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Protect Your Business in 2018 from Last Year’s Data Mistakes

Protect Your Business in 2018 from Last Year’s Data Mistakes By David Zimmerman – Tháng giêng 24, 2018 The biggest breach of 2017 was arguably the attack that exposed more than 145 million Equifax customers and resulted in the theft of SSNs, birth date information, and other valuable […]

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Avoiding Common Pitfalls of Data Recovery Practices

Avoiding common pitfalls of data recovery practices By David Zimmerman Published January 22 2018, 6:30am EST The typical laptop computer might hold tens of thousands of files, photos and other documents. There could be family photo albums as well as business docs stored on the high capacity […]

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Foolproofing Footage: How to Protect and Recover Your Scenes

Our CEO, David Zimmerman wrote a guest post for Sound & Picture magazine. Sound & Picture is a crew-centric workflow magazine covering sound, cinematography, picture editing, visual effects, and the latest in gear and technology. His post covers the steps that can be taken to protect and, if […]

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