augusti 2015 - Programvara och tjänster för Mac Data Recovery
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Arkiv för augusti 2015

Protecting and Managing Data

David Zimmerman, VD för LC Technology, contributed an article to on protecting and managing your data. If you own a business, this article covers steps you can take to insure the security of your data, and what to do in the event your data may need […]

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9 Signs your Computer’s Hard Drive is About to Die

Bill Snyder from CIO magazine interviewed our president about warning signs of hard drive failure. Hard drives can fail, so it is best to do due diligence to prepare for the worst….bara i fall. 9 signs your computer’s hard drive is about to die By Bill Snyder […]

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Avoid Losing Data On Your Flash Memory Cards

Vår president, David Zimmerman, skrev en gäst artikel för folket på om hur man undviker förlust av data på din blixt minneskort. This article originally ran last August, but the tips are timeless. Oavsett om du är en fotograf eller inte, this is an article you […]

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How to extend the life of your hard drive

A little prevention goes a long way to extending the life of your hard drive. just published an article from our president on steps you can take to extend the life of your hard drive. Some very straightforward steps that can give your hard drive a […]

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