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Don’t Forget to Take Your Data Back to School

Our CEO just wrote a short article for Parent Herald regarding protecting data when going back to school.
Students, and parents, take heed. This can prevent the nightmare of losing that all-important schoolworkand the pain that would follow that loss!

Don’t Forget to Take Your Data Back to School

Ըստ Դավիթ Zimmerman, Գլխավոր տնօրեն LC Մեխանիկա Միջազգային, Parent Herald | Օգոստոս 12, 8:15 Վարչապետ

Datacovers all of the digital information you might possess. Whether it’s photos from the summer, or that 10-page paper on photosynthesis. Regardless of the type of digital content, it’s certain that losing this precious information can cause serious distress, poor grades, or lost memories. Բարեբախտաբար, there are some steps you can take to prevent data loss and recover your information in the case of a problem.

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