie made sure that I was comfortable watching television while I waited. She even served me cold iced tea.

It was so upsetting to take a long trip to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Singapore only to find out that all pictures taken were corrupted. Prior to my calling SanDisk® to ask for assistance, I went to several local photography and camera shops to no avail.

It was such a relief to find out that you are located nearby.

I have told several friends and businesses Including Staples where I originally purchased the SD module.

Please extend my sincerest thanks to your staff. I wish all of them the best.

sincerely yours,

Teresita S. de Guzman, RN


Annwyl Eric,

Thanks again for your help yesterday recovering the lost images on the 1gb Olympus xD disk we have. My partner owns the SERVPRO of Englewood, North Port, and Cape Haze, Florida. SERVPRO is a national franchise company specializing in emergencyFire and WaterClean Up and Restoration”. SERVPRO has some 1500+ franchises in the United States.

When they are called out to home or business with a water or fire loss mess, the first documentation of the site with special monitoring equipment for levels of water saturation, humidity, temperature, mold growth, etc., and the photographic images as visual of all the property’s affected areas prior to beginning clean up are absolutely critical to have recorded. Because fast response and beginning clean up as quickly as possible dramatically affects the amount of damage and loss expense, those readings and pictures are taken first and then the work begins. So, the scene is changed and unrepeatable very shortly.

That first documentation is important however to several involved parties. The insurance company, the home owner, and the SERVPRO. And possibly a contractor or supplier responsible for rebuilding the property need to see the original scene.

We were suddenly missing ALL of the images from several home emergencies. With no way to repeat nearly all of the missing pictures, I think you can see we had a really big problem. Fodd bynnag, with your software and very clear, friendly technical support, you easily walked me through recovering and re-saving all of those previously lost images. (and our necks) Granted, not always are missing digital images recoverable, but clearly often they are. Certainly it is worth taking the steps to find out! I’m also aware now that you have software for recovering other types of information files in addition to picture files that I will keep in mind.

So, many thanks to you Eric, and I will be sending a message to the other SERVPROs in our network and to our corporate offices about the ease and effective help we got from LC Technology Intl. and the PHOTORECOVERY® software. You saved the day. Actually, quite a few days and a some headaches to boot!

Very sincerely,
Mark Weixler


Kathleen Kessler, owner

SERVPRO of Englewood, North Port & Cape Haze
80 S. McCall Rd.
Englewood, FL 34223


I gotta tell you that your product is quite amazing. I accidentally erased a bunch of files in the process of backing up files. I recovered all my pictures and some text files too.


Robert Ross

Robert Ross is an award winning singer, songwriter, guitarist & harmonica player who is known for blues, jazz, & rock ‘nroll. Johnny Winter recorded one of Robert’s songs, “SittinIn The JailhouseonRaisinCainand onA Rock ‘nRoll Collection”. Robert recorded with the legendary Big Joe Turner on Spivey Records and has backed or opened for: Jerry Lee Lewis, John Lee Hooker, LightninHopkins, Brownie McGhee, Memphis Slim, Sunnyland Slim, Otis Rush, Dr. John, Charles & Cyrille Neville, Leon Russell, Rick Derringer, Bo Diddley, Bobby Lewis, Pinetop Perkins, Big Mama Thornton, Louisiana Red, J.B. Hutto, Eddie Kirkland, Floyd Jones, Homesick James, James Cotton, Junior Wells, Buddy Guy. The Robert Ross Band tours Europe frequently and has 7 cds Including, “What Are We Fighting For?” on Fountainbleu Records.

Robert Ross 79-25 150 St.
(#E-18) Flushing, NY 11367
718 380-6664

Ray –

I wanted to thank you for your assistance yesterday. I tried the demo you sent and it was able to recover most of the photos. I purchased the software this evening and am very happy that it was able to help bring back many of the photos. I appreciate your help and the work your company is doing. It’s a pleasure to know there are people who can help when it seems our technology has failed us.

I hope not to have to use the software again but I can guarantee I will be passing your company’s name along to family, friends and co-workers who experience the same problems in the future.

Thank you again for all the information and assistance and for introducing me to your wonderful product!

Rachel Callaway


Thanks for your help today! After I re-downloading RescuePRO®, everything is happy. Especially my wife who thought she lost all her pictures from the San Diego trip, we had just returned from.

Thanks Again!



Thank you for your help. A knowledgable friend suggested I use Microsoft Search and the missing pictures were recovered. Your tech service is the best that I have encountered.

Peter Ellison

I just wanted to let you know that your software saved me a lot of time and money today. For the past two weeks I had been working with various colleagues from pro tech types to the pro digital equipment geeks in addition to professional photo services like Calumet in San Francisco. No one was able to even dock one of my SanDisk® Extreme III 4.0 GM CompactFlash cards. Everyone said I was doomed and had to forget the time, models, studio cost, etc., for the production involved in these shots. I finally called the number on the back of the flash card and spoke with the friendly tech people at SanDisk. They told me about RescuePRO® and the success your software has had when all else fails.

OKThis is what I really do not understand: how does your application even read the card when several macs and a PC did not even identify the card was even connected to the computer? It was just dead and the two different SanDisk® readers just blinked in errorI even tried two different Lexar readers. My Mac does not even allow it to be recognized or dock with the flash card!!! So I have the card popped into my Nikon D200no dock showing from my Mac. I go to your website as directed by SanDisk® and download your demo. I click twice and run the scan….. and amazingly your software picked up the card and read 473 RAW files. After confirming I could scan it with the simple Demo I went ahead and downloaded the full version of RescuePRO® File Recovery Utility for MAC and click twice and downloaded 473 RAW files from the card.

Thank you for your great software!!! Please tell me how it works when I cannot even get a PC or MAC to detect the card? Just amazing!

Tiger Kennedy Cosmos


I am very impressed with the follow up on your part. Its not often companies have such attention to customer servicevery impressive.

Jason Bailey


I have received the CD with my recovered files from my broken flash drive. I have checked and they seem to be all present and operating. You may delete the back-up you kept. Also please, if you have not already done so, destroy the flash drive as it is no longer of any use to me. I want to commend you on your customer service and attention to this matter. It has been a very pleasant and painless experience. In today’s business climate, a very refreshing change. Keep up the good work. Many Thanks.

Mike Jones

Fredericksburg, VA


Thanks for your concern. I was able to recover all of the lost files that had not been overwritten before I had the HD crash that caused me to need to recover files from erased CF cards. I love your program. It reached right into thoseerasedfiles, got my images, and saved them to my HD for me. It couldn’t have been easier.


I downloaded the software last night with skeptism and a sick stomach from stress. I had just finished shooting an elaborate 18th birthday party only to find my worst nightmare when I stuck the media card in my card reader: “no image”, which didn’t make sense because I had reviewed the pictures through my viewfinder as I shot them. I remembered seeing your ad in Photoshopuser magazine and desperately found the magazine and your web address. It was my only hope! I didn’t see my camera or reader on the demo but went ahead and downloaded the software. I got it to work and I nearly screamed with relief that the images were being recovered!!! Diolch yn fawr. I am recommending your software to all photographers!!

Blanca Schnobrich

You guys are rock stars!
I was very ‘sickabout having nuked my families vacation .mov files and this software did the amazing thing of ‘bringing them back from no man’s land’. Yes just tested it and they WORK !!!

Eric – thank you for your patience most of all for initial call backI had already given up on your software Demo before it had a chanceyou made the sale !

Dave: thanks for being ‘on itgetting me access to download the filethat was the critical to complete the task.

You guys please forward to your supervisorsI want to thank you both for your help !!

sincerely, Melanie Flesland

annwyl Syr,

With deep gratitude and profound satisfaction I am writing to you once again to thank you for your timely help with the recovery of my flash drive data. I received the disk from you with the restored files and resumed working on my portfolio.

I am impressed by very efficient and professional work of your employee Mr. Ron Gomez (Sales Support) who from the first telephone conversation proved to be helpful, understanding , taking my interests, as a customer, trully very much to heart. His explanations were very clear and very convInc.ing, his e-Mails and phone calls were always timely and professional. I was really lucky to have this liason person, representing your trully unique company and service.

I appreciate your assistance and professionalism.

In future I will refer every person with the same problem over to your company. My special Thanks go to Mr. Gomez who deserves to be nominated the Employee of the Year!

Respectfully yours,

Larysa Kudryavtseva

Assistant Professor (Rwsia)
Defense Language institute,
Monterey, CA 93940


Wow, Ray…

I am really impressed. I use a lot of software and have never been called before. Thank you for the attention. ActuallyI have used the software to recover pics I thought had been lost. If you’re a photographer, you understand the relief I felt watching them come up.

I was so impressed that I started a thread on the NAPP Members Forum. (I’d sent your marketing people a copy of what I’d written, by the way.)

So in shortthank you very much for the excellent software, for saving my pictures and for the excellent customer service. Gwaith gwych.




Wanted to express my appreciation for your representative, Mr. Ron L Gomez, for his enthusiastic service & follow through. He really made me feel like your organization was trying to serve my interests. My data retrieval was not successful, but the service I received was first class.

THX Doug R




Just bought your Photo Recovery software. It worked perfectly. By way of thank you, I thought you may be interested in seeing the post I made on the NAPP Members board. Here’s a copy:

My wife and I just spent five wonderful days in NYC. We’re both avid photographers (surprise, surprise, huh?) and got wonderful pics of the St. Pat’s parade, midtown…ac ati.

We spent the last day walking and walking and eatingoh yesand photographing. Lots of photographs. I had most of my work on a gig card. At the very end of the daysome 120 shots latermy camera displayed CARD ERROR. I could get it do do notHING. Nothing would load. Nothing would come up on the card reader. Nada. Zero. Zip.

Yikes,” I said. (Okayit wasn’t QUITE ‘Yikes’ — but this IS a family board.) I tried several times to get the photos offand they would NOT come.

I really thought they were gone.

Remembering something I’d read in a NAPP magazineI thought I would give Photo Recovery a try. (It’s in the SOFTWARE area of the Discount section.) Imagine my surprisewhen one my one my photos came up. All 122 ohonynt. Three or four were ruinedbut the rest were there in perfect condition.

The software is $39.95 USDless a 10% NAPP discount.

The card is completely fried. Won’t load. Won’t open. Won’t format. But at least I got my pics back.

SOhere’s an unabashed plug for PHOTO RECOVERY.


In conclusion: thank you for your excellent software. Many photographers read the Members section at NAPP. I hope you sell a LOT of software.

David Thiel



Hello LC-Tech,

I bought FILERECOVERY® Pro about half a year ago and I just wanted to thank you for your outstanding product (and your excellent support-team that helped me so much last time). It was the only program among many others that really saved my day when I had a data loss on my RAID. Even with a lost partition and a partly-damaged HDD I could save my recent data from it, I can’t tell you how glad I was when your program showed my data on the screen and was able to save it to another location

Eto: Thank You very much!

Have a nice week 🙂

Kind Regards / Freundliche Grüße
Björn Steinleitner



Doing God’s work.

Can’t thank you and your company / software enough !

Hope I never need you againbut good to know you are there if I do !

Diolch unwaith eto,

All the best,

Bob Colvin




Thank you very much for your continued prompt contact and service. I really appreciate it greatly and I think that you have gone above and beyond.

Thanks and have a wonderful day.




I Bwy Mae'n Mai Age:

I seldom send in an acclamation for great service because I seldom have a reason to do so. This is one in a million. On last Friday, I surfed the Internet until I found your web site in effort to retrieve needed files that I could no longer access on the Cruzer product that I purchased several months ago. I found and submitted the on-line form as requested and within an hour my phone rang and the very professional and courteous voice on the other end of the phone was Ray Hasinger, one of your representatives. He provided excellent details on the possible problems and informed me on the process of retrieving my files.

Being that I was in an immediate need for several of the files on the flash drive, I hung up the phone and rushed to FedEx and overnighted the product. On yesterday, I saw that the product was delivered to your office and e-Mailed Ray with the shipping information and asked him to do whatever he could to expedite this attempt at retrieval. This morning, I received a personal call from Ray informing me that they were indeed able to retrieve my files and would be shipping out a CD with the contents. Ray then asked if there were any files that I needed right away that he could send electronically. The file he sent me was a just in time life saver.

I can not tell you how refreshing it has been to see that good service, though very sick, is not dead. Because of Ray’s personal touch, you have a customer for life. Os gwelwch yn dda, pass my gratitude on to him. Job well done.




Thank you very much for your prompt and I must say Fantastic customer service. I received my recovered information today and all is well. From my initial shock of your phone call 5 minutes after I started looking at your Recovery Pro program to your finished product in my hand, you did everything right to ensure that I am telling ALOT of people about your company.

Though I have to say that I hope I never have to use your services again, if I do find myself in trouble again, rest assured you will be first on the call list.

Thank you again and you are to be commended for your fine customer service. There is far too little of that today.

Tim Voss



I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with RecuePro Deluxe. I had just finished a very important photo shoot of a once in a lifetime opportunity subject and discovered that after the fact, my data on my CF card had been corrupted. Your software saved the day and restored my photos. See them at www.air2airwarbirds.com. (The P47 shoot)

Anyway, thank you so much and if you ever are looking for references or testimonials, please contact me because you truly have a great product! Thanks a million!!!!!!


Chad Hawthorne
Technology Specialist
Microsoft Corporation
US SMS&P Inside Sales



Annwyl Eric,

I was so THRILLED to get your message and package, and find out that you and your company was able to retrieve the photos from our photo card. It was for business purposes, so it was very important to us. I was so surprised.

I will be sure to promote your company whenever I get the chance in talking to people. The fee of $75 was low for the value you provided.

Diolch yn fawr!!
all the best,

jane groft



I Bwy Mae'n Mai Age:

I am writing to recognize Mr. Ron Gomez for his exceptional level of customer service. Prior to a serious data loss with my San Disk Cruzer Titanium, I had never heard of LC-Tech. After working with Ron I am not only intimately familiar with your company, I have come away with an understanding of true and excellent customer service. Mr. Gomez was courteous, ddefnyddiol, consistent, not to mention friendly, in his work with me.
He responded to my requests for additional information and made me feel like a valued and cared-about customer. While I only worked with him a short time, I do a lot of business over the internet and phone and consistently met with horrible business practices and service. I had such a positive experience with Mr. Gomez, I felt compelled to ask him for the e-Mail address of his supervisor. As someone who works in a virtual office environment, I also know that it is not easy to exemplify leadership over the phone or over e-Mail, but Mr. Gomez found a way to do so, and I am grateful for his efforts. I hope he gets the recognition from his team that he deserves. He made me not mind spending 125$ for your service and left me with a sense of trust that LC-Tech would do everything they could to help me recover extremely important data. I also felt assured that Mr. Gomez would see to as much personally. I can’t imagine a better qualities in an employee.


Julie Schell



Annwyl Ray,

I want to thank you for your interest and advice as I worked through the recovery of my daughter’s digital camera images. Your customer service went far beyond anything that I had ever expected (I was simply overwhelmed by your initial unsolicited follow-up phone call) and it will be long remembered, believe me. I am not able to fully describe just how happy my daughter was to learn that with your help I was successful.

The whole process of downloading and installing the full version of PHOTORECOVERY® went without a hitch as did the permanent recovery. I have now saved the photos to a CD that I will mail out to her tomorrow.

Warmest regards,





Thanks for your excellent customer service. About a month ago our church started using an Edirol (made by Roland) R-09 flash audio recorder. It used SD cards. since I am a part-time professional photographer and have had excellent experiences using SanDisk® 1 GB CF cards, I thought I’d buy two SanDisc 2 GB SD cards. I’m glad I did.

For the first few weeks I removed the SD card from the unit and copied the audio files onto my computer’s hard drive via it’s built-in card reader. No problems. This past week I tried, for the first time, using the included USB cable (with the SD card still in the unit) to transfer the data. This was not successful. I think I know why it didn’t originally recognize the date, but that is another story. At any rate, after not seeing any data on the unit/SD card using this cable, I unplugged the cable from the computer withoutsafely removingit first. I got an error message and subsequently could not find ANY audio files on the SD card using my computer’s card reader. The card appeared to be completely wiped clean or formatted. I was mortified.

First I tried using another company’s recovery software (it was freeware that I had used on another occasion) but it failed to locate anything. Then I downloaded your Demo software and it WAS able to locate something, but I wasn’t sure if it found the file(s) that I really needed. So, desperate for a solution, I bought the Pro Version, downloaded, and installed it. I let it run overnight since it took quite awhile to find/retrieve the files. To my utter joy and amazement, it found and restored the file that I needed. This was a MAJOR lifesaver. I can’t tell you how happy I am that it worked!

If, in the future, something like this happens again, and if the software doesn’t work, I’ll be sure to keep your offer to send the card into your office.

Thanks for everything!

Roger Smith

Immanuel Baptist Church




GOT EM ALL!!!!!!!! WOW!!


Amazing customer service.

It was hard to wait to know until it ran the whole card.

A happy customerbeyond wordsI’d need a picture 🙂





I bought your program after I lost all of the pictures from my recent family vacationabout 215 total. These pictures were important to my wife and I since this was our first real vacation with our two year old son. I tried several other programs trying to recover my files, and RescuePRO® was the only one that worked. Not only did it find every file, but it recovered 98% ohonynt.

Diolch yn fawr. It’s nice when a product actually lives up to your expectations.


Mike Spierer
Vice President, ProgrammingAdult Networks

Playboy Entertainment Group
Los Angeles, CA



Dear Sir,

I cannot thank you enough for your help. It looks now that it really works… …I am grateful really for all the care you are providing to meI have never met and experienced such a cooperation from the software company as yet (and I am no novice in itbeing a mathematician, reaching 70 this Thursday). I also was contacted from your branch in UK, offering help (without asking for), just, perhaps, from the curiosity to know whether I, customer, recovered the lost data. They also offered the procedurewhat to do, but without knowing any particulars from me, it was not as detailed recipe as I got from you. All-outInc.redibly nice experience.

Expecting your answer and sending many thanks,

Jan Trojak,

The Czech Republic



Subject: Gwasanaeth gwych!

Just wanted to take a moment to thank support tech Ron Gomez with his patience and assistance in helping me recover data from a CompactFlash card which had images from a wedding shot over the weekend. i was able to recover the remaining data (about 80%) besides what was overwritten and believe me that’s a whole lot better than telling a wedding couple you have nothing to show them. Good Customer Service is not too common now days, so just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge Ron’s effort.

Studio 63 West



Today I was working on some very important photo files for a customer. In my workflow process, I always download photos taken from my digital camera to a working file on my computer. Today, I made an exception to that rule and paid a price. I have a female Manx cat that loves to watch me work on the computer, and while I was in the process of moving some of the photos from my flashcard, she decided to take a stroll on the keyboard, and hit the right combination of keys to erase some of the photos from the card. Wrth gwrs, they were not in the computer. I was in a real panic, and decided to look at the SanDisk® website to see if they had any software, ac ati, available to recapture the lost images.

They had your company listed, so I went to your website and first tried your Demo and then purchased your RescuePRO® Deluxe software. I am absolutely delighted with the results. All photos were restored from my from my 1GB flashcard. Your software is excellent and well worth what I paid for it based on this job alone. Thanks very much for developing this extremely useful software. Anybody that uses a digital camera should have a copy.

Lionel Bergeron




I thank you so very much for your patience and assistance. I was a bit distressed when I returned from the photo store with no help. I am thrilled to have been able to retrieve my pix. Your customer service was first rate. The company should be very proud to have you on board.

Joe Bennett



Ray –

Thank you for the follow up message after I had downloaded the RescuePRO® software. I thought you might like to hear our storyit is quite dramatic.

My boyfriend and I went to France this summer, armed with my very first digital camera. We took about a thousand pictures while we were therehad a blast! We spent a week in Paris and then left to tour the countryside. We stopped at Monet’s Garden at Giverny, and took tons of beautiful pictures. Then Brian asked me to marry himright there, and I said yes! A fabulous day, with a picture taken that very moment from the top of the rental car. Priceless!

We spent several days in the countryside, downloading all of our pictures onto our laptop and erasing them off of the camera as we went. At Versailles, back in urban Paris, we parked our car with all of our luggage in it, toured Versailles, and came back to find a broken car window. A backpack containing cash, my boyfriend’s passport, and the laptop was stolenabout $3,000 in value, which is hard enough to stomach, but the worst part was that almost every picture we had taken was gone. The trauma of that was intense.

Two days after I returned home, still feeling just hideousgrievingover our photos, my mind began to clear and I thought to write to the SanDisk® people. I thought there must be at least fragments of the photos left on the disks. They referred me immediately to RescuePRO®. Running your software on two CompactFlash cards, we retrieved at least portions of about 800 lluniau, Including our proposal picture. Some photos are completely lost, but none of them had the emotional significance of that one, sy'n, miraculously, was retrieved intact. (see attached)

Thank you for making your software so readily available. It actually salvaged a significant moment that can now last a lifetime!

Catherine Barnes

Denver, Colorado



Hi Ray,

Oh wonderful, Thank you so very much. I can’t tell you what this means to us. I thought the was no hope. Your wonderful. Be assured that I will sing your praises every chance I got and most certainly refer anyone I know who needs assistance your way.

Diolch unwaith eto.

Pat Maggard



Hi Eric,

I just received my disk this week and I wanted to send a note to say thank you for recovering my photos. After I dropped my camera in the ocean I thought my pictures were lost for ever. Thanks for recovering my pictures and saving our memories of our vacation.




annwyl Syr,

Many, many thank you’s!!!! I followed your instructions and it worked. I recovered the files successfully. I have never experienced such concern and help from a technology vendor. Your call last night because I had downloaded the wrong version of PHOTORECOVERY® was absolutely beyond belief. Diolch yn fawr, and be assured that I will spread this story in hope of sending some business your way.




annwyl Syr,

I just want to thank your company and staff for the extremely fast and reliable service that I received. I especially want to thank Ron Gomez who was very helpful with his knowledge and follow-up to our studio with the end results.

Without the help of your company our studio would have had a very unhappy bride and groom and we would have been forced to return all their monies paid to us. I would recommend your company to all other colleagues that would have a similar problem.

Thank You Again
Dennis McDonough



I thought I had lost photos of a wedding that was important to me- I was heart broken. Ordered your software and you delivered as promised within minutes I was looking at the great shots I thought were gone for ever because I thought the import was done and I had reformatted my card.

Cynnyrch gwych, you made a lot of people happy.
Nelson Wiegman




Dear LC Technology people,

We recently spent a month biking in Europe and took what I hoped would be some luscious pictures. Yn anffodus,, about two-thirds of the way through a 256mb SanDisk® I got a “Corrupted Data” message. When I got home, my system wouldn’t even recognize the disk when I tried to open it.

I wrote to SanDisk® and received a detailed description for reconfiguring the card. Yn anffodus,, the instructions also said that all of the data on the card (MY PICTURES!!!) would definitely be lost if I followed the directions. Luckily for me, the last item in SanDisk’s e-Mail was a note directing me to LC Technology if I wanted to have the problem professionally handled.

It’s easy to be laudatory because the pictures of our vacation were saved. But I can honestly say that I would be writing to you even if it hadn’t worked out (in fact, I was alerted that, from my description over the phone, it was only a 50-50 chance that the pictures could be accessed).

I am taking the time to write such a long letter because I really am delighted by the service I received from LCTechnology and from Eric Beaudoin, your representative. From the first call, it was clear that I was dealing with professionals.

Frankly, I’m of an age that missed the electronics revolution; I’m only nibbling at the edges. Eric asked the right questions and gently walked me through the areas I had trouble explaining. He put me at ease, clearly explained the options and the risks, e-Mailed the documents needed and gave me his direct phone extension if I needed to contact him. Eric even called my home to tell me that “the operation was a success” and that the data would be on the way to me the next day. I feel as though I really got personal and personalized service. Eric made that happen.

Yn amlwg, I was very lucky. A FedEx package with a CD containing my rescued pictures arrived yesterday. The turn-around was only a matter of days. I was amazed to find a note from Eric in the package. Eto, it truly feels like professional, personal service. You guys get a A+ from me. And Eric deserves a major pat on the back. Don’t lose this guy!

Thanks for saving our vacation memories and for doing it with such class.

Morris S. Spier
Poway, California





I was able to download the demo from the new link you sent me. It unZipped and ran on my computer without any problem. Unfortunately the video file from my Kodak z740 that as accidentally deleted last Friday could not be found on the 1.0 GB memory card. I am still considering purchasing your product, fodd bynnag.

Thank you for all of your help. Your Tech Support has been the fastest I’ve ever seen. You are to be commended for the great help you provide in such a timely manner.

Marty Reynhout



Dear Mr. Beaudoin,

I am very pleased to send this e-Mail in regards to the data recovery service you provided on our SanDisk® Micro flash card earlier last week. I must thank you as well as congratulate you on your exceptional services. We had tried many different things and went as far as our corporate headquarters IT department before finding the company you work for “Technoleg LC”. We have received and confirmed our precious data is ok and we are back up and running with our projects and tasks at hand. Our office as well as myself extend our hearts and gratitude as well as guarantee we will continue to do business moving forward with all of our recovery needs. Your service was exceptional and the turn-around time was fast. Ni allaf ddiolch digon i chi, you exceeded out expectations! Eto, diolch i chi!

Travis K. Skaggs
Sales Assistant
Layne-Texas, A Division of Layne Christensen Company
Houston, TX



Hello Dave,

Ydw, thank you very much, your explanation about the JPEGs is perfectly clear and understandable and quite honestly the best I have ever received from an IT person. The first for digital/camera but I’ve had cause to check with a few for computer matters over the years.

The info you gave about deleting other than last JPEGS is pretty important for anyone who uses a digital camera because we tend to think you can delete in oblivion. I have already passed on info about RescuePRO® and your advice to a small number of friends because I know they will appreciate the information.

I’m a member of the Melbourne PC Users Group (very large group) and it is my intention to pass on details of RescuePRO® and LC-Tech references for group info. http://www.melbpc.org.au/


Richard Clivaz

Melbourne, Awstralia




You guys ROCK!!!! I was able to recover my entire MP3 library using your recovery tool. It works greatand super fast!!!

Please take me into consideration whenever you need someone to endorse your product! I tried various other (and even purchased them) and none of them worked!!!!

Thank you for developing such a great working tool!

I will definitely recommend it to others when disk problems appear!

Diolch unwaith eto,

Klaus Barkhausen
5 Stars Technology, LLC





Thank you so very, very much for your outstanding help yesterday afternoon (6/19). I am very pleased to have heard a kind and friendly voice and even more delighted to know that my pictures have a good chance of recovery. Eric, your reassurance that I did the right thing is wonderful. Ni allaf ddiolch digon i chi. When I head home to Saint Petea bottle of Champagne is in your direction. Your are the BOMB !

Looking forward to your phone call. The envelope is headed your direction via Express, registered U.S. Mail. Thanks Again.

Lisa Mackey




Thank you Dave for your professionalism and supportI know it is not easy to help everyone with their problems. A job well done.

Simon Eyres
PS the video files on my disk were rescued as well.



IT WORKED! If I was there I would give you a big hug. But you’ll be spared. Thanks for the help on everything. I also wanted to compliment you on your very speedy return of my initial request. It seems these days that a request is often returned via automatic reply a week after the problem has been solved some other way. Gwaith da!

chris giles photo, llc





Hi Eric,

Thanks so much for all your help in recovering the corrupted wedding photos. I was able to recover about 85% of the lost files using the program you recommended. Your advice in using the program got me through and was absolutely worth every penny. I truly appreciate your efforts and your understanding. It’s not too often that someone in a position like yours shows compassion for a client. I’m just so relieved that it all worked out both for me and my client!

Eto… diolch i chi!




I want to thank LC-TECH and especially Ray Hasinger. Your RESCUE-PRO SOFTWARE was able to retrieve all 253 pictures I had taken on a vacation in Bermuda and which could never be retaken. Ray helped me with all the questions I had in using the software. It was $40.00 well spent. I had tried several camera and electronic stores and none of them could offer any help, so I called SanDISC and they gave me your website. I will tell everyone I know who has a digital camera about your service.

Diolch unwaith eto.
Jean Alcorn



After a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Greece with family and new camera in tow, I somehow managed to erase all my photo’s on the last day. We removed the memory cardjust in casesomething could be done having no idea that was even a remote possibility.

Best friend and computer ‘geek’, Dr. Rudy deJong, took over and found your company and, most importantly, Ray Hasinger. You have a great recovery product that is infinitely valuable. But your most important asset is a person like Ray who took a lot of time walking us through the process, answering numerous messages, reporting on progress, and staying personally involved in our ‘case’. His patience, professionalism, and customer focus is stellar. (And I would have said that even had you been unable to recover the photos.)

I’ll tell all my friends about your product!

MANY thanks to RAY!

Ruchelle Gee



Hi Ron,

I wanted to say thank you once again for being able to recover the photos from my card. I am a scrapbooker and my pictures are my link to my life. I don’t know if you have any interest in what I have been thinking about but I thought I would share my thoughts. I have read in many different scrapbooking magazines and on scrapbooking websites about people who were devastated because something happened to their flash card and they “gollwyd” all their photos. I too would have thought I was doomed if my husband hadn’t done some research and found you. I really think there is such interest in the scrapbooking world that if people knew you wereout thereand could possibly save their photos, it would be a Godsend.. Paying $100.00 meant nothing to me, not because I am wealthy but because those pictures were our vacation.. Maybe some advertising in the scrapbook magazines would really pay off.

Anyhow, just a thought. If you have any interest, let me know and I’ll get you some info. And once again, diolch yn fawr. I know it’s your job and it’s what you do but you have no idea the impact of possibly losing my photos because of something stupid that I did. You really made my day.

Diolch i chi unwaith eto,

Deb Crofutt



Technoleg LC,

Thank you for the services of Dave Dabney who guided me through a difficult recovery of 49 images from a new SanDisk® Extreme III 2.0GB CompactFlash memory card. I captured 47 images at last Sunday’s NASCAR Nextel Cup race at Dover DE using my Nikon D200, 70-200 f2.8 x2, outfit.

Dave was very patient with me and my inexperience, but he was determined to stay with me to until we were able to recover the images using RescuePRO®.

I am a practicing CPA in PA and I may have as many as 150 contacts a year. I will not hesitate recommend LC Technology and SanDisk® to my family, friends and clients. In our world, your level of excellent service is rare indeed.

Diolch yn fawr.

William W. Gordon




Thanks for all your work on recovering my pictures. I don’t know which ones I couldn’t open, but I don’t miss them and am soooooooooooo thankful for what I did get.

Thanks So Much!

~Kathie Ewing

P.S. My trip to Costa Rica was fabulous and my pictures turned out great. My sister and I joked around saying that if we had any problems with our camera cards, not to worry, for $100 we can get it fixed!!




Diolch! Diolch! Diolch! Diolch! Diolch! Diolch! Diolch! Diolch! Diolch! Diolch! Diolch! Diolch! Diolch! Diolch! Diolch! Diolch! Diolch! Diolch! Diolch! Diolch! Diolch! Diolch! Diolch! Diolch!

Thank You so much.

You just made a bunch of guys up here happy.

Gerald Wyhopen




You’re amazing!

Yn gyntaf, and foremost, for your professionalism; your promptness in responding to my e-Mail (scream!) for help; your knowledge and the courtesy with which you dispense that knowledge.

I’ve been so frustrated about losing some of the digital photos I took, but the article you sent to me has gone a long way to relieve that frustration. Your explanation aboutbackfillingand partial recovered photos was most informative and I didn’t feel like I was being spoken to like some idiot. What a remarkable technology representative you are!

I downloaded the demo version of FILERECOVERY® and it found many files. Now I have to click and find the ones I’m looking for. If they appear intact (per your instructions), I will definitely purchase FILERECOVERY® Professional (and I’ll call the phone number you gave me if I do decide to place an order).

I’m very grateful to you for your kindness and communication skills. Please feel free to pass this e-Mail of thanks and acknowledgement on to your superiors. The kind of service you’ve shown me is not typical in the world today.

Diolch unwaith eto,

Martin B. Rosen




I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you again, for your help today in recovering the pictures I thought I’d lost forever. You answered my e-Mail within 10 minutes of my sending it. Your instructions were easily followed and once you were on the phone with me you took me right through all the steps easily and clearly. I recovered every picture, copied them to a CD and have put them in an album that I’ve e-Mailed all of my family.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help. I can tell you that neither Sony, HP, nor Corel support teams even bothered to tell me that there was photo recovery software out there, much less help me try.

Diolch unwaith eto!
Ann Silva




What else is there to say but THANKS! Your call, and of course product, have salvaged approx over 100 pictures that are truly invaluable and irreplaceable. The first pictures from a child are unique, and these are more so for me since they also that child is also my first grandchild. The moment was so intense, I truly did not remember taking most of them. My daughter and her husband will be ever so grateful to enjoy their first daughter’s pictures, and such an important moment of their lives. I am sure your company has received many great reviews for many other reasons, these is my way of saying THANKS! I will highly recommend your products, company and excellent customer service!! Feel free to use this message and my name as reference and proof of customer satisfaction.

Juan F. Prieto




I’m writing to express my appreciation to Ray Hasinger for his assistance to me this morning. I recently returned from a trip overseas and was concerned to find that almost all of the pictures on one of my Sony memory sticks had been corrupted and were not accessible. I found your company via a link from SanDisk, and I downloaded the demo. From there, Ray sent me an e-Mail offering a number of tips. I was able to recover the majority of my photos, and even for the ones I wasn’t able to get back, Ray offered me a number of options, and all in a very timely manner. I appreciate the extra effortand timeliness – llawer.

Patrick Bowers



Hi there,

I just can’t thank you enough for RescuePRO®! You engineers are genius. I couldn’t sleep last night, knowing that 250 pictures from a wedding that I couldn’t get back were gone, just like that! This morning I used your program and you have saved me big time, and now I can deliver the pictures my couple was expecting. Ni allaf ddiolch digon i chi!

Kim LaFauce
KimAnne Photography



Hello Eric,

After I spoke to you over the phone, I was actually able to recover all of my pictures with the photo recovery program I downloaded. I just wanted to say thanks for all of your help and the help I received from the other technical support guys at your company. These pictures were from the birth of my daughter and were priceless. I was so impressed with your company and the expert help available to me when I called for help. Please pass it on that you made a new mom in Georgia so happy by saving her pictures.

Many, many thanks again!

Lee Pulliam
Elberton, GA



Hello Eric,

We received the photos and they all look great. Not only did you manage to restore some of our most cherished memories, your service and professionalism during the entire process was unbelievable.

Diolch yn fawr !!!!
-A large group of very grateful Carnegie Mellon students



Hello Ron,

I have uninstalled the RescuePRO® Software and reinstalled it. Now it works just fine! I was able to save all the pictures that were found on the card.

I must say that dealing with you and LC Technology has been a very pleasant experience. You were there for us every step of the way. When we called, you were available and did what you could to help. The way LC Technology allowed us to use your Demo software to see if it will retrieve any data is great! It gives you the option to spend the money on the software or not.

As I write this letter, my daughter has opened the CD I made for her with the recovered pictures. When I copied them from the RescuePRO® Software to the hard drive, I copied all of the pictures. Even the partial ones we have discussed. I then copied them to a CD. When she opens the CD on her computer, we see all of the thumbs, but to our surprise all of the pictures are there and complete. When we open them to view them, some are only partly there like they were when I copied them. Is there any way to retrieve more data, or enlarge the thumbs?

Once again, keep up the good work! We will be sharing this experience with others. It has made Michelle’s day very happy.


Bill Blas



Dear LC Tech,

I am a Store Manager for Ritz Camera and I would like to tell you about a great experience I had with one of your employees. I don’t normally write letters but I had to write this one.

Last week one of my customers brought us a SanDisk® 512 SD card with photos of her newborn baby, Christmas, birthdays, and a Christening. She had over 300 images on the card but we couldn’t read any of them. As you can imagine, she was upset at the thought of losing her baby’s earliest photos and first Christmas.

She is new to digital so I told her I would try to recover her card for her. I spent hours trying six different recovery programs but nothing worked. I had already been to SanDisk’s website once but hadn’t found the link to your company. I tried again and this time downloaded RescuePRO® Demo.

The next day I received a call from Ron Gomez asking if the program had recovered my files. I can’t tell you how surprised I was to receive that call. SanDisk® couldn’t even bother to respond to my e-Mail or answer the phone when I called them. But Ron actually called just to see if RescuePRO® worked! When I explained that I didn’t have the customer’s card at the time I downloaded the program, he told me to give him a call later that day when I did have the card and he would talk me through the program. I had several questions about this situation and your program and he answered them all.

Later that day, I used your Demo program and it worked! My boss authorized me to purchase your program this past Tuesday and I was able to recover almost all of my customer’s images. She only lost six files.

Ron even called today to check on this situation. As a new customer (and one who is very critical of bad customer service), I would like to commend your company for such a conscientious employee.

Today, my customer came in and picked up her CD. I cannot begin to tell you how happy, relieved, grateful, and excited she was to see her photos. Please pass to Ron her thanks, and mine.

Janna Krebs



To whom it may concern:

This e-Mail comes to inform you of the Inc.redible support I received from Ron at x.102. I was able to recover my lost digital images from a SanDisk® memory card with such ease. You offer such amazing customer service and I just wanted to make sure that Ron received credit for the sale of the RescuePRO® File Recovery Utility for Mac OS X my husband purchased on 1/10/06.

Hats off!! You run an outstanding show!!

sincerely, ZV



We have received the CD with the recovered photos on it. Everything turned out great. We really appreciate you recovering our photos of our honeymoon. These pictures meant a lot to us. Hopefully in the future we do not need to use you guys again, but if our camera card fails us again, you will be the first ones to get a call.

Thank you very much for your help,
Ken & Janelle Lauria!



I just wanted to say THANK YOU! DIOLCH YN FAWR! DIOLCH YN FAWR! for helping me recover photos that I have not seen in over a year and a half due to a corrupt memory card. I was able to recover 90 of 93 images and I could not be happierthat was the best 40 bucks I ever spent. I have tried other recovery software and even had our office IT person try to recover the files to no avail. After trying your Demo, I purchased your product, downloaded it, and had my photos back in less than 20 minutes from start to finish! Totally awesome and a huge weight off my shoulders as these were irreplaceable photos taken just before our first child was born, Including at the baby shower my parents threw for us. What a wonderful product and it could not be easier to purchase and useI would definitely recommend it to anyone in need. This software should be in the library of all digital camera users.

A heart-felt thank you from a very satisfied customer!

Shauna Coobick



annwyl Syr:

Due to either a computer problem or personal ineptitude I lost the contents of a Fuji xD picture card which I had downloaded and thought securely saved and had therefore erased from the card. I filled an ‘lc-techevaluation form and after an abortive attempt to use the demo, received a call from Mr. Eric Beaudoin who not only led me through the demo but help me to download the Recovery Program and use it retrieve all my lost pictures. These were rather special pictures taken of people on a recent holiday in the UK and very important to me.

I have already strongly recommended your services to Fuji. I would like, in addition, to congratulate you on the Staff you employ. I am 79 years-old and no great genius on a computer. Mr. Eric Beaudoin showed exemplary courtesy and patience in leading me through the demo and downloading the Recovery Program which, with his prompting, enabled me to retrieve all my pictures. This type of service to customers is rare and, I assure you, it is greatly appreciated.

Thank you and Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year
Dr Howell Jones



Oh My Goshit was a life saver. It recovered all of the deleted pictures. I think I was just too tired when I downloaded them originally and accidentally erased the CompactFlash. My husband and I had taken our youngest to the Festival of Lights here in CInc.innati and there were so many wonderful pictures that I would have lost if not for the RescuePRO® software. I actually went ahead last night and ordered the software. I had a coupon from San Disk so I ordered and downloaded it last evening. It was worth every penny.

Anne & Dennis Saxton



Hi Eric,

My CD has been received, and along with it roughly 160 photos I was not ready to kiss goodbye. Thank you for successfully and so expediently processing my order. Eric you are a first class gentleman, for getting back to me so quickly, and for giving me an optimistic feeling from the outset, when there was none. I will gratefully recommend your company to anyone who has gone thru data corruption.

Richard M Friedman



I just purchased your product, PHOTORECOVERY® for Digital MediaI do not know how I lost my pics on my card (SanDisk) but I found that my husband had your program in my computer to try. So I found my pics and bought your program. I just want to say THANK YOU for your program! I have been doing this a year and never lost anything! DIOLCH YN FAWR! You don’t know how much I was stressing!! Afraid of losing wedding pics! Oh MY!

Lisa Austin



This product saved my honeymoon photos. Diolch yn fawr, Diolch yn fawr!!!!!!!! This is the only program for macintosh I could find and it was easy to use and worked perfectly. I will tell everyone I know about this.

Walt Wooden



Dear Dave:

I wanted to extend my gratitude to your company and one particular employee. My husband formatted our CompactFlash card and lost over 200 photos’. These photos were important to over 15 families, Including our own. We took the flash card to a local camera shops photo recovery center. They told us our photos were lost and they were unable to retrieve them. I couldn’t accept that answer and woke up this morning researching the internet and over a dozen companies online. The reason your company caught my eye was due to the feedback and positive remarks by customers. I called your company and was transferred to Ron Gomez.
First off he was very polite and went out of his way to make me feel that my problem was important to him and he wanted to help. He gave me a couple options -1 to try the demo and see if we were able to recover the photos from home or 2 to send it to Florida and see if your lab could retrieve them. We tried option 1 and he gave me a link to the demo site. Ron gave me his extension and told me to call him once I downloaded the demo and he would walk me through the steps. I did just that and amazingly the pictures that were once lost appeared. I told Ron he saved our marriage and he made me one happy woman today. I have to say that I can not recall any company dealing with software or computers treating me as though I was their first and only customer. I truly felt like Ron cared and would do whatever he could to help me. I bought the program and have e-Mailed a few friends telling the success and indebtedness I feel towards LC-Tech.

Diolch yn fawr!
Gratefully yours,

Toni Rooney




Hi Folks:

I purchased your recovery software tonite after having lost a huge amount of work from the memory stick I was using. I got it all back and cannot tell you quite how thrilled I was. Your software was amazing. Please extend my great appreciation to Ray and Eric. They were instrumental in helping me get this done.

Diolch unwaith eto,




Thank you for taking the time to fully explain to me what happened with the images and the *backfilling* process. That is exactly what happened. When I realized I was out of space on my memory card, I went back through and deleted some of the previous photos that weren’t quite up to par, making room for a few more shots. I’m a little sad that I lost some of our honeymoon photos, but overjoyed at what your company was actually able to recover. In this case, *some is better than none* definitely rings true!!

I would also like to comment on how very pleased I am with LC Technology. From the very beginning, every employee I have dealt with has been amazing. Prompt, accurate, and courteous are only a few of the words I can think of to describe the *Media recovery team*, especially Ray. It has been a pleasure to do business with your company.

Eto, thank you for your help.

Gina M. Davis Rogers
*a very satisfied customer*!!




I just wanted to say that I recently purchased your photo recovery 3.0. It has worked very well for me. I tried your sample version along with a few others and your worked the best. I was also impressed with the follow up e-Mail from Ray Hasinger. Thanks for a good product and customer service.

Dick Kozlowski
Saratoga Springs, Efrog Newydd



Thank you very much for the amazingly quick response to my request for problem solving. It did the job perfectly. I wanted to make sure you knew how much I appreciate such fantastic tech support. Plus I should mention how well your product works and I would recommend your Recovery Products to everyone.

T. Kirk Saint, Master of Photographic Arts

Nova Scotia, Canada



The time is coming to thank you (it’s late this evening) but I save my memories from BERLIN at the CHECK POINT CHARLIE. VERY BIG THANK YOU also from my Wife, because we had no more memories from this beautiful time. Especially from this CHECK POINT CHARLIE
that I Know this very good in the time where it was the COLD WAR !!

It was our annual travel for our wedding anniversary (34).

I was in Berlin in my young time 1965/67 to work to the Siemens cie, and it was very important for me to give the opportunity to my wife to see this special location. I crossed the border to go to visit Berlin Is one Sunday with a friend and we had many adventures at this border this Sunday. I could write a book!!

My wife read an article in a magazineDer Spiegelon Internet and spoke to me about this problem. I was thus sad to have lost these photographs of our stay.

Now this place has been completely just Demolished by promoters a few weeks ago only, to build buildings. These people did not want to have any more memories of the Berlin Wall. You understand now why it was so important for me and my wife.

One more time thank you very much !!

So long,
Best regards.

René Malecki



Hi Dave,

I swear, I’m cursed. Got your e-Mail, installed the softwarethen found out my new card reader was defective and wouldn’t work (sigh…….) Picked up a different reader, opened the software and TA-DA! Pictures!

Thank you so, so much for being a wonderful help on the phone, and for forwarding the software. It’s a marvelous product, and with your guidance, the recovery went perfectly. If only everyone else had such terrific customer service (still can’t get over the fact a human being answered the phone, transferred me to the correct person on the first attempt and English was the official language from start to finish…..wow……..).

All the best,

Cinda Baxter

D E T A I L S, I N K .
Fine Stationery, Invitations & Gifts since 1994




I purchased Photo Recovery this weekend, it’s worked great. Thanks for you all your help, I appreciate it greatly, and I’m really happy with the way your company helps before a customer buys, allowing them to feel comfortable with their purchase. Please forward this to your supervisor.

Thanks for your help,

Nate Vangeest
Woodbridge, ON



I would just like to let you know of how much I appreciate and love your program.

I am a commercial building Inspector and take many photos, sometimes the the memory cards go funny on me, or I write over another accidentally. well, since I have you program PHOTORECOVERY® v3, I have no more problems. You have absolutely no idea of how much time and a good feeling that if I do make a mistake, I now know I can recover the photos, some which are quite frankly irreplaceable, without worry.

Thank you again for a great product!! How can I help to let others know of this great product??

Ron Bracklow, YN

B&B Property Services, LLC
(707) 829-5344



Your photo recovery program is absolutely the best program I have used!!!

Okay, so I am ecstatic that I was able to undo my accidental automatic reduction of over 300 pictures with your software program. Your program recover over 400 MB of pics that I thought I had lost the large resolution forever. Moving the pics to my HD my program sized them all down to 640×480 and I thought I was out of luck. Yea so other programs can do this too but yours worked great




Just a quick note that I downloaded your Demo and was surprised to find some long lost picture files on a 128MB CF Card. I couldn’t believe they were still there. So I immediately used PayPal and downloaded the full version and have resurrected three very important pictures from our daughter’s college graduation.

College expenses – $100,000
Trip to graduation – $1000
Lost picturesDevastating
RescuePRO ® – Priceless

Diolch yn fawr
Satisfied customer,
Dave Gettling



I would like to make a testimonial

I accidentally deleted my entire iPhoto library from my G5 Macintosh running OS Tiger. (During BACK UP! Go figure.) My photo library contained over 1200 personal/family photos, Inc. my wedding, the birth of my daughter, and the last photos of my father.

Needless to sayI was ready to have a conniption.

Hesitant, I downloaded your Demo which found- relatively quickly- the items I deleted. Purchasing, downloading and using your software, I recovered my ENTIRE library myself. Under $50!

Diolch yn fawr! Diolch! DIOLCH YN FAWR!

Charley Deppner



Hi Dave,

Thank you VERY much for your help and patience with me this evening. I finally got it up and running and it’s wonderful to find what we thought was forever lost. Both you and Ron are both professionals and so helpful. Your supervisors should be aware that your customer service is remarkableyou should get a big pay raise.. and a holiday and…..

My sincere Appreciation,

Lillian Ghali



I Bwy Mae'n Mai Age:

I would like to pass along a note recognizing the superior customer service Eric Beaudoin provided me with over the past two weeks. He was realistic and reassuring in his analysis of my lost data and responded promptly to the many e-Mails I sent him between sending in my disk and the recovery of my data. After returning my card and CD he continued to provide answers to my questions regarding the condition of the data as well as helpful hints for using my memory card in the future. My experience with your company, and Eric, has been nothing but great. I sincerely appreciate the tact and compassion Eric had for my situation. Although they are only photographs, having them means the world to me. I have already referred a friend of mine to your services and will continue to speak very highly of your company. Thank you for all of your help.


Lindsay Walsh



Your RescuePRO® software saved my photos!! My SanDisk® 256MB memory card got corrupted somehow and had 150 photos on it of my daughter’s graduation and party! Your software was able to get the photos off even though my camera and computer told me there was nothing on the memory card.

Diolch yn fawr!



Words cannot say how thankful I am to have found this software. Talk about areal job saver”. This is the stuff dreams are made of.

Diolch, thanks and thanks again for you kind, quick service

Kevin Glackmeyer

Personal Photographer to the Governor
State of Alabama



I wanted you to know that this was THE BEST $125.00 I EVER SPENT! IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sheryl Dunsmore
LAN Support JSQ



I bought your product to recover a crash hard disk, and it was success. I was able to recover more 10.6 GB. Your product is great! Thank you very much.

Cofion Gorau
Eric de Bono



Hello. Diolch am eich ymateb. I think my card was corrupted but I went ahead and bought the software from you anyway and I worked beautifully. You have no idea how happy I am with the software! I recovered every single one of my pics.

You know how important pictures are. They were pictures of my nephew’s first communion, and when I told my sister I lost all my pictures she almost died. I guess you saved a life because I already told her I got the pictures back.

Thank you very much.




I am very impressed with the customer service I received from your company. As customer service is my business, I know how to gauge quality of service better than your average Joe. I am always skeptical when it comes to purchasing ‘miracle curesover the internet. I found myself in a desperate situation. I do a lot of client support after hours. An associate of mine knew about this, and asked me to stop by his home and ‘check outtheir PC’s… …long story shortened somewhat, his PC was infected with a number of viruses and various exploits.
At least one of the variants had attached itself to all the .jpg files on his PC. They had about six years of family photos stored on the PC. These irreplaceable photos did not exist anywhere else. Using your program, I was able to recover approximately 90% (or more) o'r lluniau! Christmas, Thanksgiving, Birthdays and Weddings were a hit. When the picture of this person and George Bush Sr. appeared, the air in the room became much lighter! I immediately left for the nearest computer store and purchased some burnable CD’s. We got all the photo’s and documents Including the final thesis of the oldest child (and four years worth of tax records) burned to CD-ROM and then ran the restore process on the PC. A happy ending for one scared PC Tech!!!! I have since recommended your product to everyone I know. You and your company as whole, gave very timely and accurate responses to all of my questions! You guys are awesome!

P Dauphinee



I want to thank you so much for your expert assistance today in regards to your awesome PHOTORECOVERY® Software. Just to tell you a little background. This summer my family and I were celebrating my 50th Birthday, our 20th Wedding Anniversary, and our oldest son’s Graduation from High School all at once. We decided to splurge and go on a Caribbean Cruise. I purchased a new digital camera just for the trip along with a high capacity card to record hundreds of photos. On the trip, we took over 350 photos Including everything we did on and off the ship. Trips to pet the dolphins, go on a submarine and many other great memories. Upon my return, I loaned my camera to one of my office staff who proceeded to accidentally totally erase (or so I thought) the disk. It showed as empty and my whole family was devastated. We were sure that the recorded memories of our biggest and last trip together as a complete family were gone forever.

After hearing of some software that could possibly recover photos, I tried one of your competitors. I was excited that I was able to recover partial views of 109 lluniau. Fodd bynnag, partial pictures were worthless and what happened to the other 250 or so photos? So, I tried your software andBAMthere they were. I couldn’t believe it. The disk showed empty, the capacity showed that the space was available, but yet your software recovered them intact! I can’t even begin to put a price on this. Your modest charge and expert assistance was amazing. I would have paid many times over for the ability to recover these lost photos. Thank you so so much!


Doug Burger
The Doug Burger Team
Doug Burger & Associates, LLC
Olympia Real Estate, LLC



Diolch yn fawr! I was so impressed! I found your link, downloaded the demo, successfully tested it, ordered the full package and recovered my dataall in 15 minutes time! Talk about technology, commerce and instant gratification, all wrapped up in your Photorcovery software!

Needless to say, it was a huge relief to get the pictures back, especially since it was auser inflictederror! Thanks so much for the great jobnot just on the software but on the whole packagethe web site, immediate download, the whole works! It took a really stressful situation and turned it around!

Please pass along my thanks to all the rest of the company.




I cannot thank you and your company enough in the recovery of the lost photo’s from my daughters Olympus XD memory card. We were devastated to find out that only one of our images was viewable and that the other 190 images were lost.

After calling Olympus and being referred to your company, you were able to instruct me on how to see if the images could be recovered. When I downloaded your Demo and was able to view every photo I immediately contacted you to purchase the full download. I successfully recovered every image and they are stored on my desktop as well as on a CD.

Both my daughter and I want to send you our most heartfely thanks in helping us recover these most valuable images. I will recommend both you and your company to everybody that I know.


Cheryl Shroyer



Due to either a computer problem or personal ineptitude I lost the contents of a Fuji xD picture card which I had downloaded and thought securely saved and had therefore erased from the card. I filled an ‘lc-techevaluation form and after an abortive attempt to use the demo, received a call from Mr Eric Beaudoin who not only led me through the demo but help me to download the Recovery Program and use it retrieve all my lost pictures. These were rather special pictures taken of people on a recent holiday in the UK and very important to me.

I have already strongly recommended your services to Fuji. I would like, in addition, to congratulate you on the Staff you employ. I am 79 years-old and no great genius on a computer. Mr Eric Beaudoin showed exemplary courtesy and patience in leading me through the demo and downloading the Recovery Program which, with his prompting, enabled me to retrieve all my pictures. This type of service to customers is rare and, I assure you, it is greatly appreciated.

Thank you and Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year
Dr Howell Jones



I discovered LC Tech by finding them on the back of my SanDisk® packaging. Amazingly, I was about to throw the packaging out. The rest is history. I went to their site, tried some of the demo ware, saw that it worked and purchased their product. I was able to recover some priceless video and photos of my recent trip to the orient with LC Tech’s PHOTORECOVERY® and RescuePRO®. If you own a digital camera, you are ultimately bound to accidently erase something by accident. LC Technology has the product, skills and customer service to help you recover those priceless photos. Their customer service was amazingly responsive and there for me at every step.

Major Kudos,

Brian S.



$34 I SPENT ON THIS PROGRAM EVER AGAIN!!!! You guys are awesome! So

what happened was when he signed in as admin, the drive E came up which
it did not come up when I signed in.

Diolch yn fawr!

Cheryl Hanna



I have just purchased your image recovery software and have got to say very impressed. After a holiday to France last week ,I was horrified to find that I had erased 80 images from my flash card. After purchasing your software, it recovered all the deleted images.

Thanks very much , I will recomend your software to my friends.

Simon Rose.



I want to pass on to you aJob Well Done”.

Being an I.S. manager and dealing with customer service daily I know what the service side deals with. I also know that I expect service when I ask for it from someone I purchase something from. For some reason the idea of customer services seems to be less in the minds of many companies. I can’t tell you the number of problems I have had with getting service at times.

You apologize for taking so long in responding. What was it? A couple of hours. The last complaint I had with a software company started in early December. I send an on line complaint on a Friday and another the next Wednesday. That was tech support. Contacted their customer service and it took two times to get their attention. When I commented that if I couldn’t get better service from tech support then I wanted to see how I could return the software. They didn’t offer any assistance in getting tech support to
contact me. They simply saidcall this number and you can arrange a return”. I won’t go into the number of calls I had to place. After I sent the software back and about a week after I know they had received it I finally got an e-Mail from their tech support saying they understand I had a problem and could I explain it. The bottom of the e-Mail had my original complaint which outlined the problem entirely. Needless to say I don’t want to have to deal with them again.

Bottom line. Thank you for providing good customer service. I know we always hear from people when they are not happy but not too often when they are.

Don Byrne



Thank you for your perfect product!

It recovered valuable images for me and turned frustration into joy!

Best regards
Lars W Nielsen



I like to express my gratitude for the product, assistance, and support from LC-TECH, in particulary for the invaluable help that Ray provided me with. Shooting with a Canon 10d digital slr camera, the unthinkable happened and the CompactFlash media card was formated before the pictures were saved. To make things worse, the pictures were in Raw format with a tiny jpg file. With the RescuePRO® program, and with the assistance of Ray, I was able to rescue a large portion of the deleted pictures at the full and perfect Raw resolution. Yn ogystal,, the rescued raw files worked flawlessly with both the canon Raw converter as well as with the C1 converter. The “unwaith mewn oes” pictures of a tiny bear cub and his mother in the smoky mountains are now pictures rather than a memory.

best regards
Jose F Garcia



Wow. I think this is the first time in almost 20 years of using personal computers that I’ve ever received any almost-immediate post-purchase communication from a manufacturer asking if I needed assistance.

The RescuePRO® Demo did its job quite nicely. You might appreciate this anecdote: I was working on a photography job yesterday morning when all of a sudden two of my CompactFlash cards just bit the dust. Fine in the camera; toast when inserted into my (SanDisk) card reader. One of them was a SanDisk, the other an IBM MicroDrive. The good news was the the images from the MicroDrive had already been previously uploaded. Anyway, I had a finished product due in less than three hours and I had about 75 images to upload, post-process and burn to CD.

Because the missing images were on a SanDisk® card, I went to www.sandisk.com seeking help. There I found your link. I tried the demo (which is so intuitive it required almost zerofiguring it out”) and it rescued about 90% of the images. Fodd bynnag, as you know, it won’t save themvery Inc.onvenient in an emergency, but OK, you’re not in this for charityso I immediately went back to the Web site and purchased the product, re-rescued my photos and was back in business. RescuePRO® truly saved my butt yesterday.

It didn’t rescue my MicroDrive, er. No fault of RescuePRO®, fodd bynnag. I think the drive physically just failed; it sounds like the heads crashed. It’s going in for replacement. Should have known not to buy something that small with spinning parts.

Anyway, thank you for your message and interest in my purchasing the full version. RescuePRO® is:

* Quick and easy to buy (i.e., emergency situation)
* Easy to install
* Simple to use

* Fast to recover data

I’m sure my $40 spent on RescuePRO® will come in handy again some day.

Enjoy your day.

Craig Deutsch
San Diego, CA



I want to let you know that your software recovered 192 priceless and irreplaceable photos from our Disneyland and Sea World trip! These were once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunities due to my son’s age at the time (I kept the card in my desk for yearsjust in case”). I cannot adequately express my gratitude to you and your company. I want to especially thank you for your personal support. I’m sure there are many people who are unaware that such a product and service are even available, and you can bet that I will be telling everyone I know about your company.

Eto, diolch yn fawr iawn!

Pat Nelson
Colorado Springs, CO



My name is Kim Fox and I am wedding photographer from California As I was downloading a CompactFlash card after photographing a wedding on May 1st, 2004 my computer crashed and the card became unreadable. As this card contained photos from the ceremony and the couple’s romantic pictures, you can imagine that I was panicked. I called LC Technology and you told me to Fed Ex you the card and that you would look at it right away. You told me not to panic and that you could probably retrieve most of the images if not
i gyd. At 11:00am the next morning, I received a call that you had retrieved all the images.

I just want to thank LC Technology for all of your help. Not only did you retrieve all my images, but you were Inc.redibly kind and comforting concerning my situation. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the great service and the kindness I received. I really felt confident that you would do everything in your power to help me retrieve the images Not only is your technology great, but your staff is Inc.redibly kind and patient.

Eto, I thank you


Kim Fox
Kim Fox Photography



I wish to thank you again for the excellent presentation that you gave last night. Several of the group members said afterwards that this was very interesting and informative. Also thank you for the offer of any follow up requested by the group.
John Kolterman



I absolutely enjoyed last night’s speaker..

Diolch yn fawr.

Les J. Kizer, Editor

Bay Bytes
Greater Tampa Bay PC User Group (http://gtbpcug.org)
Newsletters at: (http://gtbpcug.org/baybytes.html)



Dave, enjoyed your presentation yesterday evening, and your coming all the way from Clearwater. In my opinion, it was one of the most informative presentations we’ve had in some time, and the tips you provided on camera media were probably the best that our members have been exposed to..

Also, thanks for the additional information on how to contact you outside of business hours. Fodd bynnag, we will nevertheless be reminding our membership to try to contact you preferably during normal hours when possible.

Our thanks also to Ron for spending his evening with us.

Parker Monroe

Greater Tampa Bay PC User Group
Monroe Software, Inc.



Thank you very much..


Everything went perfectly….your software saved the day…… since these are pictures of my daughters junior prom they are irreplaceable. I thank you and your company a million times.



I just bought your product and it is fantastic! It recovered all my pictures on my CompactFlash, which saved my bacon with my wife, as I had erased them from the CDROM.

Well Done!

Tony Miller

I just wanted to let you know that I was able to get the pictures I needed off the memory stick.

We do a lot of government type maintenance work which requires photo documentation in order to be paid. Without these photos we would have lost about $3,000. It is nice to know we can solve this problem in the future if it happens again.

Thank you very much for your assistance in our time of great need! We are happy customers to say the least.


Tom Cono
American Property Management

Dear Folks at LC Technology,

I just wanted to thank you for saving my butt today!!! I took some very important photos today, and the memory card crashed. Showed up BLANK on the card reader. I did some hunting using Google, and found your web site. I tried the demo version and was thrilled to see it recover my pictures. I certainly did not mind paying the $39.95 to download the real version. And, thank God I was able to download it, and not have to wait to get a CD version. You deserve the money for coming up with such a useful and easy to use program. You really did save my reputation today, and salvaged some photos of an important event which cannot be repeated.

My sincere thanks,

Ray Graham

I just wanted to e-Mail you all and say thank you for such a wonderful product! When I called SanDisk, thinking that something was wrong with my card reader, they discovered that the pictures on the disk themselves were corrupt. Through their hard work and ideas, they provided me with your website and told me that I should try your software. And thank you for the demo version to see if it would work before purchase. Thanks to your software, I was just able to save irreplaceable pictures of my children (and most importantly, my baby). I just can’t even say how grateful I am that your software worked for me!!

Erin Roberts

Last night I opened PHOTORECOVERY®, located the disk drive, hitStartand low and behold my great photos that I thought were lost and gone forever started reappearing before my eyes. PHOTORECOVERY® performed beyond my expectations. There were a couple of photos that weren’t fully recovered, but the other 50 are as clean as they were when I took them.

Thanks for all of your help. PHOTORECOVERY® has made my week.

Peter Sanburn

I purchased and used your program over the weekend. It worked perfectly and
recovered several Gig of data and saved me a world of grief. Cynnyrch gwych!

J. Lemmel

I wanted to let you know that I received the CD with the pictures your company was able to recover from my memory stick. You can delete the back up files from your systems. I’m really happy and pleased with the level of customer service that Eric Beaudoin provided. I hope I never need this service again, but if I do, LC Technology will have my business.

Diolch yn fawr iawn, llawer!

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