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Data Security Best Practices Article at’s Small Business Center asked for some recommendations on how businesses can protect their data.

Our president, David Zimmerman, offered his suggestions as to how business owners can safeguard their data.

First and foremost is actually having a plan in place!

Data Security Best Practices

Small businesses may think the cost of protecting data is high, but doing nothing can be far more expensive.

No matter the size or scope of the business, everyone is reliant on data to get the job done. That is why every business –big or small– needs a data-security-best-practices plan. If your company’s data is lost, the cost to recover or recreate it can be insurmountable for small operations.

“It doesn’t really cost a lot” for companies to protect their data, says David Zimmerman, chief executive of LC Technology International. “It could be thousands of dollars to recover the data if the recovery is successful at all.”

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