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How to recover and restore your digital photos? Our CEO, David Zimmerman, gave the good folks at Camera Jabber six tips for photographers to follow the ensure they do not lose the photos they just shot. 6 TIPS FOR RECOVERING AND RESTORING YOUR DIGITAL PHOTOS Photographers spend […]

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The Data Recovery Interview

At the recent National Association of Broadcasters show in Las Vegas, our CEO David Zimmerman was interview by Thom Hogan for Thom spoke with Mr. Zimmerman about data recovery, as it relates to photography, and in general. They also spoke about the history of LC Technology. […]

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Protecting and Recovering Data – Tips for Photographers

Our CEO, David Zimmerman, contributed an article to on protecting and recovering data as it relates to photographers. Whether you are a professional or a novice, these tips are sage advice. Knowing these steps and planning ahead, can save you an issues in the future. Protecting […]

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How to Prevent Photo Loss From Your Digital Camera

Our president, David Zimmerman created a checklist of tips for that photographers should use to prevent data loss from their digital cameras. Please check out the article below — How to Prevent Photo Loss From Your Digital Camera by CreativePro Staff Photographers’ worst collective nightmare is […]

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The Secrets to Keeping Digital Wedding Photos Safe for a Lifetime asked our president, David Zimmerman for his thoughts and suggestions to keep those once-in-a-lifetime wedding photos safe. If you have a wedding coming soon, or if you are a wedding photographer, this article contains a wealth of tips on insuring your keep those memories safe for […]

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6 Key Mistakes To Avoid When Handling SD Cards to Minimize Data Loss

Our president, David Zimmerman, was invited to do a guest post at, a photography website, on how a photographer can protect the data on their SD cards. 6 KEY MISTAKES TO AVOID WHEN HANDLING SD CARDS TO MINIMIZE DATA LOSS Portable and convenient, memory cards (SD […]

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Protecting Your Wedding Photos

We just had an article go live on, a site devoted to weddings. If you have a wedding in your future, or know someone who does, this article is worth reading. Protecting Your Wedding Photos Words by David Zimmerman Photos courtesy of LC Technology International, Inc Destination […]

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