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High Resolution Video Data Recovery

LC科技公司总裁, David Zimmerman was interviewed by The Broadcast Bridge’s Frank Beacham about the latest issues with storing video on flash media. If you shoot video, whether on a DSLR, GoPro or other camera, this interview is a must read. Storing High Resolution Video Requires Care […]


An Adventurers Guide To GoPro® Device Management And Data Protection

我们的CEO, 大卫·齐默尔曼, contributed an article to on how to manage and protect the data on your GoPro camera. If you own a GoPro, this article will provide you with the knowledge to insure that once-in-a-lifetime video is not lost. While GoPro’s are not indestructible, […]


管理GOPRO设备和数据保护 is an online resource for kayak fishing. 许多垂钓者皮艇喜欢有GOPRO摄像头安装在皮艇记录他们的捕鱼行动. 给定的环境和条件的摄像机可以通过放, there are steps that can be taken to protect that the […]


数据恢复 101: 从这些损坏的卡片拯救你的视频

龙昌科技总裁, 大卫·齐默尔曼被采访在今年的CTIA超级移动展在拉斯维加斯被Vizworld. 采访中提供了恢复数据的好资料, 以及如何避免丢失数据的首位.   数据恢复 101: 从这些损坏拯救你的视频 […]