Data Recovery, Preventing the Loss of Data
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Data Recovery, Preventing the Loss of Data

Small Business Resources just published an article by our president, David Zimmerman, on data recovery and preventing the loss of data.
There is an old saying that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, and this totally applies to securing your data.

This article should be one that you bookmark for reference. Knowing the points laid out in this article could save you grief in the future!


Data Recovery, Preventing the Loss of Data

While it’s important to know the best tactics for data recovery, preventing the loss of data in the first place is vital. Consumers should engage in some best practices to ensure their data is protected. A first step is to simply handle storage devices carefully. For example, consumers can protect hard drives by handling them carefully, using high-quality surge protection, and managing temperatures and air flow so the computer or external HDD doesn’t overheat.

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