Don't gamble with your data: 上面提示,以提高預防數據丟失的機率 | Windows Data Recovery Software & 服務
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不要用你的數據賭博: 上面提示,以提高預防數據丟失的機率

信息時代周刊 ( 請從我們的總統就如何防止潛在的數據丟失提示.

不要用你的數據賭博: 上面提示,以提高預防數據丟失的機率

Some data loss is inevitable, 但預防勝於治療, and there are strategies to boost your odds of recovery

Data loss is crippling for any business, especially in the age of big data where companies rely on digital information to refine their marketing, contact prospects, and process transactions. Reducing the chances for data loss is a vital part of a data management strategy.

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