Business Licenses for Mac Data and File Recovery Software
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Business Licenses for file and data recovery software

Software Business Licenses

These Commercial Business Licenses are special software licenses granted to the End User that is not intended for general personal use.
The Commercial Business Licenses are for use in a production, 维修或加工环境,允许最终用户的软件,使用该软件从中获利的软件为他们的客户提供数据恢复服务.
If you are not using the software to derive profit but require the ability to recover third party data for your customers, then you will still require a Commercial License to do so.
If you are a home-user, please see thehome versionof these software products on their respective pages.
If you are in the data recovery business, please call today for more information on our award winning software.
Our sales and support staff are here to answer any questions you may have regarding our software business licenses.

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  • 上述任何操作系统环境下,所有的Mac OS X文件系统的访问.
  • 使用系统API的标准写最大限度地减少磁盘损坏的机会.
  • 没有文件和驱动器的大小的限制与基于DOS的程序.
  • 全部访问网络和其他已安装的外围设备,如USB, 闪存驱动器, 和外部硬盘驱动器.
  • RAID带区集和镜像驱动器的兼容性.
  • 支持CD / DVD介质恢复 (ISO9660/UDF与ISO9660相结合) 和Linux介质 (EXT2 / 3)
  • 易于使用和完全自动化的向导, 引导用户通过该计划.

General Requirements:

  • Mac OS X的 10.5 或更高版本
  • 您希望恢复的数据量一样大的存储驱动器或网络驱动器至少.
    然而, there are some software programs that require a space TWICE a large.
    One of those software programs is RescuePRO.
    Please check the requirements before running.
  • 最小的 1 GB RAM

另外, should you be a software developer or software company looking for a way to protect your software intellectual property (IP), we have unique solution for you. 我们的 Activation Solutions software license and activation system gives you a platform to create demo/trial versions of your software, and create software licenses for that software, thus preventing illegal copying and distribution of your software IP.
For more information on the Activations Solutions platform, visit our Activations Solutions site.