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Uh-Oh! Here’s What to Do If Your Smartphone Gets Wet

Our CEO, David Zimmerman, was interviewed by Suzanne Rowan Kelleher of About.com regarding steps that you should take if you get your smartphone wet. Gone are the days of sticking it in a bowl of dry rice. Be prepared for this event, but take steps to make […]

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How To Manage And Protect Your Company’s Data

Our CEO, David Zimmerman, contributed an article to YFS Magazine, on how to manage and protect your company’s data. Whether you are a small company or a large one, protecting your data is critical. Read this article and be prepared! How To Manage And Protect Your Company’s […]

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Top 3 tips for SMB Storage

Our CEO, David Zimmerman, was interviewed by Kristina Knight of BizReport.com about tips for SMB storage. Her story is now live, and if you are a small to medium business owner, this is a concise, but informative read. Top 3 tips for SMB Storage Data breaches and […]

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Data Recovery – DIY Vs. Finding the Right Experts

David Zimmerman, Tegevjuht LC Technology, just contributed an article to HomeBusinessMag.com regarding data recovery. The article outlines the various considerations one should undertake when it comes to a data recovery issue. Should you go DIY, or should you leave it to the professionals? Data Recovery - […]

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3 ways to back up your files in 2016

Information Age just published an article based on tips supplied by our president David Zimmerman. Remember, always back up. Two is one, and one is none! 3 ways to back up your files in 2016 A well-formulated back-up plan streamlines processes and eliminates any knowledge gaps that […]

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Nõuandeid Kaitske oma andmed

David Zimmerman, LC Technology president, intervjueeris Small Business võimalused ajakiri milliseid samme väikeettevõte saab teha, et kaitsta oma andmeid. Kui te oma väikeettevõttele, punktid ülevaade siin võib säästa rõhutada tulevikus. Tips To Protect Your Data Tips […]

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