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Re-subscription for FILERECOVERY® Software Mac and PC

Re-subscription for FILERECOVERY® Software Mac and PC

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License Renewal

It is amazing that just a few simple words such asFile Not Found”, “Card ErrororImage Deleted”  will strike fear in the hearts of even the most experienced computer users. However, accidents can surely happen. But by upgrading your software, youll be prepared for whatever the future may bring. Your upgrade price is a savings of 50% off the retail price!

FILERECOVERY CCYou will also have the opportunity to upgrade to the Professional version for additional features such as RAID support. Si us plau, feu clic a la icona d'una taula de comparació.

per renovar, haurà de descarregar i instal·lar la nova versió del programari després de completar la compra de renovació. llavors, instal·lar la nova versió substituirà la versió anterior i permetrà activar utilitzant el nou número de sèrie del seu rebut.



Windows Software*preurenovar
FILERECOVERY Standard Windows$34.95
FILERECOVERY Pro Windows**$49.95
*finestres® XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10, **RAID Support
Mac Software*preurenovar
FILERECOVERY Standard Mac$34.95
FILERECOVERY Pro Mac**$49.95
*Mac OS X 10.5 o Major, **RAID Support


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