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Actively Planing For The Cloud’s Limitations – Article by David Zimmerman, CEO of Data Recovery Company LC Technology International Inc. Losing internal data is a crippling blow for a business. It can interrupt the normal flow of customer transactions and hamper the ability of marketing or sales […]

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Building a Plan Around the Cloud’s Limitations

Building a Plan Around the Cloud’s Limitations What goes into a strategic data management plan for the cloud? Here are some guidelines to consider to keep your data safe and your team efficient. Our CEO, David Zimmerman, authored an article for DZone/Cloud Zone on The Cloud and […]

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Managing data through the cloud’s limitations

Managing data through the cloud’s limitations David Zimmerman, our CEO, wrote an article for about the benefits and limitations of the cloud. The cloud does have significant benefits, but also limitations, especially for firms that rely solely on cloud services. Consider data management an ultimate business […]

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Planning Around the Cloud’s Limitations

David Zimmerman, LC Technology’s CEO, wrote an article for (Virtualization Technology News and Information). If you or your company uses the cloud as a data backup, this article is an informative and helpful nugget of information. Planning Around the Cloud’s Limitations Article Written By David Zimmerman, […]

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Top 3 tips for SMB Storage

Our CEO, David Zimmerman, was interviewed by Kristina Knight of about tips for SMB storage. Her story is now live, and if you are a small to medium business owner, this is a concise, but informative read. Top 3 tips for SMB Storage Data breaches and […]

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3 ways to back up your files in 2016

Information Age just published an article based on tips supplied by our president David Zimmerman. Remember, always back up. Two is one, and one is none! 3 ways to back up your files in 2016 A well-formulated back-up plan streamlines processes and eliminates any knowledge gaps that […]

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Tuiscint Sochair agus dTréimhsí na Cloud Poiblí

David Zimmerman LC Teicneolaíochta Idirnáisiúnta Pléann an scamall poiblí agus fachtóirí a chur san áireamh nuair a mulling a aistriú chuig an scamall. Iarradh ár uachtarán ag as a chuid comhairle agus tuairimí ar stóráil scamall, na sochair a agus teorainneacha. Understanding the Public Cloud’s Benefits and […]

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Cúig Chleachtais is Fearr do Tacaíocht suas an Cloud

Ár uachtarán, David Zimmerman, Scríobh airteagal aoi do TF Briefcase ( ar na cleachtais is fearr le haghaidh tacaíocht suas go dtí an scamall. Five Best Practices for Backing up the Cloud Despite their falling costs and usually stellar security, thaispeáint sáruithe sonraí le déanaí ar scála mór roinnt de leochaileacht na scamall ar, […]

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