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Protecting Small Business Data – Six Steps

当社の代表取締役社長, デビッド·ジマーマン, contributed an article to regarding steps businesses can take to protect data.

If you are in business, this short article can equip you well to protect your invaluable data.

Protecting Small Business Data – Six Steps

デビッド·ジマーマンによる, の最高経営責任者(CEO) LCテクノロジーインターナショナル

Even the smallest of businesses relies on data. Whether it’s detailed schematics on a product, a formulation for a new medicine, or a list of customers, data is invaluable. Protecting this information is vital for the success of any small business, but unfortunately data security is often an afterthought.

Here are six best practices companies can take to safeguard data:

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