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Windows File Recovery Software

Windows File Recovery Software - FILERECOVERY® - Windows® file recovery software tool!

Windows File Recovery Software for Windows® PC’s

How to recovery your lost files on your Windows® PC? FILERECOVERY® for Windows® is THE Windows File Recovery Software tool for all your Windows® data recovery needs!
FILERECOVERY® for Windows is a reliable and economical solution for Windows® data and file recovery.
FILERECOVERY® Windows File Recovery Software is designed to recover “lost” and deleted files from assorted types of media such as hard disk drives, optical drives, flash media drives, and multimedia or mobile devices (such as tablets). FILERECOVERY® data recovery software retrieves files whether they have been deleted from the command line, from within an application, the file system, or deleted from the Recycle Bin.
Crashed hard drive? FILERECOVERY® may be the answer!
Also, FILERECOVERY® Windows File Recovery Software recovers formatted or lost drives, drives with a extreme logical file system damage, and can even reconstruct lost RAIDs!
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For the second year in a row, LC Technology’s FILERECOVERY® has been awarded a Consumers Digest Best Buy rating!

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System Requirements:

  • PC – Windows® XP or higher on the Intel Platform running at 1.0GHz or Faster
  • You will need a Storage Drive or Network Drive at least as large as the amount of data you wish to recover
  • A minimum of 1 GB RAM
  • Warning: Download or Installation on drive X:\ (X=download or setup drive) could overwrite deleted files. It is recommend to install on a drive not used for recovery or a dedicated recovery machine.


  • Easy to use and a fully automated wizard, which walks the user through the program.
  • Access to all Windows® file systems under any operating system environment as stated above.
  • Standard write using system API minimizes the chance of disk corruption.
  • No file and drive size limitations associated with a DOS based programs.
  • Full access to the network and other installed peripherals such as USB, flash drives, and external hard drives.

FILERECOVERY® Standard Features:

  • Easy to use wizard driven interface
  • >Search lost and deleted files matching file name criteria

  • Fast scanning engine allows the file list to be built quickly
  • Easy to understand File Manager and typical Save File dialog
  • Secure data recovery: FILERECOVERY® file recovery software does not write on the drive it is scanning
  • Saving data to any drive is possible, including network drives, removable media, etc.

FILERECOVERY® Professional Features:

All the great features of FILERECOVERY®  Standard for Windows plus:

    • Supports RAID recovery, but will not support remote access recovery.

FILERECOVERY® Enterprise Features:

All the great features of FILERECOVERY®  Professional for Windows plus:

    • Will recover from local hard drives, optical media, digital media, and image files. Supports RAID recovery, and remote access recovery via VNC – (viewer and client included. More support information here: This is an advanced feature that requires knowledge of how network client access is handled. It will also require additional network access that may need to be changed by your network administrator. Please also note that the DEMO will not allow any files to be saved. You will be able to preview the data in text, hex, or in cases of images, thumbnail preview.


Disk Diagnostics

Disk Tools

View Disk (Hex Viewer)

E-Mail Recovery

To preserve the drive with the deleted files, all recovered files must be saved to another storage device or another drive letter in the system. Do not download the software to the drive that you want to recover. FILERECOVERY® can recover files from The EFS and Compressed Drives and Folders in NTFS. The recommended method is to recover to a compressed or encrypted drive. If this is impossible then an import/export tool is provided.

FILERECOVERY®Windows File Recovery Software is available in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Turkish, Russian, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Korean

Supported Operating Systems:
FILERECOVERY® Windows File Recovery Software runs natively under the Windows® operating system, and supports all partitions using FAT 12, FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS file systems. It will also allow scanning and recovery from HFS formatted volumes as well!