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Understanding the Public Cloud’s Benefits and Limitations

David Zimmerman of LC Technology International discusses the public cloud and factors to take into account when mulling a migration to the cloud.

Our president was asked by for his advice and opinions on cloud storage, its benefits and limitations.

Understanding the Public Cloud’s Benefits and Limitations

by David Zimmerman | March 11, 2015

There’s an ongoing rush to the cloud, and companies are bombarded by the promise of cheap storage with quality security. This is growth that is not going to stop soon, with IDC anticipating a global market size of $72.9 million for public cloud computing in 2015.

Despite all the buzz, the public cloud does have its limitations, and companies shouldn’t quite yet put all of their data eggs into the public cloud basket. However, there are several positives to cloud storage as well that should not be overlooked. These include the following:

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