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Managing hard drive data loss

Our CEO,Дејвид Цимерман, authored an article for IT Pro Portal about managing hard drive data loss. Hard drive data loss is something that can happen to anyone. If you follow a few best practices, you can reduce or eliminate the possibility of a data loss. Managing hard […]

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Data recovery – best practices to protect vital information

Our CEO, Дејвид Цимерман, wrote an opinion article for Information-Age.com regarding data recovery and protecting vital information. Data recovery – best practices to protect vital information A great insight on how to stay cool, clam, and collected during the unfortunate event of data loss. Са опоравком података, […]

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LC Technology CEO Weighs in on Disaster Recovery

LC Technology International’s CEO was interviewed by Ashley Troutman of Backup and Recovery Solutions Review recently. The topic of the interview was ways to prepare yourself and your business to keep your data safe, and if the worst should happen, how to get that data back. ЛЦ […]

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