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How to Protect and Recover your ScenesAdvice on Storing Your Work

STORAGE: How to protect and recover your scenes. For a production team who has put endless hours of work and planning into their film, using their talents to get the most out of every setting and performance, nothing can be more devastating than realizing you just lost […]

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Five Tips For Protecting Your Franchise’s Information

Our CEO authored an article for Franchising USA on steps a franchise can and should take to protect their data. Five Tips For Protecting Your Franchise’s Information By David Zimmerman,, CEO of LC Technology In the spring of 2017, Chipotle announcedmostof its more than 2,200 […]

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7 Tips for Properly Wiping Your Mobile Device

7 Tips for Properly Wiping Your Mobile Device By David Zimmerman, CEO Of LC Technology The modern consumer does not hold onto their phone for very long. New models come out every year, with higher resolution cameras, sharper screens, and an abundance of new features. Buying new means […]

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Поради щодо захисту ваших даних

Девід Циммерман, Президент LC Technology,, дав інтерв'ю журналу Малі можливості для бізнесу про те, що кроки малий бізнес може зробити, щоб захистити свої дані. Якщо ви є власником малого бізнесу, точки начерки тут може врятувати вас стрес в майбутньому. Поради, щоб захистити ваші поради даних […]

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