Recover of File Format Issues

Kodak .KDC File Format
The Kodak KDC file will be detected as TIFF file whose image data is an thumbnail image. Rename the file extension into .KDC to use it as KDC file.

MOF Files: Files using OLE Storage Format
A files that uses OLE storage format and whose vendor could not be detected will have the extension '.MOF'. This format is used by most new file formats like recent versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and many third vendors. To get again access to the file you have to rename the extension (e.g. to .DOC, .XLS or .PPT) and then try to open the file with the right application.

MPEG-4 Video and Audio (ACC) Streams
All MPEG-4 streams will have the extension '.MOV'. Rename the extension into '.MPG' or '.MP4' to use them as MPEG files.

If Photoshop informs you that the images are corrupted, try to load them into another graphic application and save them as TIFF files.

Windows Media Audio/Video (WMA, WMV)
These files will be detected as .ASF files. Rename them to use as .WMA/.WMV files.