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Top 4 backup tips for marketers

Malfunctions, virus problems, theft, even natural disasters. These are a handful of ways marketers data, files, and content can be deleted or irrevocably harmed. Here are 4 tips to protect these documents. by Kristina Knight Our CEO David Zimmerman, was interviewed by about how marketers can protect […]

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Laptop data recovery and proactive protection

Recovery is an expensive “last resort” that can be avoided by following best practices. When a laptop that contains valuable information displays the “blue screen of death” or won’t boot at all, companies often turn to recovery processes to try to retrieve the data. However, recovery of […]

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How to Protect and Recover your Scenes – Advice on Storing Your Work

STORAGE: How to protect and recover your scenes. For a production team who has put endless hours of work and planning into their film, using their talents to get the most out of every setting and performance, nothing can be more devastating than realizing you just lost […]

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7 tips for wiping your device clean of all data

7 tips for wiping your device clean of all data – Article by David Zimmerman, CEO of Data Recovery Company LC Technology International Inc. By David Zimmerman Most people don’t hold onto their mobile devices for very long. New models boasting higher resolution cameras, sharper screens, and an […]

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