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How to Protect and Recover your ScenesAdvice on Storing Your Work

STORAGE: How to protect and recover your scenes. For a production team who has put endless hours of work and planning into their film, using their talents to get the most out of every setting and performance, nothing can be more devastating than realizing you just lost […]

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Protecting and Recovering Digital Footage

Protecting and Recovering Digital Footage David Zimmerman Shares Best Practices of Data Management, Storage, and Recovery with Filmmakers Filmmakers work tirelessly to transform their visions into footage, using their talents to get the most out of every setting and performance. Kahjuks, sometimes filmmakers do not pay enough […]

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Avoiding Video Disaster When Using Flash Memory

Our CEO, David Zimmerman, was interviewed by Frank Beacham of The Broadcast Bridge on how to avoid video disaster when using flash memory. The two of them covered a range of topics from how things can go wrong to recommendations on how to reduce those potential problems. […]

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Data Recovery 101: Päästa oma videoid nende kahjustatud kaardid

LC Technology president, David Zimmerman intervjuu tänavusel CTIA Supermobility näitusel Las Vegas by Vizworld. Intervjuu annab häid teavet andmete taastamise, ja kuidas mitte kaotada andmed esimese koha.   Data Recovery 101: Rescue your videos from those damaged […]

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