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Computer America Radio Show Interview August 2016

On Monday, August 22nd, 2016, our CEO, David Zimmerman was interviewed on Craig Crossmans’s Computer America Radio Show.

Господин. Zimmerman and Mr. Crossman discussed about how Mr. Zimmerman originally got into the data recovery business, his advice and opinions on how disaster can happen to your electronic devices (computers, tablets, TV’s, итд), how to keep your electronic devices safe, and how to recover them, ако буде потребно.

Ако кликнете на линк испод, you can play the interview in your Windows Media Player, иТунес, итд.

Или, ако више волите, звук подкаст се може преузети као МП3 фајл.

Кликните десним тастером миша и “Саве Ас” или “Саве Линк Ас” да сачувате аудио фајл на ваш ПЦ.

David Zimmerman Interview On Craig Crossman’s Computer America Show

We have edited the radio show down to just Mr. Zimmerman’s interview with Mr. Crossman. Should you wish to hear the entire radio show for that day, please visit their site, for the show in its entirety. Click Here..Computer America


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