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How to Select a Reliable, Secure Data Recovery Firm

How to Select a Reliable, Secure Data Recovery Firm LC Technology International CEO, David Zimmerman was interviewed by E-Week magazine on the steps that should be taken when selecting a reliable, secure data recovery firm. If a storage system cannot automatically rebound after a disaster by restoring […]

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When to Call the ExpertsFive Tips for Data Recovery

When to Call the Experts – Five Tips for Data Recovery By David Zimmerman, CEO Of LC Technology Data loss can cripple a business, whether it’s an enterprise firm or a small company. When the data loss is due to failure of a physical device or corruption […]

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Prolong the Life of Your Hard Drive

Computer Technology Review just published an exclusive article on tips you can take to prolong the life your your hard drive. This informative article is from our president, Davidas Zimmerman. Be sure to read it and apply the tips, to insure your data is safe and secure. […]

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LC Technika prezidentas interviu Digital gamybos Buzz Podcast

Ketvirtadienį, Lapkritis 14, 2013, mūsų prezidentas, Davidas Zimmerman buvo apklausta Digital gamybos Buzz podcast. Ponas. Zimmerman pasidalino savo mintimis apie tai, kaip jis iš pradžių pateko į išieškojimo verslą, jo nuomonės apie tai, kaip išlaikyti savo skaitmeninės medijos seifą, ir kaip jį susigrąžinti, if […]

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5 Būdai išplėsti kietojo disko Gyvenimas

by Sara Angeles, BusinessNewsDaily Darbuotojai Rašytojas | Lapkritis 01, 2013 03:29pm ET Losing data is one of the most frustrating experiences a business owner can have. Nuo sugadintus failus į kietąjį diską avarijų, not being able to access important documents on your computer or portable drive is […]

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