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Topo 4 backup tips for marketers

Malfunctions, virus problems, theft, even natural disasters.
These are a handful of ways marketers data, arquivos, and content can be deleted or irrevocably harmed.
Here are 4 tips to protect these documents.

por Kristina Knight

Our CEO , was interviewed by about how marketers can protect their documents.

Cloud sync

Setup amirroringof your data with a trusted cloud provider such as Amazon or Google, and you’ll always have backup copies of vital data. Cloud services are inexpensive, especially compared to the hassle and costs of recovery. Some firms such as Western Digital offer hard drives paired with cloud storage, so backing up data is seamlessly easy. If you have an Android phone, then you can direct your laptop and phone to both sync content to the same Google location,” disse David Zimmerman, CEO, LC Tecnologia.


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