SanDisk® RescuePRO® Help File - Mac Data Recovery Software and Services
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SanDisk® RescuePRO® Help File

Ou ta dwe jwenn repons lan ki pi kesyon ki gen rapò ak pwodwi nou yo nan dosye a èd enkli ak chak pwodwi lojisyèl.

Si ou te kapab reprann yo epi wè done yo ak vèsyon yo jijman, ta kapab genyen lòt sikonstans nou ka ede w avèk. Ak pwodwi rekiperasyon nou an, nou ofri san limit sipò teknik gratis. Si w gen nenpòt kesyon teknik sou diferan vèsyon yo disponib oswa ki vèsyon ki pi bon pou ou, please let us know.

Additionally we offer physical recovery services for damaged memory cards, hard drives and other types of media on a no recovery no fee basis.

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Your success in recovering files depends a great deal on how the disk is handled and the amount of information written to the disk after the deletion occurred. Do not continue working on digital media containing lost data!

  • You should not use the media with the deleted files to surf the Internet, check mail or create documents
  • Never install software to digital media containing deleted files you wish to recover
  • The more activity, the less chance of a successful recovery

RescuePRO® was designed to be installed on your Operating System. Simply run the software from the short cut or Program Menu.

REMAK: to use RescuePRO® under Windows® 2000/XP/Vista/Win 7, your user account must have administrator privileges.