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9 Signs your Computer’s Hard Drive is About to Die

Bill Snyder from CIO magazine interviewed our president about warning signs of hard drive failure. Hard drives can fail, so it is best to do due diligence to prepare for the worst….萬一. 9 signs your computer’s hard drive is about to die By Bill Snyder […]


Prolong the Life of Your Hard Drive

Computer Technology Review just published an exclusive article on tips you can take to prolong the life your your hard drive. This informative article is from our president, 大衛·齊默爾曼. Be sure to read it and apply the tips, to insure your data is safe and secure. […]


5 你的硬盤延長壽命的方法

由薩拉洛杉磯, BusinessNewsDaily員工作家 | 十一月 01, 2013 03:29東部時間下午丟失數據是最令人沮喪的經驗,企業的所有者可以有一個. 從損壞的文件到硬盤驅動器崩潰, 不能夠訪問您的計算機或便攜式驅動器上的重要文件 […]