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How to Protect Critical Data During Hurricanes or any other natural disaster?

Steps to protect critical data during hurricanes.  

From June 1st to November 30th each year, businesses and personal property face a serious threat: hurricane season. For companies, a major concern around a  natural disaster used to be damage to critical paper files, computers or furniture and how to protect critical data during hurricanes. Now, the risk of losing locally-stored data on electronic devices is one of the most pressing concerns. 

Data loss can cripple the modern business by preventing communicating with customers, fulfilling orders or providing any type of service. Losing data to a disaster also negatively impacts a company’s reputation. Thankfully, there are steps companies can take to prepare for disasters and remove their valuable data from the risk of the unknown. So is there a right way to protect critical data during hurricanes?

Take Stock and Plan

Managing a disaster safely and effectively means putting in work before the disaster actually strikes. Start the process by creating multi-department disaster recovery and planning documents. This will detail evacuation procedures, communication protocols, and other human-safety related information. Among those critical pieces of preparedness, this plan must include a section on data management and recovery.

A first consideration for company managers who are protecting their company’s data is to take the time to identify the data sources. The unknown cannot be protected, so create a process to document every source of information. This includes information from the company’s website, surveys, product R&D documents, internal HR information and many others. Detail where this information resides, how frequently it’s updated, and then how the company can protect the information securely, easily and at the best cost for your budget. Think about the state of any data stored locally and how it would fare against a hurricane and floodwaters. This data organization phase is vital because it encourages multiple departments across a company to think about data as an asset that deserves protection.

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By David Zimmerman, CEO of LC Technology International, Inc.

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