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Avoiding Video Disaster When Using Flash Memory

我们的CEO, 大卫·齐默尔曼, was interviewed by Frank Beacham of The Broadcast Bridge on how to avoid video disaster when using flash memory. The two of them covered a range of topics from how things can go wrong to recommendations on how to reduce those potential problems. […]



埃里克Jacksch从ITinCanadaOnline.com采访我们的总统, 大卫·齐默尔曼, 他对SSD的的利弊刚刚发表的文章相比,硬盘驱动器的. 如果你正在考虑升级到固态硬盘, 这篇文章是必读. SSD VS. HDD ON 07 十月 2015. 发表在 […]


不要用你的数据赌博: 上面提示,以提高预防数据丢失的几率

信息时代周刊 ( 请从我们的总统就如何防止潜在的数据丢失提示. 不要用你的数据赌博: top tips to improve your odds in data loss prevention Some data loss is inevitable, 但预防胜于治疗, and there are strategies […]


7 Tips for Small Businesses to Protect Company Data

我们的总统, 大卫·齐默尔曼, contributed an article to on how small businesses can protect their companies data. Your company’s data is of crucial importance. Protect it by following Mr. Zimmerman’s suggestions. 7 Tips for Small Businesses to Protect Company Data By David Zimmerman, CEO of LC […]


Protecting And Recovering Your SMB’s Data – Six Tips

我们的总统, 大卫·齐默尔曼, was asked by Young Upstarts for his opinions and advice on protecting and recovering SMB data. Protecting And Recovering Your SMB’s Data – Six Tips Small and medium-sized businesses are typically inundated with data, despite their smaller size. Companies have to use data […]


Rangefinder Magazine Review RescuePRO® and PHOTORECOVERY®

Rangefinder Magazine (@RangefinderMag), a digital magazine devoted to photographers and photography has a review of two of our recovery products, RescuePRO® and PHOTORECOVERY® in their April issue. 由于测距仪! Read their review, and the rest of their April issue at the link below. HTTP://



媒体联系人: Alexandra Buchanan SS|公关 847-833-6737 LC Technology Improves Industry Leading File and Image Recovery Tools for Today’s Busy Consumers FILERECOVERY® 2015 PHOTORECOVERY® 2015 给用户带来无与伦比的能力安全迅速恢复珍贵图片, 电影, and Data Files CLEARWATER, FL – LC Technology […]


5 你的硬盘延长寿命的方法

由萨拉洛杉矶, BusinessNewsDaily员工作家 | 十一月 01, 2013 03:29东部时间下午丢失数据是最令人沮丧的经验,企业的所有者可以有一个. 从损坏的文件到硬盘驱动器崩溃, 不能够访问您的计算机或便携式驱动器上的重要文件 […]