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Solid State Drives VS Hard Disk Drives

Eric Jacksch from interviewed our president, David Zimmerman, for his just published article on the pros and cons of SSD’s compared to HDD’s. If you are considering upgrading to an SSD, this article is a must read. SSD VS. HDD ON 07 OCTOBER 2015. POSTED IN […]

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LC Technology câștigă bagaje Visions Award pentru ei Solid State Suite Doctor Utility

2014 Storage Visions Conference Announces Storage Visions Award Winners San Jose, CA-January 5, 2014-Contravaloarea De stocare Visions treisprezecea Conferinta Anuala (Programul de parteneriat la 2014 International CES) awards were presented during the reception at the end of the first day of the show at the Riviera Hotel […]

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Solid State Doctor 3.0 De MyCE Testat-Road

În fine cei de la pus recent nostru Solid State Doctor 3.0 prin pași sale și-a plăcut ceea ce au văzut. Solid State Drives sunt un animal diferit decât hard disk drive-uri filare tradițional. LC Technology’s Solid State Doctor Utility Toolkit is the right tool for the right […]

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TweakTown Review-LC Technology mai recentă versiune a Solid State Doctor Utility

Recent, Jon Coulter of TweakTown reviewed the latest release of the our Solid State Doctor SSD Toolkit Utility. Dacă dețineți un Solid State Drive, sau în cazul în care unul este în viitorul tău, această revizuire este în valoare de un citit. Revizuire său urmează de mai jos: Solid State Doctor SSD Utility […]

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LC Technology oferă SSD Update Utility

By John Hilliard Published: 04 Septembrie 2013 LC Technology announced recently that its Solid State Doctor SSD utility suite has been updated with improvements to provide overprovisioning and cloning a solid-state drive over to another SSD, as well as TRIM support for Windows users. “Pentru Windows 7 și 8 systems that need extra functionality […]

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