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G-Technology Data Recovery

G-Technology Data Recovery Services by LC Technology

Welcome G-Technology Customers!

Through a special agreement with G-Technology, LC Technology is authorized and recommended to perform data recovery on G-Technology data storage devices.

LC Technology is a global leader in data recovery and data recovery software. We recover data from all types of digital storage devices including hard drives, RAID’s, Flash drives, SD and microSD cards, and operating systems.

G-Technology Data Recovery by LC Technology provides you with a safe and reliable means of having your data safely recovered. Having served the data recovery industry for over 20 years, our staff of recovery technicians are experts in data recovery and they are truly the top of their field.

We recover data when others cannot!

What Steps Do I Need To Take If I Need Recovery?

Please complete the form below. After we have received your information, an LC Technology representative will contact you for your next steps, along with an estimate of the cost of data recovery for your G-Technology device.

G-Technology Data Recovery Inquiry Form

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