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What We Do…

नियंत्रण रेखा प्रौद्योगिकी इंटरनेशनल, इंक. is a global leader in file recovery, फोटो वसूली, video recovery, तथा SD card/flash media recovery.
Our mission is designed to help our clients resolve catastrophic problems. LC Technology International maintains the highest quality standards with award winning customer service and support as noted by the many awards and articles
in the media. We have developed outstanding products that recover data and files in the event of data loss or hard drive failure.

Most of our customers are just like you, but many of our clients are Professional Photographers, IT Specialists, Consultants and Technicians, Law Enforcement Personnel at the Local, State and Federal levels, Correction Officers, Prosecutors and Corporate Security Specialists plus many high-level media companies. We always support the individual end-user with the same quality of care and support as professionals and specialists.
Our website is SSL encrypted and we do not share your data with anyone.

Do you need to recover data from flash media such as an SD card, USB or microSD card? Try SanDisk RescuePRO®. Need to recover data from a hard drive? FILERECOVERY® is the utility you will want. Do you have lost photos that need to be recovered? फिर, PHOTORECOVERY® is your go-to program.
Do you need to recover lost video? फिर, our newest release, VIDEORECOVERY® could be your answer.

We offer a wide variety of file recovery software तथा in-lab recovery to suit you and your needs. Call us any time --
US: (866) 603-2195 या (727) 449-0891 and UK: +44 (0)115 704 3306 and let us know your data recovery problems. We will do our best to help you!

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"Great company, great software."
-Malcolm D
"WHEW! Your app saved my life!"
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data recovery services and software
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