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6 Tips for Data Protection

Tips for Managing and Protecting Data Before an Emergency Strikes 

Think about planning for a natural disaster emergency that might affect your home. You’d likely store some water, flashlights, food, blankets and other essentials. The key element of your planning would be proactivity. It’s best to do all of the work before an emergency occurred and not during the actual crisis.  For example,  if your supplies were used up after the emergency passed? What would you do? Most likely, you would quickly restock all supplies before the next disaster (flood, fire, landslide, hurricane or lightning strike.) So what are tips for data protection?  

Protecting data requires a similar approach: putting in place as many safeguards as you can before anything bad happens. 

Natural or man-made disasters are a significant risk to data, especially when they strike companies that are not prepared. Many companies in 21 century are data-centric. What does it mean? It simply means that if company looses files, owners of the company will face difficult decisions of closing business.

So, whether it’s a burst pipe that floods the server room or a fire that decimates an entire office building, companies need to protect their information. Thankfully, by taking some proactive steps and embracing the right technology tools, you can lessen the risks posed by emergencies to a great extent.

You can follow 6 tips for protecting all essential files before/during/after disaster.

1. Create a Formal Plan

Many firms complete disaster management and recovery plans that detail evacuation routes, communications procedures and other details. These are vital, as the safety of people is of paramount importance. Another part of such plans should be how you or your company manage and protect critical data during emergencies.

When you write plan, it forces you to consider any flaws in your data management and makes everyone accountable. Perhaps you operate a server room in an office that’s prone to flooding, or you’re ignoring strong password procedures. A written plan brings such flaws to light…

By David Zimmerman, CEO of LC Technology International, a global leader in data recovery, file system utilities and data security technology.


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Tips for data protection before data gets lost. LC-Tech.

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