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Avoiding Footage LossTactics for Storing and Recovering Data

Avoiding Footage LossTactics for Storing and Recovering Data By David Zimmerman, CEO of LC Technology Months of planning and work can go into a film-making scene. There’s the set design, lighting, location scouting, and many other facets that all need to work in concert to […]


最佳 4 backup tips for marketers

Malfunctions, virus problems, theft, even natural disasters. These are a handful of ways marketers data, 档, and content can be deleted or irrevocably harmed. Here are 4 tips to protect these documents. by Kristina Knight Our CEO David Zimmerman, was interviewed by BizReport.com about how marketers can protect […]


The Big, Hidden Questions of Connected Cars

我们的CEO, 大卫·齐默尔曼, authored an article for DesignNews.com on questions about the connected car. Cars are increasingly becoming more connected to the internet and to each other. This article covers a range of topics and is very informative. The Big, Hidden Questions of Connected Cars There […]



媒体联系人: Alexandra Buchanan SS|公关 847-833-6737 abuchanan@sspr.com LC Technology Improves Industry Leading File and Image Recovery Tools for Today’s Busy Consumers FILERECOVERY® 2015 PHOTORECOVERY® 2015 给用户带来无与伦比的能力安全迅速恢复珍贵图片, 电影, and Data Files CLEARWATER, FL – LC Technology […]


数据恢复 101: 从这些损坏的卡片拯救你的视频

龙昌科技总裁, 大卫·齐默尔曼被采访在今年的CTIA超级移动展在拉斯维加斯被Vizworld. 采访中提供了恢复数据的好资料, 以及如何避免丢失数据的首位.   数据恢复 101: 从这些损坏拯救你的视频 […]



上周四, 11月14日, 2013, 我们的总统, 大卫·齐默尔曼被采访的数位制作巴兹播客. 先生. 齐默尔曼分享他的想法如何,他最初钻进回收业务, 他对如何保持你的数字媒体安全的意见, 以及如何恢复它, 如果 […]



通过约翰·希利亚德发布的: 04 九月 2013 龙昌科技日前宣布,其SSD固态医生实用程序套件已经更新与改进提供过度到另一个SSD固态硬盘克隆, 为Windows用户以及支持TRIM. “对于Windows 7 和 8 系统需要额外的功能 […]