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How Does TRIM Work?

How Does TRIM Work?

그래서, you have that new, bright and shiny SSD drive for your computer. Your computer is now working better, and faster than it did before.

If you want to keep your SSD humming along swiftly, there are a few house-keeping processes that you should do on a regular basis.

One of those processes is TRIM.

What is TRIM?

To understand TRIM, let’s review how traditional hard drives and SSD’s work.

When you delete a file on standard-type hard drive, your computer will just mark that file as deleted. Although deleted, that file’s data is technically still on the hard drive — that’s why deleted files may still be recoverable. Your computer will, in due course, overwrite those deleted files when it overwrites their sectors with new data. This is why if you recently deleted files, and need to recover them, you do NOT want to continue to save data to that drive.

When you write a file to an SSD, your computer has to first erase any data in the sectors that it will be writing the data to. The SSD can’t just overwrite the sectors in one operation like the traditional hard drive may. The SSD drive must first clear the sectors, then write to those empty sectors.

This means that an SSD will, over time slow down. Writing to the SSD’s sectors will be quick the first time. After you have deleted some files and then try to write to the SSD again, it will take longer.

With TRIM enabled, your computer’s operating system will tell the SSD each time it deletes a file. 다음, the drive can erase the sectors containing the file’s contents, so writing to the sectors will be quicker in the future.

What are the benefits of using TRIM?

Basically, if you do not use TRIM, your SSD’s performance will slow over time.

Using TRIM command reduces the amount of data an SSD needs to move during the process described above and reduces the amount of erase cycles, thereby the life of the drive. By not copying any unnecessary, invalid data, the write performance of your SSD drive increases.

Isn’t TRIM the same as Defrag?

아니. TRIM is a process unique to SSD drives. Defrag is rearrangement of fragments of data on a hard drive that make up a file into closer proximity to speed access. SSD drives do not have moving read/write heads like a traditional hard drive, and thus they do not need traditional defragmentation. TRIM command on SSD drives helps to optimize the storage capacity of an SSD drive by telling the OS (operating system) to ignore any invalid or non-viable data. Because of this, your SSD drive writes faster, and will last longer.


Want To Maximize Your SSD’s Performance?

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Data Recovery for SSD Drives

If you should have lost data on your SSD, we have also developed products to help you get that data back.

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FILERECOVERY ® file recovery software recovers files whether they have been deleted from the command line, 응용 프로그램 내에서, 파일 시스템, 또는 휴지통에서 삭제. FILERECOVERY ® 파일 복구 소프트웨어 포맷 또는 손실 드라이브를 복구, 심각한 논리적 파일 시스템 손상 드라이브, 심지어 손실 습격을 재구성 할 수! FILERECOVERY ® can be used on internal SSD drives. As with all of our software, a free evaluation copy is available for your to test-drive the software first. Please visit the FILERECOVERY® page to read more about this product, and to get your evaluation copy.


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