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SanDisk Offers




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When you install the software on the computer, і калі вы запусціце яго ў першы раз, you will then be prompted to activate the software. After installation, you will be given a link to the activation page. Please, follow the link and fill in the form, including entering the serial number found on the offer insert to activate your free one year subscription of RescuePRO® software. Націсніце тут, каб крок за крокам кіраўніцтва па актывацыі

Калі ласка, звярніце ўвагу, if you have recently purchased a SanDisk USB drive, and your coupon accompanying that USB drive for RescuePRO has a serial number that begins with RPRID-0501, please click here for your download of RescuePRO Deluxe

Калі ласка, звярніце ўвагу, if the computer you are installing on is not connected to the internet, then you can email your activation request number to RescuePRO® Support, і мы можам даць вам код актывацыі.

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