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Controlling Company Data—5 Ways Small Businesses Fail

Our CEO, Davidas Zimmerman, authored a guest post for SmallBizDaily.com, as part of a larger article on 10 things small business owners need to know. Controlling Company Data—5 Ways Small Businesses Fail Guest post by David Zimmerman, CEO and Founder of LC Technology For a business of any […]

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Patarimai Norėdami apsaugoti savo duomenis

Davidas Zimmerman, LC Technology prezidentas, buvo apklausta smulkaus verslo galimybių žurnalo apie kokius žingsnius nedidelį verslą galite padaryti, siekiant apsaugoti savo duomenis. Jei turite nedidelį verslą, taškai kontūrai čia gali jums sutaupyti pabrėžti, kad ateityje. Tips To Protect Your Data Tips […]

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Solid State Drives VS Hard Disk Drives

Eric Jacksch from ITinCanadaOnline.com interviewed our president, Davidas Zimmerman, for his just published article on the pros and cons of SSD’s compared to HDD’s. If you are considering upgrading to an SSD, this article is a must read. SSD VS. HDD ON 07 OCTOBER 2015. POSTED IN […]

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9 Signs your Computer’s Hard Drive is About to Die

Bill Snyder from CIO magazine interviewed our president about warning signs of hard drive failure. Hard drives can fail, so it is best to do due diligence to prepare for the worst….tik tuo atveju,. 9 signs your computer’s hard drive is about to die By Bill Snyder […]

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Kaip ne prarasti savo galvą, kai jūs prarasite savo duomenis

Michael O'Dwyer, laisvas rašytojas Forbes.com, neseniai interviu mūsų prezidentą, Davidas Zimmerman, jo straipsnį duomenų apsaugos ir duomenų atkūrimo. The article addresses both physical and cloud storage concerns.     How Not To Lose Your Head When You Lose Your Data By Michael O’Dwyer PC […]

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5 Būdai išplėsti kietojo disko Gyvenimas

by Sara Angeles, BusinessNewsDaily Darbuotojai Rašytojas | Lapkritis 01, 2013 03:29pm ET Losing data is one of the most frustrating experiences a business owner can have. Nuo sugadintus failus į kietąjį diską avarijų, not being able to access important documents on your computer or portable drive is […]

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