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RescuePro/Mac Install

With the latest update to the Mac Mountain Lion OS (OS X 10.8), there have been a few isolated issues with RescuePRO software during the activation process.

In these cases, the License Manager shows a screen like the one below:

Normally, you should see a hyperlink in Step one, and number in the Request Number field. As you can see this screen shows errors — there is no hyperlink and no Request Number.

RP install error 3


The error that you see above  is typically caused by RescuePRO not being able to create or modify the necessary files in your user folder. This can usually be repaired by booting into the Utility partition and running the ACL (Access Control List) and permission repair from the password reset function.

To do this, please follow the steps listed below:

1. Restart the computer and before you hear the chime, hold down the Command and R keys.

2. Once you are in Repair Utilities, let go of Command-R and click the Utilities item in the Menu Bar, then click Terminal.

3. In the Terminal window, type ‘resetpassword’ and hit enter. (Please note, no spaces.) Type it in as one word.

4. When the password reset utility window launches, do not reset the password. Instead, click on icon for your Mac’s hard drive at the top. Then, from the drop-down below it, select the user account where you’re having issues.

5. At the bottom of that window, you’ll see an area labeled “Reset Home Directory Permissions and ACLs”. Click the Reset button and allow a few minutes for it to complete.

6. Once completed, restart the computer, boot up as normal and try launching RescuePRO once more. You should now have a successful install of your software.


As always, should you have any issues installing your software, or in using your software, please give our Technical Support a call at 866.603.2195, or use our Technical Support page to request support from our staff.